Borzoi’s Reaction To Being Picked Up By Owner Is Hilarious

By Daniel Gibson - December 12, 2022

Borzoi closeup

This pup’s reaction to her owner picking her up is hilarious. The TikTok post from esperborzoi shows how the owner’s Borzoi reacts to the owner’s actions. The two dogs that feature in the post react in very different ways to the same situation.

The TikTok post opens with the owner picking up a large Borzoi that reacts in a normal way to the owner picking it up. The caption reads, “How normal dogs react to getting picked up!” The soundtrack switches to music from “The Lion King” as the owner picked up the second god. Ora reacts by becoming as stiff as possible and holding her legs straight out. The owner picks up Ora as a voice says, “Beefy stiff! Rigidity max!” Ora’s owner can pick her up and lift her without her loosening up her body. The owner walks around the room without Ora appearing to move a muscle.

@esperborzoi Beefy stiff #dangle #doglife #dogsoftiktok #borzoi #borzoisoftiktok #dogs #strength #lightasafeather ♬ Circle of Life – Furnace and the Fundamentals

I love Borzois. They are one of my favorite dogs and I enjoy watching TikTok posts featuring them. Ora the Borzoi is a fun dog to watch on TikTok who has the strangest reaction to this situation. The music and smiling owner of Ora make this one of the funniest dog posts I have recently seen on TikTok.

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There are lots of comments to look through for this post from esperborzoi. Lisa G. is more impressed by the strength of Ora’s owner, “All joking aside, those aren’t small dogs. This is a rugged dude! 😳😏” Jamie Dolphin’s dog reacts in a different way to these borzois, “My dog does the squirmy worm 😂!” Siobahn Kelly found another use for these dogs, “….can also function as exercise equipment😂😂😂😂 so cute.”

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Ora the Borzoi does not like her owner picking her up. Every dog is different and seeing the two Borzoi picked up shows how two dogs can differ.