After 19 Years on a Chain, Elderly Dog Finally Finds Freedom and Love

By John Martin - April 11, 2023

Elvis arriving at Takis Shelter

A heartrending story has emerged of an elderly dog named Elvis who spent an entire life chained up outside in Greece. After 19 years of confinement, he finally tasted freedom thanks to Takis of Takis Shelter, a seasoned dog rescuer.

When Takis first visited the dog’s owner, he learned that Elvis had been with the owner since April 2004, making him genuinely 19 years old. The owner admitted that Elvis had only been free a handful of times when he escaped his chain, and he was in a shocking, near-death condition.

When Elvis first arrived at the shelter, he was frail and emaciated, subsisting on a diet of dry cat food. His hind legs were atrophied due to lack of movement. However, the curious senior dog was instantly interested in meeting the other dogs at the shelter. Notably, none of the dogs barked when they first encountered Elvis, perhaps a sign of respect for the elderly canine.

Initially, Elvis struggled to walk straight, but his determination to enjoy his newfound freedom propelled him forward. The shelter staff assisted him with a harness, and Takis took him under his wing, with the aim of bringing him “back to life.” Elvis’s indomitable spirit allowed him to walk for hours, despite his frailty, and he developed a healthy appetite.

In the time since arriving at Takis Shelter, Elvis’s condition has significantly improved. He is now able to walk on his own and eagerly greets the other dogs every day.

With a newfound strength in his hind legs, Elvis can walk straighter and relishes his freedom. He also has the comfort of soft blankets to sleep on, free from the burden of the chain.

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Viewers of Elvis’s story struggle to comprehend how he survived for so long in such poor conditions, with many praising Takis as a “miracle worker.”

To help support dogs like Elvis, visit the Takis Shelter website. Thanks to the dedicated shelter staff, Elvis will be able to enjoy his golden years surrounded by love, warmth, and freedom.