27 Rottweiler Mix Breeds That’ll Blow Your Mind

By John Martin - November 17, 2023

These large common dogs with an intimidating look often make many people wary. Despite its fierce poise, it is still the top choice for family pets. Because of their immense popularity, it’s easy to spot a Rottie hybrid.

Rottweiler’s are loyal, intelligent, and friendly with toddlers and other pets. Because of all these qualities, Rottweiler hybrids have become very common.

In this piece, we’ve taken the time to explore 27 Rottweiler designer breeds. Here, you’ll find all the information you need to know about these handsome, super-brave, and friendly canines.

Rottweiler Pitbull Mix (Pitweiler)

Rottweiler Pitbull Mix

The Rottweiler Pitbull mix will be the energetic guardian of your house. These doggos excel in sports such as tracking, obedience, and agility.

This tenacious designer breed is not suitable for apartment dwellers or first-time doggo parents. Pitweilers are not the breeds that’ll enjoy couch time. Instead, they are always up for a run!


Most of the Pitweilers will have a large head and long legs. These mixies generally attain the height and muscular build of the Rottweiler.

Prepare yourself for a wide range of coat colors like brown, black, chocolate, white, blue, merle, brindle, speckled, golden, etc. The pups might also have markings on their chest, legs, muzzle, and around their eyes.


These Rottie mixes are playful dogs and are full of energy. So that these mixies spend their power at the right place, make sure you give them plenty of exercises.

The best part about having a Rottweiler mix is that they are not big-time barkers. Since both Pitbull and Rotweiletrs have prey drive, they’ll require positive socialization while growing up.

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Rottweiler Husky Mix (Rottsky)

Rottweiler Husky Mix

The mix between the Rottweiler and Husky is fascinating. Rottsky requires a lot of training and exercise throughout the day to prevent them from becoming unruly.

Both these breeds belong to hardworking pedigrees. Imagine the charming results when the mixie has husky’s iconic blue eyes and Rottweiler’s muscular build.


The average size of Rottsky is somewhere from 22 to 26 inches. They have typical coat colors such as gray, black, red, sable, cream white, brown, etc.

The coat texture is straight, and it has a medium density. The Rottsky’s generally adopt the wide muzzle and broad head like that of the Rottweiler.

Most often, they have dark brown or heterochromatic, almond-shaped eyes.


This designer breed will demand plenty of physical and mental stimulation to prevent resorting to bad behavior. They might adopt destructive behavior when they are bored.

However, Rottsky’s are not very good when it comes to socializing with other pets. On the bright side, they possess high intelligence and are pretty quick learners.

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Rottweiler Labrador Retriever Mix (Labrottie)

Bastian - The Great

You can expect the Rottweiler Labrador Retriever mix to be a dice roll. One thing is for sure with the Labrottie is that they are loyal and family-oriented lads!

The most unpredictable thing about Labrottie is that they come in various shapes, sizes, and shades. Those big beautiful brown eyes will charm you.


The hybrid has an average size of 24 to 27 inches. More often, the Labrottie’s will have the Lab’s facial features and the muscular structure of the Rottie.

Many a time, they’ll have the iconic tan and black pattern of the Rottweiler. The most common coat color for this mixie is chocolate brown, black and tan.


If Labrottie takes the temperament of the Rottweiler, it could have a more protective nature. If you don’t train them adequately, they can adopt unwanted aggressive behavior.

They’ll welcome your guests with a wagging tail and a friendly smile. The hybrid takes the best traits from both its parents, including protectiveness and loyalty.

Rottweiler Golden Retriever Mix (Golden Rottie)


This unique hybrid generally takes the color pattern of the Rottie and the body shape of the Gold Retriever. They have a striking appearance with a medium to long length of coat.

Since both breeds are family-friendly, they exhibit a loyal, sweet, energetic, and eager to please personality.


The Golden Rottie has an average size of 24 to 28 inches. They weigh about 60 to 90 lbs. Even with the same litter, the appearance of the puppies can vary a lot.

Typically, the fur length will range from medium to long, and it’ll have a sturdy yet soft texture. The Golden Rottie’s face will mimic the Retriever’s look but will have the Rottweiler’s eyes.


The Golden Rottie strikes the perfect balance between a protective and sweet trait. You can expect the hybrid to resort to chewing, barking, protectiveness, aggression, just like its parents.

For the most part, Golden Rotties will be energetic, friendly, loyal, loving, and intelligent.

Rottweiler Beagle Mix (Beagweiler)

The Beagweiler or Reagle is a loyal crossbreed that is gaining popularity. Both doggos have a history of being working dogs.

It is one of the most successful fusions because the Beagweiler has positive traits and temperament. Beagweiler also prefers being with their family. Therefore they make good apartment pets.


Medium in size, tan markings, and a compact build are the ideal way to describe this designer breed’s appearance. They have floppy ears, almond-shaped eyes, and have a soft undercoat.

The typical eye colors are amber and brown. With a straight, average density, and medium coat, they do not require intensive grooming.


The fusion breed is exceptionally dedicated and loyal to its owner. The gentle dog will shower the adults and kids in the family with affection and expects the same.

The hybrid might also follow the bloodhound instincts of its Beagle lineage. This trait can make them chase other pets and rodents in the house.

Beagweiler is relatively social and gels well with strangers and kids.

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Rottweiler German Shepherd Mix (German Rottie)

The Rottweiler German Shepherd mix will always be ready for playtime. It’s like the German Rotties never run out of energy.

These fluffy designer pups make exceptional family pets. However, they’ll thrive better in a house with a yard and a lot of space.


Most German Rotties have an average height of 22 to 28 inches and weigh about 75 to 115 pounds. The Rottie Shepherds maintain coat colors such as cream, red, tan, black, sable, gray, white, etc.

Since both the parent’s breeds are prone to shedding, you can expect the German Rottie to be the same. Depending upon their lineage, they can have pointed or floppy ears.


The German Rottie will be exceptionally devoted to their caretaker. Though they are aloof and calm, without proper training & socialization, they can turn aggressive.

Yes, the German Rotties have a barking tendency like their parents. Despite their enormous size, they consider themselves to lapdogs and love cuddling.

Rottweiler Border Collie Mix (Borderweiler)

Numa the Borderweiler

The Borderdeweiler is a relatively new fusion breed. They are fun-loving shy lads that are wary of strangers. They are very protective of their family members, so you can expect them to be incredible watchdogs.

The designer doggo is for parents who own a house with a yard.


Like other mixies, you can expect the Borderweiler to combine the physical traits of its parents. In size, these fusion breeds can range from 19 inches to 27 inches.

These doggos sports a medium-length coat that might grow thicker during the winters. The Borderweiler is more likely to inherit the coat color of the Rottweiler.


The first thing you should know is that the Borderweiler will be energetic all the time. This lively breed appreciates family time and would love a couple of doggy agility coaching.

Being around a human family makes them feel safe, which means they are prone to separation anxiety. The pup will take some time to lower his guard in front of strangers.

Rottweiler Poodle Mix (Rottle)

There’s no denying that the Rottweiler-Poddle mix is one of the most adorable and cuddly fusion breeds of all time. They are medium to large-sized dogs and do well with children and adults.

These dogs are playful, loving, agreeable, and watchful. You will also notice that the Rottle will play tricks to please their owners all the time.


The doggos have slightly rounded heads. They adopt a medium stature with a well-built body. Rottles also have a flat muzzle, oval-shaped eyes, and sad floppy ears.

The height and weight of these lads can vary significantly. On average, they can grow from 10 inches to 27 inches in size. Shedding in Rottles happens seasonally and is very minimal.


The Rottles embrace companionship and affection. You can expect them to show a great deal of loyalty.

Having a history of hunting and working, the breed requires plenty of physical stimulation. These dogs are generally aloof of strangers.

Besides, your Rottle will generally let out a loud bark at the sight of a stranger or an intruder.

Rottweiler Basset Hound Mix (Rotthound)

Both the Rottweiler and Basset Hound have exceptional olfactory senses and excellent tracking capabilities. The other nicknames for the Rottweiler Bassset Hound mix is Rotthound or Bassetweiler.

These adorable pups will win your heart and create solid bonds with the people around them. The physical and behavioral traits of the Rotthound are a combination of its parents.


The average height range of the Rotthound is 12 to 25 inches, which classifies them as medium to large-sized dogs. Their weight can vary from 45 pounds to as much as 100 pounds.

The coat colors are very typical for this fusion breed. In most cases, they’ll have black and tan coat like the Rottweiler. Like many other Rottweiler mixes, Rotthounds also have markings on the muzzle and chest.


The Rotthounds might showcase occasional stubbornness and bossiness. However, overall they are relatively loveable and cuddly creatures.

Since they are eager to please their owners, training them doesn’t necessarily mean a challenge. Make sure to socialize them well in their puppyhood and offer leash training.

Rottweiler French Bulldog Mix (French Bullweiler)

Your first expression on seeing the French Bullweiler will be awestruck. If you are a Frenchie lover, you’ll be content to see the same looks and build in the French Bullweiler.

If you are looking for a low-maintenance canine, there is no better option than the French Bullweiler. They love calm and quiet environments, which makes them a good choice for apartments.


Depending on their dominant lineage, the French Bullweiler can range from 13 to 25 inches. These medium-sized dogs weigh about 25 to 84 lbs.

These French Bullweilers will have markings on their chest, legs, muzzle, cheeks, and tail like the Rottweilers. The possible coat colors for French Bullweiler are brindle or black.


Your Frenchie and Rotti fusion will most probably be loyal and intelligent. We highly recommend obedience and socialization training during puppyhood.

The French Bullweiler will feel the most content when you reward and appreciate it. One temperament drawback of this breed is that they can suffer from separation anxiety.

Rottweiler Boxer Mix (Boxweiler)


The Boxweiler is a suitable pet for a gentle yet firm alpha pack leader. The Rottweiler and boxer mix is a medium to large-sized dog full of enthusiasm and energy.

For the most part, you’ll never be seeing the Boxweiler’s energy dying down. In their puppyhood, it’s better to include exercise, discipline, and plenty of physical training.


You can expect a Boxweiler pup to grow 21 to 27 inches in height and weigh about 80 to 110 pounds. The primary coat colors for the Boxweiler are black, brindle, white, fawn, and brown.

These pups have short coats and perfect for tropical regions. They have a fearless and sharp look.


Both Boxer and Rottweiler are notorious for being stubborn and hard-headed. It is in Boxweiler’s genes to try and not obey your commands. Therefore, while training them, don’t be overly firm.

In general, the Boxweiler is watchful, protective, kind, aloof, affectionate, and hard working. They’ll try hard to be the pack leaders, but you must not encourage it.

Rottweiler Great Dane Mix (Weiler Dane)

Weiler Danes are by far the most intriguing Rottweiler mixed breeds. The personality of the Weiler Dane shines as a mix of both dog’s characteristics.

Weiler Danes are lumbering giants that form incredibly close bonds with human family members. Their sheer size might seem intimidating to some people.


The average size of the Weiler Dane stands to be 32 to 33 inches. This enormous dog weighs 145 to 175 lbs.

Weiler Danes look powerful, large, and muscular. They possess the bulkiness of the Rottweiler but have the height of the Great Dane.

They generally have a reddish-brown or black coat color. Since the ears are heavy, they are floppier than the other breeds.


Don’t mistake their intimidating look to be dangerous. The Weiler Dane is gentle at heart and loves to be around children.

Since the doggos are stubborn, you must offer them obedience training from the start. Raising them with other small animals is an excellent idea to help them develop an upbeat personality.

They have a headstrong personality and love to boss around.

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Rottweiler Doberman Mix (Rotterman)

Athletic, handsome, muscular, intelligent, and strong, don’t they sound like the qualities of a dream dog? Well, with the Rotterman, you can have a pet with all the fascinating characteristics.

Because of their sturdy built and fearless character, they often secure positions as guarding police and military dogs.


The Rottweiler and Doberman mix is a medium to large-sized canine. They generally grow up to 24 to 26 inches and weigh 70 to 110 at max.

You can spot Rotterman in coat colors such as red, brown, blue, fawn, rust, etc.


Rotterman is a confident and calm breed. They maintain a reserved nature with strangers, but they never lack courage.

They are generally devoted and affectionate to their family members. You’ll find that the breed makes a perfect companion.

The Rotterman also likes to keep themselves busy with physical and mental activities. They’ll rarely resort to any kind of unruly or aggressive behavior. Because of their protective instinct, they can be suitable as watchdogs.

Rottweiler Saint Bernard Mix (Saint Weiler)

If you plan to adopt a Saint Weiler pup, prepare enormous space to accommodate this dog comfortably. This mixed breed is friendly, quiet, loyal, affectionate, and protective.

This designer breed has a high drooling tendency. Besides, they are also prone to easy weight gain. Therefore, don’t forget regular walks and lots of play to keep them in shape.


The average height of Saint Weiler is 24 to 28 inches. These are heavy canines, weighing about 120 to 180 lbs.

Saint Weiler’s head is flat and wide. They have strong, solid legs with a muscular body.

The St. Weilers fur is long, thick, and hangs low. He might have the same facial markings that characterize the Rottweiler.


These canines are alert, protective, and quiet. These intelligent dogs always seek ways to impress their owners and grab their attention (they’re quite the attention-seekers!).

If you want them to get along well with children, strangers, and other animals, early socialization training is necessary.

Rottweiler Weimaraner Mix (Weimarrott)

Weimarrott takes ample characteristics from its parent breeds, both good and bad. The Weimarrott generally has an athletic and muscular build.

Because of the faded appearance, the Weimarrott also gets the tag of “Gray Ghost.” You can harness their above-average intelligence and strength with proper training.


Weimarrotts can grow as large as 24 to 27 inches and weigh about 130 lbs in their adulthood. They have a short to medium silver furry coat.

The S-curved tail and long ears are the eye-catching physical attributes of the Weimarrott. The dogs have a boxy face and medium-length wiry black coat.

Its muscular look generally resembles the Rottweiler. Another striking feature is their hazel eyes, which captivates many dog-lovers.


The obedient nature of this mixed breed makes them relatively easy to train. Their playful and affectionate nature makes them great around children.

For the best results, make sure to socialize the Weimarrotts from a young age. Try to make them interact with fellow canines regularly to be more receptive to meeting other animals.

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Rottweiler Corgi Mix (Rottgi)

We love how the Rottgi takes the best traits from both its parents. It has sharp standing ears like Corgis and black & tan coat color like the Rottweiler.

If your family is looking for an affectionate, energetic, and playful breed, this is it. Since both parents breed has a territorial nature, they require an experienced home.


Rottgi puppies are charming and cuddly creatures. Their height and weight will range from 10-27 inches and 28-135 pounds, depending on their dominant genes.

The typical coat colors for the Rottgi are tan, fawn, sable, red, and black. You may also spot Rottgi’s with white markings around the eyebrow, legs, chest, and muzzle.


The Rottgi usually have strong herding instincts and also have a territorial nature. Since both the parents of this breed are highly affectionate, the pup is highly likely to be the same.

Rottgi is clever, but they are incredibly stubborn. Also, both parents suffer from separation anxiety, and so will their fusion pup.

Sometimes, the pups can be highly territorial. The best way to remedy this behavior is to socialize the lad from its puppyhood.

Rottweiler Chihuahua Mix (Rotthuahua)

Chihuahua’s are small doggos, whereas the Rottweiler’s are medium to large-sized breeds. Because of the stark difference in the parent breed’s lifestyle, it’s hard to imagine what the fusion will be like.

Settling the Rotthuahua in your home isn’t easy. However, except for a joyride while having this unique designer breed as a part of your family.


The Rotthuahua is a veritable basket of overloaded cuteness. If the Chihuahua wins the gene race (which is a rarity), then the resulting mix will be much smaller.

The coat of the Rotthuahua tends to be more like the Rottweiler. They have mixed looks combining ferociousness, friendliness, and docility.


The mating result between the Chihuahua and Rottweiler is generally charismatic and robust. They have the fierce nature of the Rottweiler and cheerfulness of the Chihuahua.

In their puppyhood, the Rotthuahua might act out to be a tad rebellious. However, with some time and training, you can easily manage that.

The downside of having Rotthuahuas are that they might not take separation well.

Rottweiler Australian Shepherd Mix (Aussierottie)

Many doggo-lovers prefer having large-sized dogs. If you find the large doggos to be more impressive, wait till you see the Rottweiler and Australian Shepherd mix.

The Aussirrotties are always ready to play and snuggle with their owners. They are a perfect match to homes that have access to a backyard and ample space.


Most of the Aussierottie weigh 75 to 115 pounds and reach a height of about 22 to 28 inches. The primary coat colors for the Rottie Shepherds are cream, red, tan, white, sable, black, and gray.

They have a striking facial resemblance to the Austrilaina Shoherd while having mostly similar coat colors to the Rottweiler.


Aussierotties are kid-friendly, goofy, and will always look out for human family members. This hybrid likes to engage frequently in physically and mentally stimulating activities.

The pups come with raucous energy. With positive reinforcement and socialization training, these pups will turn out to be the best pets ever.

Sometimes, the Aussierottie can become protective of their owners.

Rottweiler Pug Mix (Pugweiler)

The crossbreed between the Pug and Rottweiler is unique. Let us warn you of the irresistibly cute looks of the Pugweiler.

Having a Pugweiler means that your home could invite other animals as well. Excessive attachment is one behavioral aspect that comes naturally to the Pugweiler.


The Pugweilers generally weigh 20 pounds or lesser and stand a maximum of 12 inches in size. These mixies mostly take the height and weight of their pug background.

Pugs are not essentially heavy shedder; however, we cannot say the same for Rottweilers. The Pugweilers will manifest the color of their Rottweiler parent most times.


Since both Pugs and Rottweilers are household pets, the fusion breed also has attractive temperament qualities. Frequently, the Pugweiler will carry an affectionate and loveable nature.

Another trait of the Pugweiler is its aggressiveness. Nevertheless, the Pugweiler will still exhibit a polite and amiable nature.

You can also count on the Pugweiler to be obedient and loyal. One thing that families love about Pugweilers is their watchdog qualities!

Rottweiler Cocker Spaniel Mix (Cockweiler)

The Cockweiler is the result of mating two exceptional breeds – The Rottweiler and Cocker Spaniel. Please don’t go on the innocent and empathizing look of the Cockweiler; they are mischievous, fun-loving, and quite active.

A well-bred Cockweiler will be confident and friendly around the human family. Since both parent breeds are working and intelligent pedigree, the Cockweiler is likely to be the same.


The structure of the Cockweiler is medium build. Their height can be anything from 17 to 25 inches. Also, their average weight is about 35 to 130 pounds.

The Cockweiler pups will have the black and tan coat color most of the time. Like their Rottweiler roots, they have eyebrow, chest, and muzzle markings.


Cockweilers have a sweet and adorable nature. They grow gel well with human families, especially ones with kids.

One significant issue with Cockweiler is that they love to chase and follow a high prey drive. Moreover, the breed is fond of barking.

One good news is that they respond well to commands and allows easy training.

Rottweiler American Bulldog Mix (Bullweiler)


The Bullweiler is an offspring of the American Bulldog and Rottweiler. These fusion doggos are large to giant-sized with a pretty decent lifespan.

They enjoy the company and presence of their human family. Remember, they might rely more on their human bonds for affection and care as they grow up.


As is mentioned above, these canines are large to giant-sized. Their average weight ranges from 70 to 120 pounds.

Their coat type is short, stiff, dense, and straight. What’s more, the American Bullweiler has a full-sized tail and a rounded muzzle.

They have wrinkly skin around their face and neck like the American Bulldog. Its muscular forequarters and slender hindquarters allow them to be solid and robust.


The Bullweiler is a large pack of affectionate love and expects the same from his human family. Early socialization training must avoid the Bullweiler from turning into a one-person companion and resort to barking.

Their willingness to learn new tricks and activities makes them easily trainable.

Rottweiler Cane Corso Mix (Rotticorso)

Rotticorso is a mix between Cane Corso Italiano and Rottweiler. Both these dogs have robust power, energy, and strength.

They are the kind of dogs who like to indulge in tasks and appreciate being busy. They do not feel content to sit idly or be lousy.


The Rotticorso has a slightly longer than taller body shape. Rotticorso’s include a straight short-haired coat that nicely complements the mighty and robust appearance.

Their deep amber or brown eyes give them an inquisitive look. Also, the ears are floppy on the top.

You’ll see that the Roticorso has a well-padded and rounded paw with solid legs that allows them to be quick.


Training the Rotticorse is like taking up a challenge as this breed has a bossy nature. However, it would help if you resorted to a kind training method to earn the respect of these doggos.

You’ll be content to know that they are devoted, protective, affectionate, and family-oriented breeds. You have to train the pup with proper socialization methods so that they develop a well-rounded personality.

Rottweiler Shar Pei Mix (Peiweiler)

You’ll be welcoming home a bundle of joy by adopting the Rottweiler and Shar Pei mix. Though they are large-sized and tough-looking, Peiweiler’s are very soft-hearted.

They have a reputation for showcasing immense loyalty and protectiveness for their human family. Their highly-responsive nature makes training them an effortless and exciting task.


The Peiweiler has a well-balanced and robust body. The doggos are fast on their feet and have ass deep, broad chests.

Their blocky shape head is one of the edgy facial characteristics.

They can have either coat colors like brown or gold like the Shar Pei, or be black & tan like the Rottweiler. They have round eyes, which are usually deep brown or dark amber.


The Peiweiler includes the temperament of both its parents. These brilliant dogs pick up training lessons in a snap.

Unlike many large-sized dogs, they are very patient and tolerant. Their sharp senses allow them to be fantastic watchdogs.

Bravery and loyalty are deeply ingrained characteristics of the Peiweiler.

Rottweiler English Bulldog Mix (English Bullweiler)

This highly energetic breed combines high energy and enthusiasm in its nature. If you have a yard or lots of open space, you’ll see the English Bullweiler thrive better.

The significant part about having English Bullweiler as a companion is that they love hikes, walks, and outdoor activities. Like its Rottweiler parent, the English Bullweiler also has a reputation for being protective.


The English Bullweiler has a medium to long build. One thing that owners love about this designer breed is that they are not heavy shedders.

Their coat colors will generally be similar to that of the Rottweiler. They have a huge nose and might have muzzle and chest markings.


Many owners describe the English Bullweiler to have a good sense of humor and also include a goofy nature. The dog is always alert and ready to protect his family members.

When it comes to socializing, the breed is exceptionally friendly towards toddlers and other pets. However, one thing you should know about these mischievous lads is that it is challenging to train.

Rottweiler Newfoundland Mix (New Rottland)

One of the most intriguing Rottweiler hybrids in this list is the New Rottland. Don’t misjudge the size of the breed to be the base of its nature.

They are loving and gentle family pets who are always ready to go the extra mile for the people it loves. These fun-loving dogs enjoy the company of toddlers.


The average height of the New Rottland is about 27 to 30 inches. The New Rottland has oval dark brown eyes, a squared muzzle, and a black leathery nose.

The cute expectant expression will make you empathize with the lad. You’ll often see this fusion breed to be roaming around with its tongue outside and drooling.


The New Rottland is a gentle giant beast with a fierce look, but it’s calm and loving in reality. Though they mean no harm, with their colossal size, they might sometimes knock the toddlers.

Since they are obedient, you will have a pleasant time training them.

Rottweiler Bull Mastiff Mix (Mastweiler)


The Mastweiler is a cross between the Bull Mastiff and Rottweiler. You’ll find the Mastweiler’s to be very enthusiastic.

Since both Bull Mastiff and Rottie’s are famous watchdogs, it’s natural for the hybrid to follow the same path. Protectiveness is one behavioral aspect that is a sure thing about these hybrids.


If you adore giant breeds, you are going to love the Mastweiler. You can expect the Mastweiler to grow to an average size of 22 to 27 inches.

They have a well-muscled and long appearance. The traditional coat colors are brindle, fawn, red, black & rust, and black & tan.

In general, they sport a dense and short coat.


Despite being watchdogs, they maintain a calm and sweet nature around family members. Depending upon its dominant parentage, the Mastweiler can either be shy or overly confident.

In any case, make sure to socialize the Mastweiler pup carefully. However, we can safely say that the hybrid has an affectionate, calm, and even cuddly nature.

Rottweiler Dalmatian Mix (Rottmation)


Rottmation is a gorgeous mix between Dalmatian and Rottweiler. They make excellent family pets and guard dogs.

The Rottweiler Dalmatian Mix are born protectors and will be excellent playmates for toddlers. Besides, these designer breeds are very low-maintenance.

You’ll love training sessions with the Rottmation as they adore exercising and playing games.


The average size of the Rottweiler Dalmatian mix is 21 to 26 inches. Rottmation is a medium to large size doggos with a maximum weight of 100 pounds.

You’ll notice that they have rectangular-shaped heads and brown almond-shaped eyes. Moreover, they have a long muzzle with a large black nose.

The coat colors can be black and white like the Dalmatian or vary from brown, pinto, merle, brindle, sable, etc.


Amicable, energetic, and loyal are the perfect words to describe the temperament of the Rottmation. They enjoy the company of young kids as well as other pets.

Their high intelligence quotient allows them to pick up tricks quickly. Despite being people-oriented, they do not mind being left alone for a while.

Final Thoughts

Mixed pups generally turn out to be healthier than purebreds and have a longer lifespan. Though these Rottweilers look fierce and strong, they will melt your hearts with their amicable personality.

Also, expect these designer breeds to have the guarding instincts like that of a Rottweiler. Therefore, make sure you offer them proper training to develop their personality.

We are sure that one of these epic breeds will be the perfect family pet for your sweet abode!