Are Rottweilers Good Family Dogs?

By John Martin - April 19, 2023

Chihuahua and Rottweiler with Family

There are many misconceptions about Rottweilers which makes many people apprehensive about bringing them home to a family. While they are loyal and protective dogs, they have a bad reputation for their temper.

If you want to get a family dog, you need to consider how they are with families, especially kids. You also want to find out how they are with other pets including but not limited to dogs.

These are all valid questions and we have tried to answer them. Take a look.

Rottweiler Temperament: What Makes Them Great Family Dogs?

Generally, Rottweilers are affectionate and loyal dogs. They are friendly with people and tend to follow their favorite humans, quite literally.

That means they are always in your line of sight and easy to keep an eye on. They must be supervised when around infants but we will get to that in a minute.

One of the best places for a Rottweiler pup is a fenced yard but make sure you don’t tie them up or keep them chained for long periods of time. These canines don’t do so well when they are kept isolated and tend to become unpleasant.

That is understandable considering no one likes to be restrained for hours at a stretch.

Rottweilers have quite a few social attributes which makes them easy company when you are among other humans. If they behave in a destructive manner, that is because they are either bored or feeling anxious.

Neither of those feelings should be taken lightly. However, they are quite reserved when they are surrounded by strangers and have a tendency to bark.

It is important to remember that these are sensitive and intelligent dogs that like to stay close to the family.

Managing Rottweiler Aggression: Training Tips for a Well-Behaved Family Dog

According to the American Kennel Club, Rottweilers are “clownish” but are of a loving nature. These are two very important traits when picking a breed as a family dog.

These are also protective of their family which is why they are a bit uncomfortable around strangers. This will particularly be on display when strangers visit you at home.

The best way to handle this type of aggression is to get a puppy from friendly parents and train it to be an outgoing dog early on.

Speaking of training, rotties are very willing to work and hence make for excellent police dogs. But, they are also great therapy dogs because of their intelligence.

When you get a dog with such traits as a family pet, you will find that they turn into obedient and adaptable canines. These dogs also like to please their humans and since they are quite protective, they can be a bit aggressive if not trained well.

However, if you use it correctly, they will grow into dogs with a great amount of calm and will exhibit impeccable manners. You might also consider taking the puppy to obedience classes to teach them how to socialize with other pets.

Rottweilers and Kids: Building a Safe and Loving Relationship

We have established that Rottweilers are well-mannered and have the ability to please their humans. They are also protective of their family and can exhibit aggression depending on the situation.

So, when it comes to dealing with children, this is how it plays out.

Since Rottweilers love their family, it is common to expect them to love your children too. And a lot of them exhibit that, especially if they have been around your children since the time they were just a puppy.

They can be loyal and protective of the whole family including children which makes them good pets. They are known to enjoy playing and engaging with kids because they consider them a part of the team.

These dogs have an excellent sense of duty and loyalty towards the family. So, they make for great guardians for the kids.

But here is the catch.

This is not a template situation where they automatically get along with children. It takes a little bit of work to get both the children and the canines to adjust to each other’s temperament.

But it is also important to remember that unlike some other breeds, all Rottweilers are not big fans of children. So if your buddies bring their children over, you might want to watch how they react to each other.

Rottweilers are not exactly the friendliest dogs with strangers, whether they are kids or grown ups. They are wary of people they don’t know.

So if your rotties are not comfortable with the playfulness among all the children. If they don’t understand the nature of the game and perceive a threat to your children, they will act upon it with aggression.

In fact, it is crucial to remember that Rottweilers need to be supervised when they are around all children till such a time when they are fully trained and socialized. That includes your own.

And even after the training, you must make sure they are okay with visitors. Also remember that if the training does not go well, there is a possibility of the dog not being a good fit with your children.

And if they feel threatened by your children, they will not hesitate to act on that instinct.

Introducing Your Rottweiler to Other Pets: Strategies for a Harmonious Household

If you get a Rottweiler as a pup and train and socialize them well, your other pets stand a good chance to be accepted. This means, you must put in effort to introduce all the pets to each other in a safe space at a very young age.

If this goes well, you will see that the Rottweiler not only accepts the other pets but will also consider them to be his posse and enjoy spending time with them. But remember that these pups grow very quickly and often, they are not aware of their size and the strength that comes with it.

So, when you introduce the pets to each other, it is a good idea to supervise the early stages of their playtime. You are the judge of when it is a good time to stop doing so depending on the comfort levels they display with each other.

Rottweilers are not a big fan of initiating contact with other dogs and pets. Known for their temper with strangers, these canines often exhibit aggressive tendencies in the beginning.

This is particularly applicable if you are introducing them to other dogs of the same gender. This instinct becomes stronger if they feel like this new dog is encroaching upon their territory or is perceived as a threat to anyone in the family.

Rotties naturally respond to this behavior with assertion and dominance. If you have a cat and are worried about predator tendencies, remember that if the pup grows up with a cat, it is fine but otherwise, they consider cats to be prey as is the natural order of things.

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Living with a Rottweiler: A Day in the Life of a Family with This Loyal Breed

Rotties are large dogs but quite easy to maintain. They are active and like exercise. So, they have a tendency to get obese if they don’t get enough play time.

A lot of families like dogs that don’t need too much maintenance. Rotties have a thin coat that needs minimal maintenance. But adult males with loose lips tend to drool quite a bit.

Bottom Line: Are Rottweilers the Ideal Family Dogs for You?

It is clear that rotties are fun dogs whether you have a family or not. All you need to do is train and socialize them early on and they will make for great companions.

While everything about them can be managed, remember that it might not be the best dog if you are a first time dog parent.