hyper pug running in the grass

Are Pugs Hyper?

They are perky. They are clowns. They are mischievous. Pugs are absolutely lovely companions. But, as always, there is a ‘but’. The motto of a pug is “multum in parvo” which in Latin means “a lot in a little”. That just about sums up what these muscular little dogs are all about. They were bred …

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purebred dog walking backwards

Can Dogs Walk Backwards?

Dogs can exhibit a lot of strange behaviors that leave pet owners baffled. At times, it may be the quirks of an individual dog, at other times it may be a one-time thing as a response to a specific situation. Often they make for great content that you may have seen going viral on the …

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Can dogs eat crackers

Can Dogs Eat Crackers?

Crackers are a popular snack that you are bound to find in every household. It wouldn’t be surprising if you love to bake some yourself. When you pass this tasty, salty and sweet snack around the table, you may also be generously sharing it with your pooch with the melting eyes. When she looks at …

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