Maltese sitting in bed home alone

Can Maltese Be Left Alone?

Maltese dogs are sprightly vigorous little balls of fluff. They excel at being great companions and are often recommended as therapy dogs. They are agile, obedient, and competitive. Above all, Maltese dogs love to be surrounded by their family. They are an adorable breed that even newbie pet parents cannot help but give in to …

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Maltese puppy in grass

Are Maltese Easy to Train?

If you have a Maltese, you know that they are tiny adorable breeds. These dogs are lively, playful, and extremely affectionate towards their owners.  While they may seem to be at peace with strangers and other animals, it is not the case usually. These breeds have massive, housebreaking difficulties and separation anxiety. Find out how …

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hyper pug running in the grass

Are Pugs Hyper?

They are perky. They are clowns. They are mischievous. Pugs are absolutely lovely companions. But, as always, there is a ‘but’. The motto of a pug is “multum in parvo” which in Latin means “a lot in a little”. That just about sums up what these muscular little dogs are all about. They were bred …

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