Do Rottweilers Smell?

By John Martin - February 15, 2024

Rottweiler family of 4 posing for picture

The little buds that often go around sniffing everything can also smell odd sometimes. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that every dog has a particular doggy smell. So, what about the adorable Rottweilers?

Do Rottweilers smell? Yes, they do a little. Rottweilers, just like any other dog breed, have a particular doggy smell. The level of the smell depends on a lot of factors like health, diet, and how well they are taken care of.

Let us take a look at the reasons why Rottweilers smell.

Why Do Rottweilers Smell?

Rottweilers have a little doggy smell, just like any other dog breed. Do you notice an increase in the smell? If yes, then there can be certain reasons for it. Here is a list of reasons that can make your dog smell a little odd.

Lack of Proper Cleaning and Grooming

Grooming and cleaning are essential when it comes to dogs. The smell of your Rottweilers is very much dependent on the grooming and personal care they get.

Over bathing, your Rottweiler can also be harmful. It can make the skin of your dog to dry out. It can also cause various other skin problems in your dog.

Bathing your Rottweiler less than required can also cause problems. Less bathing will cause your dog to smell bad. Taking proper care of grooming is essential. There is no limit or specific time frame for bathing your doggo.

Whenever you feel that your doggo is a little dirty or has been outdoors, consider bathing your pooch. If the smell still persists, consider approaching your vet.

Dirty Surroundings

Does your Rottweiler like staying outdoors? Too much exposure to outer surroundings can cause your Rottweiler to roll a lot in mud and puddles. The dirt, when stuck to your dog’s coat, can make it smell bad.

Try to keep the coat of your dog as clean as possible. Make sure that you clean the coat after every walk.

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Wet Coat

The rot’s fur can remain wet for a long time. If you have bathed your dog and have not dried the coat properly, it ought to stink.

Moisture in the fur of Rottweiler can invite a lot of microbial and yeast infections. It can also give rise to a lot of other skin issues as well. Microbial infections can cause a very bad smell when exposed to air.

Always make a point to thoroughly dry the coat of your Rottweiler. A wet dog will always stink, no matter how many times you bathe it.

Skin Infections

The fur of Rottweilers is short and very thick. This makes the fur of Rottweiler very prone to bacterial and fungal infections. After your dog is exposed to bacterial and fungal infections, the yeasts can proliferate into your dog’s fur.

These yeasts can cause skin rashes, hair loss, and also bad smell. There is a possibility that your dog will lick and touch the infected areas constantly. This licking can cause the infection to worsen. This can further worsen the smell of your Rottweiler.

It is, therefore, very essential to keep the fur of your pooch clean. It is the best way to protect your dog from skin infections and bad smells.

Dental Issues

Rottweilers are very adorable, and there is no doubt about it. Unfortunately, these adorable pooches are very prone to tooth decay and tooth infections.

Tooth decay can cause other issues like gingivitis and periodontal issues. These issues can cause a very bad breath and make your dog smell bad. This can further cause other health problems as well.

Dental problems can cause an overgrowth of the gums. This overgrowth can cause little pieces of food to get stuck in your dog’s teeth. This can cause a constant bad and rotten smell in your dog.

A lot of plaque and tartar when gets deposited on your dog’s teeth, it can cause bad breath. You should ensure to maintain the good oral hygiene of your Rottweiler. This can prevent your pooch from having a bad breath and from smelling bad.

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Ear Infections

Rottweilers have really cute and adorable floppy ears. This restricts the air circulation into the inner ear canal of your Rottweiler.

Floppy ears also cause a lot of moisture to get trapped in your dog’s ears. This can cause mites to make way into the dog’s ears. This can cause infection and also a bad smell in your dog’s ears.

If your dog likes swimming, it can cause moisture in the ears. After you bathe your dog, you should make sure that the water is not going inside your dog’s ears. If your dog’s ears are smelling yeasty, there is a chance that your dog has an ear infection. If the smell gets worse, it is time that you should consult your vet.

Gastrointestinal Problems

Dogs are very fond of eating. It is not new if your pooch makes puppy eyes whenever you bring food near. There are various side effects dogs can develop because of eating something odd.

Food allergies can further cause other gastrointestinal problems. If your dog eats something odd, it is obvious that the digestive tract of your dog will reject it. It will cause issues like diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, and constipation in your dog.

The gas and flatulence can cause bad smell and bad breath in your dog. This will cause your dog to smell more than usual.

Anal Glands

Your Rottweiler can have a bad smell coming from, particularly the tail reason. In this case, your dog might be having clogged or infected anal glands.

Your dog has two sacs on both sides of the tail. These are the anal glands. The major function of these glands is to secrete fluids. These fluids have a scent to give an indication to other dogs.

If your dog smells fishy, there is a chance that the anal glands are clogged or infected.

Feminine Cycles

Female Rottweiler has their estrus or fertility cycles. If you have a female dog and one who is sexually mature, you can experience an odd smell around this time.

There are also a lot of hormonal issues and changes associated with the fertility cycle. This can also cause an odd smell in your dog.

Urinary Infections

Urinary infection is another reason that your dog might smell bad. If your Rottweiler is drinking more water than usual, and there is blood present in the urine, urine infection is possible. In this case, your dog might suddenly start smelling odd.

If the symptoms worsen and the smell gets stronger, consult your vet.

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How to Prevent Your Rottweiler from Smelling Bad

Rottweilers have a particular smell associated with them. This smell might get stronger and odd due to several reasons. From the above discussion, we now know that the reasons can range from various health issues to grooming.

Let us now have a look at the ways in which you can keep your Rottweiler always smelling fresh.

Proper Grooming

Hygiene is very important when it comes to keeping odor away from your pooch. Fix a schedule to bathe your Rottweiler. Make sure that you are not over bathing as it will cause the skin of your Rottweiler to become dry.

Keep proper intervals between two baths. Ensure that you are giving a bath to your dog whenever it is necessary. Use a good quality dog shampoo for bathing your dog. Make sure that you wash thoroughly, focussing on the lower belly, tail, and ears.

You should also make sure that you are cleaning the paws of your pooch after every walk. There is a possibility that your Rottweiler might have stepped or rolled into some stinky stuff.

Make sure that you are brushing the coat of your dog frequently. This makes sure that there is no dust or dirt stuck in the thick coat of your Rottweiler. This prevents any microbial and fungal infections and your pooch from smelling odd.

Cleaning Ears Regularly

The floppy ears of Rottweilers grab a lot of attention and warmth. They are capable of retaining a lot of moisture because of less air circulation.

It is essential that you clean your dog’s ears regularly. A lot of moisture and warmth in your Rottweiler’s ears can be an exposure to mites, fungal infections, and microbial infections. This can cause your dog to smell bad.

Try cleaning your dog’s ears once a week. You can use wipes or pet ear cleaners available in the market. All the wax built up inside the ears should be cleaned thoroughly. If the smell still continues, then there might be an ear infection. If you suspect an ear infection, you should seek professional advice.

Oral Hygiene

We know that Rottweilers are prone to tooth infections and tooth decay. To prevent this, you should make sure that you brush your dog’s teeth regularly. This will help in removing any plaque or tartar built upon the teeth.

Bad breath can cause your dog to smell bad, so oral hygiene is very important. You can use a dog’s toothpaste to thoroughly clean your dog’s teeth.

There are also various bones and chews available in the market to reduce plaque. Try including these in your dog’s diet. Regular vet visits will also help a great deal in taking care of your dog’s oral hygiene.

Good Diet

Gas attacks and excessive flatulence are very common in Rottweilers. These cause your doggy to smell bad. To avoid this, try to control the diet of your pooch.

Avoid foods that might be triggering these gas attacks in your dog. Try switching the diet in case your dog is having reactions to the present one. You can also consult your vet to make sure that you feed only appropriate food items to your dog.

In case of your dog being lactose intolerant, avoid dairy products. To avoid the smell, it is important to keep a check on their digestive system. To ensure the proper functioning of the digestive system, including proper exercise in the schedule of your dog.

Regular Vet Visits

Rottweilers, now we know, are prone to a lot of infections. Regular vet visits can help in identifying the source of the smell early.

If your pooch has been smelling for a long time, you should seek professional help. Sometimes it is difficult to figure out the source of smell by oneself. Consulting a vet regularly can reduce the risk of prolonged infections.

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All dogs have a particular doggy smell and so do Rottweilers. If your Rottweiler is smelling a little more than usual, this may be due to several factors. Bad smell can be due to bad diet, improper hygiene, and various health issues.

Make sure that you are grooming your Rottweiler properly. Clean the ears and teeth regularly. In case you suspect that there might be an infection, immediately consult your vet.

Keep your Rottweilers away from bad smell and closer to cuddles.