Video of Corgi Trying To Trick Mom Into Giving Another Treat Is So Cute

By Ashley Turner - December 16, 2022

Corgi on couch

For those of us who are on a diet or just looking to stay on the same food regime, sometimes it can be difficult to stick to the program. In fact, many of us crave a treat or two during the day. But what if one treat isn’t enough to satisfy a craving?

This is the conundrum that two Corgis find themselves in when their mom only gives them one Greenie dental treat per day. In this hilarious video, the adorable brother and sister duo plead for more treats. After their parent tells them that it’s not possible, they continue to whine hilariously. As far as protests go, it would be practically impossible to imagine one that is any cuter than this. The next day, we see that the Corgis have not abandoned hope; they are continuing to whine in an attempt to get what they want. At the very end, we finally see them with the spoils of victory; Maple and Morty both sit with Greenies in front of them.

@mapleandmortycorgi The corgis are trying to trick us into giving them another greenie 😂 #dogsoftiktok #petsoftiktok #dogtok ♬ original sound – mapleandmortycorgi

In the comment section, we can see that Maple and Morty have many devoted fans who follow their antics on a daily basis. Nade Eats, clearly familiar with their modus operandi, wrote “Maple is the drama.” Maple and Morty’s mom replied with a sweet comment saying, “Life would be very boring without our dramatic corgis” with a laughing crying emoji.

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Marjorie, also seemingly very familiar with the corgis and their drama, said “Morty knew her plan wouldn’t work” with a heart emoji. Meanwhile, others offered up suggestions about how to maintain peace in the home. T commented, “Just cut the treat in half so they would think they got two.” Their owner replied back positively, insinuating that they would attempt this method in the future. Forest’s comment was in reference to the dental treat itself. They wrote, “The first time I gave my corgi a Greenie he carried it around for 2 hours because he didn’t realize it was a treat.”

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Whether it’s a Greenie or an extra scoop of ice cream, one thing that all of us can agree upon is that we love our treats!