Bichon Frise swimming at the lake

Can Bichon Frise Swim?

Do you think all dogs are natural swimming experts? Well, most animals can swim and adapt to nature, but dogs may not be among them. More so, if they belong to a short-height breed like the Bichon Frise. That does not mean, however, that dogs cannot swim. Some pooches are specially bred and recognized for …

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Beagle Basset Hound mix

23 of the Cutest Beagle Mix Breeds

Droopy, silky ears, big, brown eyes that are ‘puppy dog eyes’ personified and an expression that can win over any heart—you’d think that beagles couldn’t get any cuter! If you’ve held this belief, though, you obviously haven’t met these adorable Beagle mix breeds. Prepare to have your mind changed by 23 of the cutest beagle …

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Scared rescue dog

How to Get a Rescue Dog to Eat

Are you worried that your rescue dog is going to starve and get sick? You may be feeling helpless and dejected when your furry friend refuses to eat properly. And being concerned is good. When your rescue dogs stop eating, it evokes intense concern and worries within the owners. You feel pretty lost. But there …

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Vizsla and Ridgeback posing for autumn pictures

Are Vizslas Good With Other Dogs?

Vizslas are distinct looking, red-coated Hungarian hunting dogs that are known for their incredible prowess and stamina on the field and loyalty towards their family. They are athletic dogs that have for long been the pride of Hungarian households and are gradually becoming popular in other parts of the world as well, especially the United …

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