Video of Husky Outside On The Ledge Of The 17th Floor Will Make You Gasp

By Daniel Gibson - December 12, 2022

Husky sitting on couch in apartment next to window

OMG! This is one of the most shocking TikTok posts I have seen. A dog on the ledge of an apartment building 17 floors above the city! This TikTok post takes the prize for the scariest I have seen in a long time. The comments have rumors of the dog falling or being rescued, I’m not sure we’ll ever know the truth. I choose to believe the comments explaining the rescue of the pup. The other option is too sad to think about.

This is a short and scary TikTok post from Watts.on.on.8. The post is short and shocking. The video from a neighboring apartment building is looking out across the city. Sitting on the ledge of the apartment building opposite is a Husky. The Husky starts the video by looking down beyond the ledge. As the video continues for a few seconds, the dog lifts its head and stares back at the person filming. There is an audible gasp from the person filming. The camera pans down to show the pup sitting 17 floors above the city.

@watts.on.on.8 Omg, this is the 17th floor! Why is the dog there?! 😰#dogsoftiktok #fyp #doglife #husky ♬ original sound – watts.on.on.8

This TikTok post shocked me when I first saw it. I was so shocked I had to rewatch it to make sure it wasn’t CGI. I cannot say I enjoyed the post because I was concerned for the pup. I love dogs and hate to think the dog didn’t return to its apartment.

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The comments associated with this post show a lot of concern for the husky. Most of the comments ask for an update on the safety of the dog. Lexystork commented, “OMG please someone take the dog back in!!!!” Others tried to provide updates including user7511122701834, “The owner climbed out and got him to go inside, apparently he escaped through a hole in a balcony and chilled on the ledge.” KozukiOden looked for the humor in the post, “the dog looks into the camera and says “you’re probably wondering how I got here, let me start at the beginning”

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This is a scary TikTok post and I hope the husky made it back into its apartment. It is reassuring to read how concerned so many TikTok users are.