21 of the Best Great Dane Mix Breeds

By John Martin - January 11, 2022

Dog lovers worldwide, you are probably aware of the Apollo of Dogs, the Great Dane. Towering at 32 inches, they are giant like sweet and sensitive dogs. They tend to be effective home guardians due to their bark and towering nature.

Great Danes are a popular choice to create hybrid breeds. Their astounding personality, handsome features, and watchdog nature are the reason for their popularity. Great Danes are mixed with several breeds. Some of the best Great Dane mix-breeds are listed below.

Great Dane American Bulldog Mix (American Bull Dane)

The mix of Great Dane with American Bulldog is a suitable mix for a family. They are intelligent creatures. The American Bull Dane are great deterrents for criminals too. An expensive breed often used by the military and police due to their constant vigilance.


The American Bull Dane is a mutt of 27-37 inches tall, weighing 100-190 pounds. Generally with shiny black and shiny white coat. They come in other color combinations too.

Muscular dogs with a large head and a long tapered tail. They tend to inherit the flat face features of a bulldog. Watch out for any respiratory issues arising from the facial features.


The American Bull Dane is fiercely independent. They are gentle creatures yet formidable when they need to be. They howl or bark when necessary and can be quite unaware of their height and weight when being playful.

Protective, brave, and playful creatures who can be difficult to train. They provide low-level guardianship to families who need it. The unaggressive brave, and fearless temperament of the American Bull Dane makes them a popular mix breed of Great Dane.

Great Dane American Foxhound Mix (American Foxy Dane)

The American Foxy Dane is a newer and fancy mix between two pure breeds. Great Dane and American Foxhound have bred together well to produce a mixed breed of unique talents. This mix was created to control the massive nature of the Dane and provide a house pet cum watchdog.


The American Foxy Dane is a medium-sized dog of 80 to 120 pounds. They have wide and low expressive hazel or brown eyes. With long and strong-boned legs, they are keen exercisers.

Medium heights of about 25-29 inches make them less towering. They are lighter and a faster breed mix of Great Danes. They are strong and keen creatures.


The American Foxy Dane is an intelligent, sweet, and patient creature. They are easier to train and become aggressive only when provoked.

They tend to be excellent watchdogs due to their size and dominating features. At the same time, they are playful, fun-loving, and sensitive creatures. The American Foxy Dane is a people dog and needs to be with families.

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Great Dane Boxer Mix (Boxane)

Great Dane/boxer mix

The Great Dane and the Boxer breeds mix to give a healthy hybrid. The Boxane has a longer life expectancy and is an extremely gentle creature. A relatively new breed, the Boxanes are easy to train.

They are working dogs that require plenty of exercise to keep them occupied.


Boxanes are large-sized dogs owing to their parentage. They are muscular and have long legs. This dog can stand as tall as 30 inches. Weighing about 100 to 150 pounds, Boxanes are quite strong.

They have a glossy and easy-to-maintain coat. Their coats come in different shades of fawn, blue, black, or black and white. Sometimes, they can have spots like Dalmatians. It all depends on the cross-breeding of the Boxers and the Great Dane.


Boxanes are smart and intelligent creatures. They are also big softies and will get along well with children and other pets. Boxanes may become difficult to handle if they come across strangers.

Boxanes are attention seekers and have separation anxiety. They need plenty of love and care despite their intimidating looks. An energetic breed that doesn’t know its strength and weight. In their keenness and friendliness, they jump on anyone and everyone. Box Danes need authority while training.

Great Dane Mastiff Mix (Daniff)

Daniff is a mix of the Great Dane and the English Mastiff. A hybrid breed of large size, the Daniff is the best of both the Great Dane and English Mastiff.

A designer breed that has been around for 10-15 years originated from the USA. They have a shorter lifespan compared to some other breeds.


The Daniff is a mixed breed dog towering at 27 to 33 inches in height. 115 to a 190-pound dog that can be rambunctious and heavy.

They have a short coat that sheds and needs adequate grooming. Daniff coat colors can be fawn, black and white, brindle, harlequin, or merle.

They are large and healthy creatures who have the best features of both parents.


Daniffs are loyal and playful creatures. When socialized as pups, they become easy for cohabitation. An intelligent and smart breed prone to stubbornness.

This cross-breed can tend to be lazy at times too. They need to be always engaged to keep them happy and healthy.

The Daniffs may not have a prey drive but prove to be intelligent watchdogs. They will alert the family if they see an intruder and warm up to a person if they don’t sense any threat to their family.

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Great Dane Doberman Mix (Doberdane)

Great Dane and Doberman Pinscher create a powerful crossbreed called Doberdane. Originated about 15 to 20 years ago, they are an agile, intelligent, and protective breed.

Large-sized dogs are used as both watchdogs and therapy dogs. Doberdanes require an experienced hand.


Doberdanes are tall and a heavy breed. They are giant dogs that tower at 30 to 35 inches in height. Weighing at 100 to 150 pounds, Doberdanes are intimidating and heavy.

This cross-breed has a strong, muscular, and long body. They have a broad chest and a rectangular and long head.

The Doberdane coats are smooth, soft, and sleek. Fawn, brindle, red, black, or brown are common colors for the Doberdane coats.


Doberdanes are loyal and friendly companions. Although they do not attack dogs, they are excellent guardians for families.

They are energetic and require appropriate mental stimulation and socializing. Doberdanes love showing off their intelligence in obedience training sessions.

Although they are friendly with children, be cautious about their size. As a pet owner, ensure that you monitor your Doberdane around strangers.

Great Dane Saint Bernard Mix (Great Bernard)

The Great Bernard or Saint Dane is a cross-breed mix between Great Dane and Saint Bernard. With a short life span of 6 to 10 years, this breed is recommended only if you have the proper time and resources to invest.

A popular breed, the Great Bernard has a club of its fans since 1889. They are sensitive to extreme temperatures and need the appropriate care.


Saint Dane or Great Bernard have a hefty appearance. They tower at 25 to 32 inches and weigh between 160 and 200 pounds.

They have a short silky and a normal density coat. You can stroke through fawn, brindle, black or white coats.

With soft browns eyes, Saint Dane is known to be a drooling dog. They are shedders and need proper grooming and cleaning up.


Saint Dane or Great Bernard is a kind, loving and gentle giant. They do not have an ounce of aggression in them.

An extremely friendly dog safe to be around your children under supervision due to their size. Saint Danes are energetic and playful dogs that enjoy agility and obedience training.

They love to laze around and don’t need as much exercise as other breeds. Ensure that your Great Bernard is socialized, or they prove to be stubborn and don’t listen to you.

Great Dane Rottweiler Mix (Weiler Dane)


Weiler Dane is a cross-breed of two pure breeds, the Great Dane and the Rottweiler. A rare cross-breed that is the best of both its parents inherited devotion and gentleness from the Rottweiler and Great Dane, respectively.


The Weiler Dane is 32-33 inches high and weighs about 170 to 190 pounds. A large and intimidating creature with an extremely broad chest.

The Weiler Dane has a coat of reddish-brown or black and is sometimes long and dense. This breed often has a long and straight tail.


The Weiler Dane is headstrong and can prove to be stubborn without proper obedience training. Otherwise, they are intimidating-looking gentle creatures.

This breed doesn’t require much exercise and is perfectly happy resting beside you. They are devout and friendly dogs that give you companionship and protection.

Great Dane Pit Bull Mix (Great Danebull)

A hybrid designer dog created by cross-breeding a Great Dane and Pit Bull Terrier. Called the Great Danebull, this breed of dog helps improve the reputation of the Pit Bulls.

The Great Danebull breed originated in the 1950s and is not recognized by the American Kennel Club yet. They are widely known but not as popular due to this.


The Great Danebull is 24 to 28 inches tall and weighs 60 to 90 pounds. With the facial features of the Great Dane, this breed is a lankier version of the Pitbull.

Fawn, blue, black, white, sable, brindle, brown, or a combination of some colors dominate their smooth, short, shiny, and dense coats. They have high arched toes on their wide and compact feet.


The Great Danebull are people-oriented dogs that are best companions. They are vocal only when they feel uneasy or sense some danger.

High attention seekers are prone to anxiety when not attended to and pampered. Great Danebull is a protective and instinctive dog breed that doesn’t need as much exercise.

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Great Dane Basenji Mix (Great Dasenji)

An unusual breed that is not very widely known. The Great Dasenji is a mix of the plausible Egyptian origin Basenji and the Great Dane.


A smaller breed compared to the other cross-breeds of the Great Dane. 23-24 inches high and weighing about 65-85 pounds, the Great Dasenji is agile and has inquisitive expressions.

They have almond-shaped brown eyes with short and low-density coats. With possible colors of fawn, black, white, brindle, harlequin, or brown on their coat, they can be show dogs too.


The Great Dasenji is a mischievous and smart dog. They are intelligent, alert, inquisitive, and loving dogs.

They can be independent and attention-seeking. Slightly difficult to train due to their stubborn streak and wariness around strangers.

The Great Dasenji is an affectionate creature but prone to hunt small animals and prey. This makes them good watchdogs too.

Great Dane Great Pyrenees Mix (Great Pyredane)

Big boy Sheriff -9 months

Great Dane and Great Pyrenees mix is a widely known and popular cross-breed. Ancestral lineage from the Pyrenees and Europe, the Great Pyredane is both a guard dog and a companionable dog.


The Great Pyredane is 29 to 33 inches tall and weighs more than 100 pounds. They have striking almond-shaped eyes that come in brown or blue.

Prone to having either a short and glossy fur or a short and dense fur depending on which parent’s trait is dominant. Fawn, brindle, blue or black are the common coat colors found on the Great Pyredane


A popular hybrid that has people pleasing temperament and is reserved and independent too.

They are large dogs that don’t need as much exercise to stay fit and are quite comfortable with just a few short exercises.

The Great Pyredanes are friendly companions and playful too. They also have an overprotective streak and will be staunch guardians for your children and you.

Great Dane Siberian Husky Mix (Great Danesky)

The Great Danesky is a mix of the Siberian Husky and the plausible ancient Egyptian Great Dane. It is an expensive breed that is yet to be recognized by various associations and registries.

They are a regal breed with great features from both the parent breeds. Moderately acclimatized to various climates, the Great Danesky are loyal creatures.


The Great Danesky’s appearance depends on the dominant trait of the parentage. The common features seen in them are their muscular, built long body with almond-shaped eyes and long legs.

Their coat can be as amazing, thick, and hard as the Siberian Husky or as smooth, soft, short, and glossy as the Great Dane. The Danesky coat colors include black, white, and brindle.


The Great Danesky is a friendly, sensitive, and loyal creature. They are protective and provide great companionship to you.

They need consistent and authoritative training with occasional treats as they are sensitive to stern reprimands. The Great Danesky need a lot of exercises and mental stimulation to stay fit.

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Great Dane German Shepherd Mix (Great Shepherd)

The Great Shepherd is a designer breed with its parentage from the Great Dane and the German Shepherd. They are a very popular breed with a life expectancy of 7 to 10 years.

They are expensive but dependable and a handsome breed.


The Great Shepherd is a large-sized dog towering at about 29 to 32 inches high. With a weight of about 130 to 150 pounds, this breed doesn’t have a standard appearance.

They are muscular creatures with long legs and long bodies. The great Shepherd coat comes in various colors ranging from black, white, hazel, merle to brown and much more.


The Great Shepherd is a friendly and playful dog. They have a curious nature and are quite agreeable, making them easy to train.

They have the ability to be extremely overprotective if they sense any threat to you and your family. A patient and laid-back breed, the Great Shepherd is easy to train as long as you have a dominant hand.

An active and extremely energetic breed, the Great Shepherd needs plenty of exercises to keep healthy and fit.

Great Dane Irish Wolfhound Mix (Great Wolfhound Or Irish Dane)

Great Wolfhound or the Irish Dane is a cross-breed of the Irish Wolfhound and the Great Dane. With a lifespan of 6 to 10 years, this creature is a lovable and social animal.

They vary widely in their appearance and temperament and are yet to be added to the American Kennel Club registry.


The Irish Dane is a large dog of about 32 to 35 inches tall and 60 to 90 pounds in weight. They are domineering in appearance and can be intimidating.

They have deep-set eyes and are lanky yet muscular. They have a harsh and rough coat that comes in cream, sable, brindle, fawn, blue, black, white, or combinations of color.


The Irish Dane is a gentle and sweet-natured dog. Their presence, though intimidating, is friendly and sociable.

They are prone to anxiety because of separation and need people around them consistently. With high energy levels, the Irish Dane is playful and needs plenty of exercises to control its rambunctiousness.

Great Dane Golden Retriever Mix (Great Retriever or Great Golden Dane)

The Great retriever a cross-breed of the Great Dane, and the Golden Retriever is also called the Great Golden Dane. These are an exciting designer breed that can have amazing size and personality.


A tall dog towering from 25 to 35 inches in height and weighing about 100 to 190 pounds, the Great Golden Dane is lean with a long body. They have a broad chest and head with a long tail that has a slight curl.

The Great Golden Dane has a shiny, short, and sleek coat that comes in wide-ranging colors like black, brindle, fawn, chocolate brown, or white.


The Great Retriever is an extremely playful and energetic breed. It is friendly and provides a happy heart companionship to you.

This breed requires the requisite and consistent training to avoid spinning out of control and becoming hyperactive. They are an affectionate yet playful breed that forms a bond with your whole family and circle of friends.

Great Dane Border Collie Mix (Great Border Collie)


The Great Border Collie, a mix of the Great Dane and Border Collie, is an incredibly rare mix. They have a life span of 12 to 15 years and are lovable and friendly.

The Great Border Collie plays, works, and sleeps hard.


Great Dane Border Collie Mix is a tall breed of about 20 to 30 inches and weighing approximately 50 to 110 pounds. They have striking short or fluffy coats like their parent Great Dane and Border Collie, respectively.

They are great shedders and need grooming and cleaning. Common coat colors include black or white or combination colors.


The Great Border Collie is intelligent and active. They are friendly pets and are generally easy to train.

This breed can be wary of strangers, which makes them one of the best watchdogs. Genetically this breed of dog is blessed with intelligence and gentle nature.

They are an active and energetic breed that needs plenty of exercise and simulation.

Great Dane Labrador Retriever Mix (Labradane)


The Labradane is a mix between the Great Dane and the Labrador Retriever. These lads are affectionate, playful, and loyal. Labradane is a gentle giant doggo that form loving bonds with both children and adults.

If you are looking for a super social breed, Labradanes are a perfect choice. Plus, they are always ready to hang out with you.


The prominent appearance of the Labradane often intrigues people. You can spot a Labradane in coat colors like white, brown, or black. Their coat is dense and short and requires regular grooming.

However, the appearance of every pup will depend on the dominant parent genes. You may also come across a Great Dane Labrador Retriever mix with an athletic built.


Generally, Labradane’s make gentle and amiable pets. They thrive on companionship and affection. Though they are good with children, it’s better to monitor when the pup and babe are playing.

You’ll notice that your Labradane also enjoys the presence of guests and other pets. Nevertheless, this breed tends to be protective at times.

Great Dane Poodle Mix (Great Danoodle)

The other name for the Great Dane Poodle mix is Great Danepoo or Danepoo. Families that prefer large canines will love this designer breed.

In general, this breed is loving and devoted. Make sure to brush up the intelligence quotient of the Great Dandoodle with lots of physical and mentally stimulating activities.


The size of the Great Dandoodle might overwhelm many people. However, their cute furry appearance will melt your heart.

Great Danoodles have sturdy legs, elongated heads, and a stout body. Their button-like eyes feel charming.

The coat of this mixed breed is similar to its Great Dane lineage. Its skin will be short, silky, thick, and wiry. The good news is that Great Danoodles don’t shed a lot.


Great Danoodles are obedient, polite, and modest breeds. They display and affectionate behavior to all people. Beware as these little socialites will jump on and lick your guests.

If you own other pets like cats or birds, you’ll have no problem while introducing the pup to them. Also, the breed can bark when they spot strangers.

Great Dane Weimaraner Mix (Great Weimar or Weimar Dane)

The Weimar Dane is a mix between Weimaraner and Great Dane. The aim of developing this hybrid was to introduce a healthier and more affectionate family companion.

Weimar Dane takes the best of traits from his lineage. They are more tolerant and playful than the parent breeds. Because of their size and vocal nature, they make great apartment pets.


Like the rest of the Great Dane mixes, the Weimar Dane also has a prominent appearance. Typically, the size of the Weimar Dane ranges from 27 to 31 inches. They have an athletic yet elegant poise.

Their eyes are almond-shaped, and the color is generally gray, brown, blue, or blue-gray. Their long-tapered tail has a slight curve near the end. These dogs sport a soft, smooth, and short coat.


This will relish family time and love playing with kids. However, separation anxiety can crop up if you leave them alone. They are prone to confusion and boredom, making sure to engage them in physical and mental tasks.

You must only resort to pleasant training methods. The good news is that this breed is relatively easy to train and remains loyal to the family.

Great Dane Swiss Mountain Dog Mix (Greater Swissdane or Greater Swiss Mountain Dane)

The Greater Swissdane is a relatively new designer breed. They are large and active dogs who get along well with adults and children. They are a big bundle of love and joy.

These doggos can get stubborn at times, so don’t forget to offer consistent leadership.


The average size of the Greater Swissdane is somewhere from 23 to 33 inches. They have a flat, sturdy, and broad skull. You’ll love the hazel or chestnut eye color of these pups.

You can find them in beautiful coat colors such as chocolate, fawn, black, brindle, blue, white, rust, and more. The fur has a fine texture but is generally short and thick.


Despite its enormous size, he may consider himself to be a lapdog. Though they carry a gentle nature, they can be a stubborn streak at times.

Plus, they also have a protective nature and tendency to bark. One thing you’ll love about this breed is that they are highly trainable.

Great Dane Bloodhound Mix (Great Hound)

The Great Hound is another unique mix that Great Dane lovers will appreciate. This amicable pup is pack-oriented and loves being around family.

They follow a strong prey drive, so they might need some training to be around other doggos and pets.


The long and athletic posture of the Great Hound comes naturally to it. They are relatively tall dogs and have thin legs. Their floppy ears fall up to their cheeks.

If you are looking for a dog with light-grooming needs, this is it.


One of the essential aspects of the temperament of the Great hound is that they are stubborn. Without proper training, it’ll quickly adopt a bossy nature.

Moreover, the pups also suffer from separation anxiety. Besides, with their deep hunting instincts, it can be risky to leave the Great Hound off-leash.

Great Dane Anatolian Shepherd Mix (Plush Danois)

If this is your first time adopting a dog, it’s better if you refrain from adopting the Plush Danois. The Plush Danois is a high-energy, aggressive, and enormously-sized doggo.

However, their hunting and protective instincts make them excellent watchdogs.


The regal appearance of the Plush Danois combines strength, elegance, and dignity. Despite being a giant breed, it always maintains a neat look.

They have muscular legs, a wide chest, and broad skulls. The usual eye colors are blue and other light colors.

You can find a Plush Danois in coat colors such as chocolate, bluish-gray, dilutes, black, fawn, and brindle-merle.


Despite their aggressive nature, they are one of the sweetest breeds you’ll come across. They generally set themselves as the pack’s leader. Therefore, when they are with children or other pets, we highly recommend supervision.

They will respond relatively well to positive reinforcement. Because these doggos are pack-oriented, they do not like to stay alone for a long time. Plush Danois will love playing with family and spending time.

Final Thoughts

The Great Dane proves to be a hybrid designer’s favorite to create friendly cross-breeds. The friendly nature and the intimidating size of the Great Dane are favored by many dog fans.

The 21-best mix of Great Dane each has its unique appearance and temperament that you need to be aware of before adopting one. Research and gain full knowledge of your Great Dane cross-breed for a perfect life with your pet.