Golden Retriever Loves Being The First One To Greet The Baby Every Morning

By Jeanette Mason - December 16, 2022

Golden Retriever with baby in front of Christmas tree

A Golden Retriever’s love for her baby sister is just so cute. A Golden Retriever named Taco loves to check on his baby sister Vanora. His morning routine consists of trying to make his human mom hurry up so that he can check on Vanora.

Taco’s mom uploaded a TikTok video of his morning routine to the TikTok channel @mostlyadorable. The TikTok video begins with Taco running up some carpeted stairs and then turns to see if his human mom is following. Taco runs up some more stairs and turns to see if his mom is following. Taco walks down the hallway and then checks once again to see if his mom is following him.

The text overlay says, “This is pretty much his morning routine.” Taco’s mom turns on the hallway lights, and he runs to a bedroom door. Taco stands in front of the door, looking at the doorknob, anxiously waiting for his mom to open the door. Taco sits and waits for the door to open. Once the door opens, Taco runs to the crib to check on his baby sister.

The video ends up with Taco checking on Vanora and looking at his mom. The text overlay says, “Get her out immediately.” Maybe Taco wants his baby sister out of the crib.

@mostlyadorable Her sleepy face 🥰 #goldenretriever #goldensandbabies #dogsoftiktok #goldensoftiktok #englishcremegoldenretriever ♬ Baby Elephant Walk – Henry Mancini

Taco checking on his baby sister is too cute. And you can tell that little baby Vanora loved to see him. She is probably used to seeing him every morning. So cute!

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For the most part, TikTok viewers loved seeing Taco checking on Vanora. At the same time, some of the viewers had suggestions on what should be filmed next. @llfoodluv said, “I love how after a couple of steps, he always turns around to make sure you understand the assignment. We really don’t deserve dogs.” @steffimichellevo said, “The cutest thing in the world. Omg, this touched my heart. He is so protective of the baby. You must be so proud.” @kaylasartistryyyy commented, “Lmao! Why am I just as impatient as the dog? Like girl, open the door.”

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Taco and Vanora are so adorable together. You can tell that they will have the best of relationships. Taco will take care of Vanora as she grows up.