Shelter Staff Celebrate Senior Dog’s Adoption After 3 Months with Emotional, Viral Farewell

By Ashley Turner - April 14, 2023

Adoptmas giving sendoff to senior dog, Star

In a story that has warmed the hearts of millions online, a senior dog named Star finally found his forever home after spending three months at Memphis Animal Services. The tear-jerking sendoff given by the shelter staff has since gone viral on TikTok, with over 3.5 million people watching the emotional goodbye.

Star, an 8-year-old dog with a gray muzzle, had struggled to find a home as many people are hesitant to adopt senior dogs due to their shorter life expectancy. During his time at the shelter, Star became the office dog of Alexis Pugh, the shelter’s director, who is known for her love of senior dogs. Pugh described Star as a “great companion” and even posted photos of him on social media, but it was to no avail.

@adoptmas Star is a senior dog who’s been with us 3 months, since his owner’s health failed. He got adopted today & his new mom helped care for him at the clinic he used to go to! #seniordogsoftiktok ♬ Here With Me – d4vd

However, everything changed when a veterinary technician who had recognized Star on social media arrived at the shelter on February 8. The woman not only knew Star but was also married to a veterinarian and lived on two farms. Star had finally hit the “jackpot.”

As Star’s new owner filled out the paperwork, Pugh gathered the staff to give the senior dog a proper sendoff. About 20 people formed an applauding guard of honor, cheering as Star and his new mom exited the building. The heartwarming moment even featured a few treats for the road.

Pugh was delighted that the video of Star’s sendoff went viral, as it showcased the genuine love and care that shelter workers have for the animals they look after. “This is how we really are,” she said.

Prior to Star’s adoption, a bonded pair of dogs named Trek and Star had ended up at Memphis Animal Services when their owner fell ill and could no longer care for them. A Facebook post from the shelter shared their story, hoping for a Christmas miracle that would find them a loving home together.

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The touching story of Star and his grand farewell is a beautiful reminder of the love and dedication of shelter workers, and it has undoubtedly inspired countless others to consider adopting senior dogs and giving them the loving homes they deserve.