Bok Choy in bowl on table

Can Dogs Eat Bok Choy?

Dogs love food and can even gulp down the greens. Where does bok choy fall in terms of whether or not dogs can and should eat it? Through this informative guide, you can learn more about feeding bok choy to dogs along with its benefits and risks. Can Dogs Eat Bok Choy? Dogs can certainly …

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English Bulldog stretching

Why Does My Dog Stretch On Me?

Who doesn’t love a good stretch, right? That absolutely fantastic, seemingly Reed-Richards-like extension of the limbs and the feeling of calm that settles over you—no matter the time of day, a good stretch is always welcome. As it turns out, you’re not the only one who welcomes a good stretch—your beloved pooch does too! Stretching …

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Border Collie running in a field

Can Border Collies Live Outside?

Bred to be herding dogs to herd flocks of sheep, Border Collies are very hardy dogs, whose hardiness was developed because of spending most of their time working outdoors in the hills and valleys of the rugged Scottish countryside. These sturdy, muscular dogs are highly energetic, have plenty of stamina and are built for the …

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Dirty Border Collie at the beach

Do Border Collies Smell?

All dogs can generally be pretty smelly creatures. However, Border Collies are much less smelly, cleaner, and more hygienic than several other breeds. In some situations, however, they might end up smelling quite a bit, so you will need to take some time to figure out where the smell is coming from and how you …

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Pitbull playing with cat

Are Pitbulls Good With Cats?

Pitbulls and cats might sound like a dangerous combination, but these dogs are actually quite good and friendly with cats as long as they have enough training and socialization. You can learn more about this along with things to account for, potential dangers and how to make introductions between the two. Are Pitbulls Good with …

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Rottweiler in the snow

Why Does My Rottweiler Growl At Me?

There’s no debate about it—Rottweilers are among the cutest, strongest, goofiest, most loyal woofers out there! However, what also seems non-debatable is the fact that many folks associate Rottweilers with violence and aggression. One of the reasons behind this? The famous (or infamous, violence and aggression!) Rottie growl. Rottweilers growl—a lot! And given the rep …

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