Awkward Moment When Dachshund Refuses To Say Owner Is Pretty

By Daniel Gibson - November 7, 2022

Cute Dachshund

We all love Dachshund videos and this TikTok post from alyssalauren is a winner. The video made me laugh when the dachshund refused to acknowledge her owner was pretty. Adding the title, “Does anyone want a wiener dog?” made this post one of the funniest I’ve seen in a long time.

A famous quote says comedy is tragedy plus time. Alyssalauren and her dachshund have excellent comedy timing in their TikTok post, “Does anyone want a Wiener dog?” The post starts with Alyssa sitting beside her wiener dog and asking her a series of questions. To answer yes, the pup has to lick Alyssa’s face. The dachshund responds with a yes when asked if she understands. She refuses to lick Alyssa’s face when she asks if the pup thinks she is pretty. The little dog does lick Alyssa’s face for other questions, including if her Daddy is her favorite. Once again, Alyssa asks if her dog thinks she is pretty without a response. Alyssa ends the post by saying her wiener dog does not understand her.

@alyssalauren does anyone want a wiener dog? #dachshund #dachshundsoftiktok #dog #dogsoftiktok #pets #wienerdog #funny ♬ original sound – Alyssa Lauren

I love this video and the reactions of Alyssa and her dog. Alyssa seems intent on proving her dog thinks she is pretty, without getting the response she wants. I love it when she asks if the pup’s Daddy is her favorite, followed by enthusiastic licking. The caption does capture the post in its adorable glory.

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The comments for the post reveal most people thought this was a hilarious video. Urban Decay comments, “he said I heard u the first time 💀😭😭😭” Jeressia follows a similar theme stating, “The way she slowly looks away the second time. She like nah, I’m straight on that question 😂😂😂” Rohm’s comments, “the silence is so LOUD 😭”

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This is a funny post for everybody to enjoy. Allysalauren’s faith in her dog thinking she is pretty is funny. The wiener dog stands firm in her belief to leave Alyssa thinking she cannot understand her.