German Shepherd swimming in water

Can German Shepherds Swim?

German Shepherds are wonderful pets for several reasons. They are adventurous, athletic, energetic and loving companions. However, you may have wondered if your German Shepherd can swim and if he likes water at all. The answer to this is, “maybe”. German Shepherds can swim; however, unlike several other dog breeds, German Shepherds are not natural …

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Ranch dressing and veggie tray

Can Dogs Eat Ranch Dressing?

Americans love their condiments and salad dressings including mustard, ketchup, thousand island, Sriracha, mayo, soy sauce, guacamole and of course ranch dressing. An extremely popular condiment, the creamy ranch dressing is commonly used in salads, as dips, with pizza, potatoes and in lots more recipes and makes everything taste absolutely amazing! And, when you’re eating …

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Beagle running fast in a field

How Fast Can Beagles Run?

Looking at the long, floppy ears, small barreled body and big puppy-dog eyes, the Beagle may not look like a dog meant for much more than cuddling. If you belong to this school of thought, the breed’s athletic history and hunting roots might surprise you! Owing to this, Beagles are among the fastest dog breeds …

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