Video of Cat Cuddling Between 2 Goldens While Making 3rd One Jealous Is So Funny

By Daniel Gibson - December 19, 2022

Golden Retriever cuddling with a cat

Who would have thought a Golden Retriever would get so jealous of a cat? The TikTok post from cutepetsassion shows how jealous a pup can get when a cat squeezes into their bed. The cat is squealing as the dog pushes into its space as its owners laugh. This post is hilarious and heartwarming. It’s the content you need to put you in a good mood.

The post starts with three Golden Retrievers sleeping on a pink bed. Two of the pups are sleeping beside each other, with a small gap between them. A cat walks into view and walks around the dogs. The cat decides she can squeeze between the two sleeping dogs. As she does and settles down for a nap, the third dog rises and starts to walk around. The third dog decides it can squeeze into the same space as the cat. The third dog squeezes into the middle of the sleeping animals and makes the cat call out. The post ends with the three Golden Retrievers and the cat sleeping alongside each other.

@cutepetsassion Gold nest and silver nest, not as good as dog nest C#fyp #foryou #pets #petsoftiktok #cute #dog #dogsoftiktok ♬ original sound – cutepetsassion

This is a fun TikTok post that shows how dogs and cats can live together in harmony. The three dogs are not fazed by the arrival of the cat as she pushes into the middle of their bed. The third dog is so jealous I was laughing for a long time.

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There are lots of comments about this TikTok post. Nelly the Dragon loves the cat, “I love this cat so much. He’s such a good sport.” Rahel commented about the three impressive retrievers, “uuuffff they are so adorable 😘😘😘 the way he nods his head at the end if his buddy is fine 😩❤!”

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A lot is going on in this TikTok post. The three dogs are so cute and have no problem spending time with their cat buddy.