The Reason This Husky Wears A Muzzle Will Surprise You

By Daniel Gibson - December 17, 2022

Husky looking mad

The Husky in this TikTok post shows why you should not judge a book by its cover. The husky in the post from Lauren+Monarch is wearing a pink muzzle. You may think the Husky is wearing a muzzle because it is dangerous. The muzzle is to protect the Husky from eating rocks. A soundtrack using the classic song, “Roxanne” by The Police captures the mood.

The TikTok post has the title, “But only very specific rocks!” A caption over the post reads, “Why does your dog wear a muzzle? She seems so friendly.” The Husky moves around and sniffs the ground through the muzzle. She stands on a tree stump and seems to be a content canine. The TikTok post switches as the song reaches the chorus. The Husky begins to sniff around the ground close to a log. A second caption reads, “Rocks!” The song cuts off as the song reaches the middle of the word, “Roxanne!”

@siberianmonarch But only very specific rocks #Husky #HuskiesOfTiktok #Pica #DogsOfTiktok #Dogtok #MuzzleTraining #MuzzleUpPup #Muzzle #MuzzledDog ♬ original sound – Crazy_Nutter

I love huskies and they all seem to be very friendly and playful. Rocks can be dangerous for dogs. I’m happy to see the owner of this pet is keeping her safe. The Husky is being saved from itself by an owner who realizes the rocks are putting the pup in danger.

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Monarch is such a cute dog that lots of comments about her eating rocks. Cristiequiner1991 agrees the muzzle is a good idea, “A muzzle is way cheaper than exploratory surgery!😁” Lyredragon has personal experience of dogs eating rocks, “oh no. in-laws had a border collie that would chew on big rocks and he wore down all his teeth. can confirm muzzles are cheaper than extractions!” Soulpunxs shared her experience of rock-eating, “I got one for my pug he eats rocks, seeds, pinecones, small toys, etc and I get so many rude remarks like I haven’t tried everything yet! 🙄”

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This shows how some pet parents have to make tough decisions for the good of their dogs. Wearing a muzzle is far safer than taking the risk of the dog hurting herself.