Husky Can’t Contain Her Excitement When Daddy Comes Home

By Ashley Turner - December 11, 2022

Happy Husky with owner at the park

There’s something so exciting about the moment that your favorite person comes home. As it turns out, our canine friends feel the same way!

In this adorable video, we see a Husky running wild at home due to an excitement overload. From the caption, we can tell that her dad has come home. He sits at the bottom of the steps patiently, waiting for her to come down and greet him. The Husky, however, is in a heightened emotional state and clearly not capable of sitting still or greeting anyone properly. Dancing and prancing at the top of the steps, she continues to pop in and out of frame, seemingly taunting her dad with her hilarious moves. At some points, she shows off her sassy side, even barking at him. There’s definitely an undercurrent of attitude in this clip, and one has to wonder whether or not she’s lecturing her papa for staying away too long.

@axelandjinxed She was so excited that her daddy came home!! 🥰 #huskiesoftiktok #dogsoftiktok #husky #dogs #doglife #fyp #funny ♬ original sound – Axel & Jinx

For those of us who struggle with patience from time to time, there is something so sweet and relatable about this clip. After all, sometimes just a minute away from our loved ones can feel like an eternity. And it must be a relief to get your emotions out as eloquently as this heavenly husky does!

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With almost two million likes on this video, it would seem that many could relate to the husky’s unbridled excitement at her dad’s arrival. The most liked comment was that of Ladyface, who wrote, “Am I the drama?” with laughing crying emojis. Dekotta also chimed in about the dramatic nature of the husky’s emotions, writing, “Huskies are so dramatic, I love it.” Diesel_848 also noted the breed’s inclination towards intense outbursts, writing, “That’s why Huskies are the best. Never a dull moment.” Michael said, “She mad he left and wondering where he has been all this time so she yelling but excited at the same time.”

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Indeed, one of the things we love so much about dogs is their purity — and their excitement to spend as much time as possible with us.