21 of Our Favorite Weimaraner Mix Breeds

By John Martin - February 16, 2023

Have you seen a dog with a shiny appearance and silver-grey coat color? The breed is Weimaraner, and they are bred by German nobles for retrieving and hunting. From there, the Weimaraner got the name “The Grey Ghost of the Forest.”

Because of their utility and beauty, there is no doubt that people have tried to mix the breed. Weimaraners are bright, headstrong, and energetic dogs. Breeding with other dogs can produce delightful and interesting hybrids. Let’s explore 21 of our favorite Weimaraner Mixes.

Weimaraner Great Dane Mix (Great Weimar)

Great Weimar is known for its agility and strong muscles, which makes them well suited for athletics. Don’t judge the breed due to its large size; they are very graceful and flexible.

The Great Weimar cannot grow in constrained and small houses. So, the beasty dog requires a spacious home to freely roll, play and run around.


Being the most elegant and athletic dog, the Great Weimar has muscular bodies, straight & long legs with deep chests. Besides, the breed usually weighs over 100 pounds.

When it comes to resemblance with parent breeds, the Great Weimar has inherited characteristics from both the parents.

The almond-shaped eyes can be of any color such as gray, brown, blue-gray, and blue. Sometimes, they are particolored.


When it comes to the Temperament, the Great Weimars are known for their friendly and playful nature. The dogs love to spend time with their family and suffer from separation anxiety when left alone for a long time.

The large-sized dogs are well-mannered with other animals as well as children. However, the owner needs to reinforce socialization to prevent timid or shy behaviors. You must supervise all interactions between dogs and children.

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Weimaraner Boxer Mix (Boweimar)

A Boweimar is a cross between a Weimaraner and Boxer. The breed is similar to Weimaraner in appearance to Boxer.

Boweimars are energetic dogs who make lovely family pets as they love to be around humans.

The Boweimar requires the attention and affection of the owner. Moreover, they wouldn’t mind telling you when they feel neglected.


Being a large breed, male Boweimar weighs about 80 pounds. Their height can go about 42 inches. The breed generally has short coats with black and white markings.

Depending on the dominant parent breed, Boweimar will share most of the characteristics. Generally, Boweimar resembles Weimaraner due to their long muzzles. Further, they are slender and tall.

If you talk about the eye color, the Boweimar resemble Boxer with brown eye color instead of Weimaraner’s amber, gray or blue eyes.


Boweimars require constant affection from their owners. They do suffer from separation anxiety. That’s why it is important to teach socialization skills so that they can get along with other people.

Boweimars are friendly and playful towards children. However, they are careful around strangers. The breed is known for its protective nature, making them an excellent guard dog.

Weimaraner German Shorthaired Pointer Mix (Pointeraner)

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Pointeraner is the most loyal and vigilant dog, making the best guard dogs for the home. Due to their sporty nature, they also make great retrievers and hunters.

If you have a Pointeraner, you will find them very intelligent as they are no trouble-makers. Their motive is to please the owner.

Being a mix of Weimaraner and German Shorthaired Pointer, the Pointeraner is a perfect combination of a family dog and an athletic dog.


The Pointeraner shows traits of both the parent breeds. By looking at the appearance of the parent breeds, you can determine the how Pointeraner looks like.

The German Shorthaired Pointer is a combination of white and silver color. The coat combination can be roaned, ticked, or patched. Further, the coat color may be deep reddish-brown with white hairs.

On the other hand, Weimaraner’s coat varies from silver-gray to mouse gray. They have lighter shades on the ears and head. Therefore, the Pointeraner will mostly have pink skin under the ears and have pendant ears. The tail may be curved and thin.


Pointeraners are an enthusiastic breed. They are lively, obedient, brave, just like Weimaraner. Being restless and smart, they need to be engaged in daily physical activities.

Like other breeds, Pointeraner also suffers from separation anxiety. They love to please their owners. However, proper training and socialization are needed to eliminate any reckless behavior.

Weimaraner Chesapeake Bay Retriever Mix (Weimapeake)

The highly active dogs make a perfect companion for your outdoor adventures. Weimapeakes are overly energetic and enthusiastic dogs, primarily known for their restlessness.

Being intelligent and smart, Weimapeakes are easy to train into well-mannered pups. Besides, the loyalty and affection they give, makes them adorable and endearing dogs.


The moderately large-sized dog has a thick and short-medium coat resembling Labrador Retriever. The Weimapeake is agile, strong, and quick in the actions and weighs about 60-90 pounds.

When it comes to coats, the color varies according to the characteristics they will inherit from parental breeds. The color of the nose can be anything between brown, blue, or black. Besides, the eye color can be brown, hazel, or amber.

Weimapeake has ears resembling Weimaraner in medium-large length. Further, the tail can be curved or straight and medium length.


The Weimapeake makes excellent family pets due to their affectionate and friendly nature. Nonetheless, they need to be socialized from an early age to get along with other dogs and children.

Though the dogs are quite calm and playful, they tend to become cautious in the company of strangers. Moreover, Weimapeake can develop destructive and negative behavior when left alone or bored.

Weimaraner Rottweiler Mix (Weimarrott)

Being a cross between Rottweiler and Weimaraner, Weimarrott inherits characteristics from each German parent breed.

Once grown up, the dog gains an imposing size with a strong and muscular body. However, you can train them to become excellent watchdogs due to their exceptional athletic build.

Despite their large size, the dogs are compassionate and make great therapy dogs. They love to be around children, thus suited as family pets.


The Weimarrott is a medium-sized dog with a boxy face and medium coat. They typically have a powerful and muscular build with a height resemblance to Weimaraner and Rottweiler’s stocky look.

The dog weighs about 100 pounds, and the height can reach up to 24 inches. It can either take the Weimaraner’s faded appearance and Rottweiler’s brown and black pattern.

The color of their short coat can be mouse gray or stark blue. Some Weimarrotts take the tan and black appearance of Rottweiler with Weimaraner’s unique metallic sheen look.


The Weimarrot are very intelligent dogs. With proper training, they can make excellent service and companion dogs. Being obedient, the dog never fails to show love and affection.

The dog tends to get along with children at home. However, they are wary of other animals, so proper socialization is required from an early age.

Weimaraner Poodle Mix (Weimardoodle)


As soon as you look at the little canine, you will fell in love at first sight. The cute little face is the product of a mix between Poodle and Weimaraner. The dog has inherited the Poodle’s naturally long coat.

The breed makes an excellent choice for those who can’t manage excessive shedding and suffer from allergies. The Weimardoodle remains gentle and sweet, always longing and giving affection.


The Weimardoodle are medium to large-sized dogs. Their height can be somewhere between 20-27 inches, and they weigh about 45-70 pounds.

The Weimardoodle can have the Weimarenar’s coarse and straight fur, but they generally have wavy or curvy short to medium length dense coat.

With almond-shaped and big eyes, the dogs display a very thoughtful appearance. The eye color may vary from green, brown, or hazel. Moreover, the pointed nose can be Isabella, black or brown colored.


Weimardoodles are known for their loyalty. They can easily make strong bonds with the family and are gentle with other pets and children.

Your Weimardoodle is smart and patient enough to be adequately trained. However, the breed can inherit stubbornness from Weimaraner. Therefore, you need to provide positive reinforcement while training.

The dogs make an excellent guardian because of their protective nature. Also, they are active, happy, and lively creatures to have around you.

Weimaraner German Shepherd Mix (Weimshepherd)

It’s good to have a mixture of personalities from both the parental breed in the resultant hybrid. Weimshepherds resemble German Shepherd in appearance while Weimaraner in temperament.

Like German Shepherd, Weimshepherds are obedient and smart dogs. However, the dogs tend to be boisterous and rowdy, so you need to keep the dog away from small children.

The Weimshepherds love to play around. So, you can always indulge them in high-energy activities. This way, you will prevent their destructive and restless behavior.


Weimshephers have floppy and large ears like Weimaraner. The dog has inherited sturdiness from both the parents to perform high-energy activities and tasks.

The dog’s short coat combines the dark color of a German Shepherd. In contrast, the shiny cobalt black, short and sleek coat combines Weinmaraner’s physicality.

All in all, the breed gives a very graceful and noble profile.


The trainable nature of the dog comes from the German Shepherd, and the high-energy temperament is acquired from Weimaraner.

Weimshepherd requires frequent mental stimulation to prevent periods of restlessness and anxiety. Besides, the hybrid is loving, loyal, and friendly with children and other pets.

Weimaraner Chow Mix (Chowmaraner)

Chow Chow and Weimaraner both are bred to be hunting dogs. Thus, the hybrid, Chowmaraner, has inherited the protective and hunting trait from the parent breed.

The dogs are highly energetic and require firm leadership training. With firm training, the Chowmaraner can build discipline and respect for the owner and other human beings.

Besides, the protective nature can be combined with stubbornness and aggressiveness, making them unsuitable for inexperienced owners.


The Chowmaraner shows a strong appearance with Weinmaraner’s silver-gray color and Chow Chow’s fluffy coat. They are generally large, unsuitable for small apartments.

The coat color may vary from brown, dark brown, or gray. Furthermore, the eye color can vary depending on the trait dog inherit from the dominant parent breed. Generally, they have green, brown, or black almond-shaped eyes.


Despite the large size, the Chowmaraner are known for their loyal nature towards the owners. Thus, they make an excellent companion for life.

The breed is energetic and loves to go and play outdoors. This resembles the heritage of Weimaraner. In contrast, Chow Chow is a laid-back animal, so you can expect a playful and active nature of Chowmaraner as they grow older.

Weimaraner Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix (Ridgemaraner)

Another beautiful and elegant Weimaraner mix is Ridgemaraner. Ridgemaraner is the most independent and demanding dog.

The dog tends to take the place of an Alpha; that’s why you need to train them from a young age. With proper training, they become loyal dogs with protective nature.

With an elegant personality, their enthusiasm and energy will keep the owners always happy and active around the dogs.


The Ridgemaraner has a resilient, dark-grey, and shiny coat. Thus, the breed is the representation of great personality and good looks.

The male Ridgemarener usually weighs between 80 to 90 pounds, whereas the female Ridgemaraner weighs lies between 65 to 75 pounds.

In terms of coat, the dog has a dense coat, but it requires minimum grooming. The color may vary between white, red, wheaten, gray, or golden.


Ridgemaraner likes to establish their authority if not handled firmly. However, the dogs have natural protective traits, which make them excellent guard dogs.

The breed inherits Weimaraner’s smartness and Rhodesian Ridgeback’s tenacious natured. Thus, the dog is a free-willed dog who likes to be independent.

Weimaraner Dalmatian Mix (Dalmaraner)

As both Dalmatian and Weimaraner are relatively large in size, the breed will also have a reasonably large size. Therefore, the dog requires ample space to play and run.

Being a highly intelligent and highly energetic dog, the Dalmaraner is easy to train. The dog is loyal to the owners but wary of strangers.

The dog has both sensitive and aggressive sides, so the owner needs to have a kind voice while dealing with the breed.


The relatively large size of the dog makes them exceptional watchdogs. Their protective nature comes in handy as they show a bit of aggressiveness towards strangers.

The dignified dog has acquired charming looks from the parental breed. The dog can either take the brown-colored coat with white lines or Dalmatian spots on the coat.


The Dalamaraner are very devoted dogs towards the owner and the whole family.

Due to high-energy levels, they need physical activities to match their energy levels. That’s why they do well only in spacious homes with boundaries.

As they show aggressiveness towards strangers, it’s better to socialize them early in the young age to adjust with other humans as well.

Weimaraner Husky Mix (Weimarksy)

Weimarsky has inherited beautiful and charming looks from its parents, Husky and Weimaraner. The crossbreed has resulted in a friendly, well-balanced, and vigilant dog.

The Weimarsky make lovely family dogs if you don’t mind receiving their love in the form of kisses and snuggles.


Weimarsky is an athletic and strong dog. Being a medium to large-sized dog, they usually weigh between 45 to 70 pounds. However, the weight depends on the dominant parent breed.

Weimarsky can have either of the coat from Husky or Weimaraner. Additionally, the Weimarky coat falls between the thick double coat of husky or sleek and smooth coat of Weimaraner.


The furry breed is friendly, outgoing, gentle, and alert. Moreover, the dog is always ready to go for a walk with their loved ones.

Weimarskies have plenty of energy, and therefore, they require high exercise, both physical and mental. Apart from that, the dog is known as escape artists, so fencing around the yard is extremely important.

The Weimarsky is easy to train and intelligent dog. With proper training, they behave well with small animals and young children.

Weimaraner Pitbull Mix (Pittmaraner)

The Pittmaraner is a rare and unique cross between Pitbull and Weimaraner. The dogs bring bundles of energy with themselves.

If you give them enough dedication and love, they will reciprocate the same. The dogs are fiercely loyal and dedicated to the owners.

The breed is unknown, and you are very less likely to find the one in your lifetime. If you do found Pittmaraner, be prepared to get endless fun and love from these adorable dogs.


The Pittmaraner is a medium to large-sized dog. Under the influence of Weimaraner, the average height of Pittmaraner goes up to 22 inches as American Pit Bulls are usually short.

As for the weight, they fall on the heavier side with 60 pounds. Due to the large size and heavyweight, they require more space to live freely.

Because this is a rare breed, the Pittmaraner resembles Pit Bull in appearance as well as temperament.


When talking about temperament, Pittmaraner is well-mannered, fiercely loyal, and protective. But, the dog does not get along with strangers, so socialization is required.

The Pittmaraner are known to wander off due to their inquisitive nature, so leash training is necessary.

The dog shows dominance with other animals, which can be perceived as threats. So, always supervise while socializing your dog with other animals.

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Weimaraner Beagle Mix (Beagiraner)

Beagiraner is a perfect combination of unlimited energy and exceptional work ethics. The breed has inherited extraordinary intelligence from Weimaraner and work ethics from Beagle.

Beagiraners are always ready to become your cuddle buddies. However, they need to channelize the energy from outdoor activities as well.


Though Beagle and Weimaraner have different characteristics, they do share some physical similarities. Beagle is smaller in size while Weimaraner is medium to large-sized breed.

Beagiraner size is an average between weight and height of Beagle and Weimaraner. As for the fur, the color will depend on which parent breed characteristics the dog will inherit.

The breed can have a silver-gray coat with color tones of black, orange, reddish, brown, and white.


The friendly and loving personality of the Beagiraner makes them a playful dog who loves to spend time with family. The dog can get along really well with children.

In addition, the dog can gel with other pets and strangers, but proper socialization is required from an early age. However, they are lovable and intelligent dogs.

The dog can suffer from separation anxiety. They will feel anxious and sad and result in destructive behavior.

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Weimaraner Great Pyrenees Mix (Wei Pyrenees)

What is unique about this rare hybrid, Weipyrenees are more gentle compared to Weimaraner. With such kind nature, they are great for families.

The dog is protective and loyal towards the owners. So, you need to control their overprotective nature with early training sessions.


The Weipyrenees come with a perfect balance of good looks and temperament of the parental breeds.

Both the breeds have a strong and muscular body, so is the body of Weipyrenees. Besides, the Weipyrenees have smooth, silky, and solid-colored coats like Weimaraner.


The Weipyrenees are known for their friendly nature and can quickly get along with little members of your family.

If you own a farm, the dogs can become excellent guard dogs for the livestock. The breed is nothing but a great example of perfection with a kind and extremely protective nature.

Weimaraner Vizsla Mix (Vizmaraner or Weizsla)

Coming from a lineage of trailing and hunting ancestors, the Vizmaraner makes a good family companion due to its loyal and devoted nature.

Vizmaraner is also known as Velcro Dog as they are very affectionate and clingy at the same time. They are a perfect companion for those who like swimming, hiking, and running.


Vizamaraner resembles both Vizsla and Weimaraner in the category of coats. Both the parent breed has silky, dense, and short coats.

The ears are wide, long, and thin, and they can have either brown or blue eyes. Some Vizamaraner might have gray, yellow, amber, and green-colored eyes.

Because both the parents love to play in the water, the hybrid might have larger paws and webbed tows.


Vizmaraner brings the perfect combination of trainability, playfulness, and enthusiasm. They are great family pets and playful with children. Most of the time, they are also easy-going with strangers.

The dogs are easy to train as they learn things very quickly. Also, they love to use their energy and can walk long distances with you.

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Weimaraner Boston Terrier Mix (Bosmaraner)

Taking the physical and personal characteristics of Weimaraner and Boston Terrier, Bosmaraner is a very intelligent and loyal pet to have at home.

The intelligence of Bosmaraner results in self-assurance. The dogs tend to be stubborn at a time that you can control with early training.


The Bosmaraner takes the small size of Boston Terrier but a muscular body of Weimaraner. Both the parents adapt well in the waters; the hybrid will have webbed and compact paws with straight front legs.

The eye color can be any of the colors, including blue-gray, light amber, or gray. Also, they have long ears hanging on the sides.


Bosmaraner is known to be gentle around other animals and children. However, they can be aggressive without proper socialization training.

The breed is quick at learning things and can be taught obedience at a young age. Further, they can develop separation anxiety when left alone for an extended period.

Since the dogs are loyal and brave, they make excellent watchdogs.

Weimaraner Cocker Spaniel Mix (Cocker Weim)

The Weimaraner and cocker Spaniel Mix, Cocker Weim is a hybrid dog. The dog inherits 50-50 characteristics from their parent breeds.

The dogs show affection and confidence around the people they are comfortable with. They are highly intelligent and lively dogs to have around you.


The Cocker Weim is a medium to a large-sized dog as both Cocker spaniel and Weimaraner are moderately sized.

The weight and height of Cocker Weim is the average weight and height of both the parent breeds. When it comes to coat, the dog can have either the single coat of Weimaraner or Cocker Spaniel’s double coat.


The Cocker Weim inherits the personality trait of being gentle and kind from Cocker Spaniel. Besides, the watchful and alert personality trait comes from Weimaraner.

The dogs are social towards their owners and get along with the children and pets they know. With proper training, they can learn to socialize with other children and pets.

Weimaraner Doberman Pinscher Mix (Weimarman)

The Weimarman is a result of crossbreeding between Doberman Pinscher and Weimaraner. American Kennel Club recognizes both the parent breeds as sporting and working breeds, respectively.

Thus, Weimarman takes the energy from Doberman Pinscher and alert and watchfulness from Weimaraner.


The Weimarman is a medium to large-sized dog. They usually weigh somewhere between 50-80 pounds. Moreover, the height can reach up to 24 inches.

The coat of Weimarman has a fine texture. The color may be blue, red, or brown like Doberman Pinscher or gray, silver, or blue like Weimaraner.


Being a sporty and watchful dog, Weimarman is a fearless, energetic, and loyal dog. Thus, they are protective of their owners and the family.

The hybrid has acquired intelligence from both the parent breed. The parent breeds are among the brightest and intelligent dog breeds.

Besides, they are easy to train to be playful with children and other pets.

Weimaraner Golden Retriever Mix (Goldmaraner)

Goldmaraner boats a mix of personality with the guarded nature of Weimaraner and the endearing nature of Golden Retrievers.

The hybrid is a highly energetic breed that requires a space to learn, run and play. Moreover, the medium to large size breed has a distinguished appearance.


The medium to large size breed has medium length coat which is water and weather-resistant. The color can be a mix of dark or light golds, silver, gray and blue.

The dog has a broad and long muzzle and head. Their ears are often wide, long, and flopped down. Further, the eye can be brown, gray, amber, or blue-gray colored.


Goldmaraner makes a perfect companion for the family because of its playful and loyal nature. However, they are cautious of strangers and bark to alarm the owners.

The dogs are known for their high prey-drive temperament. You can control that with early training and socialization.

Weimaraner Labrador Retriever Mix (Labmaraner)

Labmaraner is one of the friendliest Weimaraner mixes you will come across. The dogs require constant human affection and love, making them lovable family pets.

Like both Labrador and Weimaraner, Labmaraner is active, lively, and intelligent. They love to go swimming, walking and jogging with their owners.


The labmaraner is a muscular, good-looking, and large-sized dog. The dog generally reaches a height up to 24 inches and weighs about 100 pounds.

The coats are short and glossy and can take any color, including black, silver, yellow, brown, and grey. Like Labrador, they have rounded heads and webbed paws.


Being a lovely family pet, the Labmaraner does not like to spend time alone. They will develop separation anxiety which results in destructive behavior.

The breed behaves well with children and other animals, but their hunting instinct can be triggered when left unsupervised. However, the breed makes excellent watchdogs due to their alert nature.

Weimaraner Shar Pei Mix (Weim-Pei)

Weim-Pei has inherited the guarded nature from its parent breed. The dogs are loveable and bright, yet they do not trust anyone easily.

The hybrid is protective of the owner and the whole family but chooses only one human to love above all.


The Weim-Pei has acquired wrinkles from the parent, Chinese Shar-Pei. The muscular body resembles that of Weimaraner.

Once fully grown, the dog weighs about 60 pounds. The color can vary according to the traits of the dominant breed. Besides, the eyes can be brown, blue, or green-colored.


The Weim-Pei is a highly guarded but lovable and intelligent dog. The dogs may not be tolerant of strangers and alert the surrounding if they sense something wrong.

It is better to provide obedience training at the earliest and establish a dominant authority. The dog goes well with other children with proper socialization.

Final Thoughts

The Weimaraner mixes make a great addition to your family when given the right environment and proper socialization. Mixed breeds are unique as you would not find the individuality they carry with them.

The beautiful canines can be your lovely and soulful companion for the rest of your lives. They are amazing and unique in every aspect.

No matter what Weimaraner mix you choose, your days will be filled with endless excitement and love.