Spaghetti sauce

Can Dogs Eat Spaghetti Sauce?

Your 4-legged furry pooch can chow down anything you put in front of him; however, not everything that your pet can eat is good for him. While ripe tomatoes may be safe for your pet to eat, when you speak about spaghetti sauce, whether it is Alfredo, marinara, pizza sauce or vodka sauce, it is …

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Takis chips

Can Dogs Eat Takis?

Dogs eat anything they can get their paws on. It is your duty as a good owner to prevent your dog from eating anything it shouldn’t. Dogs shouldn’t eat Takis at all as it can be unhealthy for them. Eating one or two won’t kill them but if it becomes a habit, it can be …

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Siberian Husky in park

Are Huskies Good Guard Dogs?

Looks can be deceiving—if you are looking for a dog to guard your house, then huskies are probably not the best choice for you. There are several reasons for this that we can further explore in this post. So, let’s look into what it is that makes them unsuitable for this role. Too Friendly Huskies …

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Great Dane standing in front of fence

Do Great Danes Jump Fences?

Great Danes are popular all over the world, thanks to the popularity of Scooby-Doo. These gentle giants are loyal and make great guard dogs. However, due to their large size and their athletic abilities, they have the potential to jump fences and run away. Let’s explore why they do that. What Are Great Danes Like? …

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Orange sherbet

Can Dogs Eat Sherbet?

Nothing matches the unparalleled pleasure of enjoying a sherbet in the scorching hot summer days. They are refreshing, cool and give respite from heat waves. If you have a pet, chances are you might have shared your sherbet with your loving pet when they expectantly looked towards you. If not, the thought of sharing your …

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