What You Think Will Happen When You Get A Puppy vs What Really Happens

By Daniel Gibson - December 17, 2022

Puppies enjoying the snow

This TikTok post shows the difference between expectation and reality. The post has the title, “Being a dog dad is exhausting.” You may think having a puppy is all naps and cuddling but the truth is closer to the second half of the post. Understanding what you are letting yourself in for as a puppy parent is important.

The post opens with a puppy laying on its back against the arm of its dog dad. Sweet music plays over the post as the puppy sleeps and looks cute. The real action of the post takes place when the reality of bringing up a puppy. The soundtrack changes to rock music as two pups race each other in the snow. The puppies are enjoying their free time in the snow. The images switch indoors to show the doggy dad laying on the ground. The black-haired puppy has its feet on his head and is playing roughly with its human dad.

@matthewwesthouse Being a dog dad is exhausting 😂 #dogsoftiktok ♬ original sound – Mckenzie

I love puppies and feel like this post tells the truth. I found the puppies are a mixture of both shown in the post. There are times when it seems a puppy is hyperactive and destructive. In the main, puppies are fun and loving pets.

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LaRanda Vaughan agrees with the message of this post, “Yes!!! we got a new pup in December and whew……..whee…….. swear she’s a baby shark!! chewing on EVERYTHING!!!” Dog World Dog Park explains, “Dog dads gotta be dog wranglers, too 😂🐶!” Edie agreed with the post and commented, “We always forget how rambunctious they can be 😂🥰!”

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This is a fun post that gives new puppy owners a glimpse of what they can expect. Every puppy is different and deserves a great home to grow up in.