The World’s Best Dog Dad Shows Off His Dogs’ Mini Outdoor Pool And Cabana Beds

By Jeanette Mason - December 11, 2022

Dachshund relaxing outside

Some pet parents go the extra mile for their pets. A pet parent of three Dachshunds arranged for mini cabanas and a pool on his patio. The pool is necessary to cool off his dogs in the Atlanta heat. While the mini-cabana beds are the ideal resting place for his mini-Dachshunds.

TikToker @theworldsbestdogdad uploaded a video tour of the patio pool area he created for his three dogs. The video begins with a camera view from inside the house to the outside. Through a pair of french doors, we can see a glimpse of a Dachshund sitting in an inflatable pool and three dog-sized cabana chairs. The camera zoomed in, and we see a pool filled with water and each Dachshund sitting in its own cabana chair. The video continues, and we see one of the Dachshunds getting into the pool. Then the scene changes, and all the Dachshunds are inside the pool. The video ends when one of the Dachshunds jumps out of the pool.

@theworldsbestdogdad It’s finally here!!! My dogs’ Mini Outdoor Pool and Patio! 😁 #dog #dogs #mini #retro #doglife #dachshund #interiordesign #homedecor #tinythings #fyp #fypシ #foryoupageofficiall ♬ The Little Mermaid (Marimba Remix) – Harry Goes Boom!

It’s so sweet that this pet parent made an effort to create a fun area for his dogs to cool off during the Atlanta heat. I’m sure these three dachshunds will enjoy their pool time.

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TikTok viewers loved the summertime setup this owner created for his dogs. @chewy commented, “This is everything.” @thekaydemonroe said, “They are living.” @mzjayy05 joked, “Excuse me, I’d like to book this resort for my fur baby.” And @kw81111 said, “I bought my two heelers a new pool. They destroyed it within four hours. I’m so jealous of your little pups.”

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This pool and cabana area is sure to get a lot of use during the summer months.