Are Rottweilers Good Guard Dogs?

By John Martin - May 7, 2021

Rottweiler guard dog

People often evoke misconceptions about guard dogs as the ones growling at strangers and scaring them away from a distance. But this is not how Rottweiler’s behave as guard dogs.

You only need a little effort to shape your small Rottweiler pup into an adult who will guard your family and you. The only thing they need to be taught is being completely compliant and social.

Read along to know about Rottweiler being a guard dog.

Can Everyone Pet a Rottweiler?

There is no question that Rottweilers are among the leading contenders for the guard dog job, with their intellect, loyalty to their families, and bravery.

Rottweilers have a robust character and a powerful buildup. This makes them the right choice for being the best doggo for you.

In most cases, these pooches are not preferred by many. The major reason for this would be its inherent characteristics, which can cause many issues and make it difficult for the owner to handle it.

If things go wrong, it can be because of a lack of character assortment and maybe because the pup was not socially active.

You have to take certain precautions while taking home the Rottweiler you select as your pet. Make sure he gets along with other dogs and humans in your locality from the very beginning of puppyhood. 

For instance, if a Chihuahua has a bad temper and bites, nobody would be harmed. But the same case wouldn’t happen with a Rottweiler, and there could be severe consequences.

If the dog is social and well-mannered, he is one of the most marvelous and harmless breeds you would come across. A Rott won’t hurt any outsider unless he is with his keeper.

Is Rottweiler a Great Watchdog?

To begin with, there’s no other breed that is so quintessential to be a guard dog than Rottweilers. These dogs step out in confidence and give an intimidating gaze that is enough to steer off any thief.

It is not in the Rottweiler’s nature to let any unknown stranger pet him while passing by. This is because they are not meant to be cuddled.

Their descendants were selected to safeguard herds and while they gained popularity as the butcher’s dog.

In the 1900 century, they were used in the military army because of its great capacity to guard the family and territory as a responsible watchdog.

Rotts are extremely passionate, faithful, and trustworthy to the family they grow up with. They are quite playful with the little kids and put in all their energy to make them happy.

They efficiently safeguard the house when there is nobody at home, and the dog is alone. If they don’t trust you the first time, it is okay because it is not in their nature anyway.

There is no doubt about their watchdog efficiency or them being a faithful partner. The correct and appropriate breeding of these dogs has resulted in making them very well balanced as an individual. 

The Rottweiler’s are versatile as pets, and keeping one can be very satisfactory. They are three in one dog, including a great watchdog, a security dog, and a working dog.

These giants are used to save and locate people but are also used in pet therapy courses. Isn’t it quite impressive?

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How to Make a Rottweiler A Guard Dog?

In spite of their vigorous dominating character, the Rottweiler breeds are a great idea to be kept as a watchdog. But to make them habitual around everyone, it is important to train them accordingly.

If they lack proper training, they won’t adjust to everybody approaching them.


To raise any dog, keeping them socially active becomes very important and imperative.

Socializing involves taking the Rottweiler puppy to several locations with you and making the pup make friends, inside and out, and with some other pets and dogs.

For Rottie, these need to be pleasant, optimistic, satisfying interactions.

Socialization makes the puppy acquainted with the world and helps the dog to understand how to get around.

A Rottweiler that lacks this socialization is capable of being afraid and of exhibiting hostility rooted in fear.

Start taking your Rottweiler on regular walks from pup onwards, where you can find new people and pets. Bring your dog to parks and on road trips with you. 

Associate with a dog training group to integrate obedience in the Rottweiler while he is still young.

Being Obedient

All guard dogs are obedient at heart. Your Rottweiler must know that you are in charge. A Rottweiler who is not ready to receive your command may be a threat to you or anybody else.

Simple obedience instills faith in you and your dog and forms a good base for advanced training. Simple discipline consists of small instructions like “Down, “sit.” and “stay.”

Rotties are smart dogs, and they can quickly master these commands.

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A doggo is at its best behavior when you consistently teach him. With proper training, you can make him obedient.

Also, they will not show any characteristics which will trouble others if they are trained efficiently.

Start with the basic needs that any dog will require. It could be anything from going out to being hungry.

A few ones could be like to go through the front door, have a tummy pat, have some food, or even have the leash connected to the collar for a stroll. They can be taught to indicate these.

Like mentioned, if you train your Rottie well, it can master to execute a disciplined behavior most of the time.

Abandon Bad Behavior

Every dog has a certain behavior that is peculiar to each species. They were used as herding dogs during the Roman times before they were introduced as watchdogs by the Germans.

This may appear like an irrelevant problem, but it is a prevalent behavior.

If your dog begins to herd, put an immediate stop to all herding activity by issuing a ‘Stop’ command and going into the dog’s room. Force the dog from approaching in your direction. 

Improvise the Dog Traits

A well-trained and socialized Rottweiler will defend you and your family instinctively.

They must bark at someone who approaches the gate, but they must immediately stop once they know that the individual is innocent.

They also shouldn’t exhibit unpredictable behavior, such as leaping at unknown individuals for no cause.

They could seem vigilant but friendly to pets and other individuals around you during walks. The behavior comes from fear, not just from the defense if your Rottie is continuously barking, whining, or behaving violently.

Train to Bite

The method of educating a canine to chew on order and to maintain the grasp is bite training. This method is also used to train dogs for the needs of the police force.

Do not do this kind of preparation yourself, as you might seriously injure yourself or someone else. Only one trained officer or military instructor can conduct bite training.

Managed properly, bite training doesn’t quite improve the anger of a dog. Although done incorrectly, this could lead to severe consequences of violence and severe liability concerns.

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Rottweiler’s Significant Behavioral Patterns

Rotties, like any breed, are prone to numerous behavioral issues. These are a few issues that you may face with your doggo.

Chewing Destructively

This occurs when the physical and mental stimulus is missing in a Rottweiler.


There seem to be a number of factors that lead to violence in a dog. It may be the weak method of development, lack of preparation, and much more.

Scratching and Biting 

It comes down to the doggo’s original function as domesticating dogs. With proper preparation and training, even these peculiar habits can be taken care of.

Pulling Leash

This behavior is quite common among the guard god. Rotties will often attempt to get their way due to their prey and dominant personality.

A symbol of lack of concentration is often leash pulling.

Separation Anxiety

Being watchdogs, Rottweiler’s are prospered. On the other hand, they are also at risk of developing anxiety about separation.

Do not leave them solely for hours so that they do not waste their resources in harmful ways.

All these questionable behaviors can be rectified with some quality training. Likewise, for guard dogs, you have to give some time to improve the harmful acts.

Final Thoughts

Rottweiler is the best choice if you’re hunting for a guard that just doesn’t turn. You have to realize, though, that Rottweiler’s are not just for everyone. Back on a threat.

Rotties can only rule the home if this is the first time getting a dog. Also, because of their urge to run and playoff, they are not ideal for apartment dwellers.