Video of Woman Rescuing Stray Mastiff After 3 Years Will Leave You In Tears

By Ashley Turner - April 4, 2023

English Mastiff walking in a field

It’s a story of love, patience, and determination. For three years, Kristine Munir had been trying to catch Lulu, a stray English Mastiff, who had been abandoned in a canyon in Northern California. Kristine’s journey began when she saw the gigantic creature one morning while walking her dog. She immediately ran back to her house, grabbed some dog food, and started feeding Lulu every morning and evening.

Despite Kristine’s best efforts, Lulu proved to be too smart to be captured. But Kristine, a dog owner herself, refused to give up on Lulu. She knew that the dog deserved love and care. Over the years, she built a dog house for Lulu and even sat with a bowl of food and a bone to try and gain her trust.

However, Lulu had her own schedule and her own game. There were many times when she didn’t show up, leaving Kristine heartbroken. Kristine wouldn’t stop telling Lulu’s story to anyone who would listen, and eventually, her persistence paid off. Matthew Daughters, who Kristine describes as “an angel out of nowhere,” came to help Kristine in her mission to rescue Lulu.

Matthew, too, became obsessed with saving Lulu. He improvised a snare out of a training line and finally managed to capture her. The moment was bittersweet, with three years of emotion pouring out as they finally caught Lulu.

Now, Lulu has found her forever home with Laura Darling and Molly Darling. Lulu, now called Lulu Darling, enjoys the company of her new canine siblings Harper, Sam, and Grommet, and a feline friend named Jack. The Darlings hadn’t even heard of Lulu a few weeks ago, but once they met her, they knew they had to give her a loving home.

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Kristine’s dedication and Matthew’s ingenuity have changed Lulu’s life forever, but they are not the only ones to thank. Countless people have contributed to Lulu’s rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming, including Maria Artle, who provided Lulu with the perfect transition home.

This heartwarming tale of resilience, love, and a community coming together to save a dog in need is a reminder that even the most difficult missions can be accomplished with unwavering determination and support. As Kristine puts it, “She’s home.” And for Lulu Darling, this truly is a happily ever after.