38 of the Most Adorable Corgi Mix Breeds

By John Martin - January 27, 2022

Are you looking for a fluffy pooch that adds to your day’s fun and entertainment? Are you a fan of Corgis? 

Then you’d love to know that many small and big puppies are bred with the adorable Corgi to create some really interesting combinations.

Corgis are intelligent and energetic small dogs who once belonged to the British Royal Family because of their sunny little demeanor.

Let’s look at 38 Corgi Mix Breeds formed by crossbreeding small or big dogs with Corgis.

Corgi Australian Shepherd Mix (Auggie)

The Auggie is a mixed breed whose parent breeds are the tiny Corgi and the large Australian Shepherd. These are adorable, energetic cotton balls of fun who take the traits of both their parent breeds.


With a combination of a small dog with a large one, you can imagine the appearance of Auggie pups and how they grow up to be. 

Auggies have tiny legs like the Corgi, but they are not lap dogs. They have a fluffier coat which makes you keep patting them while you can’t resist touching their soft fur.

These pups have strikingly bright eyes, and the color can vary among blue, green, brown, or a combo of all. Nothing compromises with their cute appearances. 


Auggies have gathered some of the best traits from their parent breeds belonging to the family of herders.

However, these puppies are not as intense as their parents. They are fun and need regular exercises to keep them going. 

Like the parent Corgi, the Auggie is also a curious creature, always eager to satisfy its master. Moreover, given their intelligence and smartness, it becomes easier to train an Auggie.

Corgi Husky Mix (Horgi)

The Horgi, or others might call it the Siborgi, Horgski, or the Corgski, is the mix breed of the Corgi and the pure Husky breeds. Horgis have a small build, great personality with a peck of their parent Husky’s talkative nature.


Horgis are short dogs with an adorable tiny appearance with soft toy-like features. These pups have a thick, lustrous double-layered coat that keeps them warm by themselves. 

They need regular grooming to save them and yourself from shedding; although less, they still do.


Horgis are talkative-natured, mischievous, funny little guys that roam around the house, making a comical show out of their moves. You can expect to have a little party at home every other day with a Horgi in your family.

These dogs are athletic and energetically sporty and like to play around. They also need to keep their bodies running and fulfill their daily dose of exercise.

Corgi German Shepherd Mix (Corman Shepherd)

Dear World,  Here's the most adorable Corman Shepherd staring up at you.  Love, Gia-is-my-puppy-soulmate

The Corman Shepherd is a combination of the purebreds of the Corgi and the German Shepherd. These are dwarf dogs with a bigger head from their GSD parent and short legs from their Corgi parent.


Corman Shepherds have inherited the physical traits from both their parent breeds. They have short legs like the Corgi and a giant head like the GSD. 

The ears of the Corman Shepherd are a unique combo of the ears of both the parent breeds and can be said to have large bat ears. These dogs are relatively bigger than the Corgi with a fluffier coat.


Known to be energetic and protective, the Corman Shepherd is a loyal dog fond of its master and family. Although they might take some time to adjust with strangers when they do, they are kind and fun.

However, don’t get captivated by their sweet demeanor so easily. As much as they are mischievous, they also turn barky when they don’t like someone.

Corgi Dalmatian Mix (Corgitian)

The Corgitians are a memorable-looking mix breed of the Corgi and the Dalmatian purebreds. These are athletic dogs that resemble the Dalmatian to a great extent.


Corgitians have longer coats than their Dalmatian parent. Their fur makes them look gorgeous. 

These pups are shorter in height and stockier than the Dalmatians but have thicker legs than the Corgi. They have more spots than the Dalmatians.


The Corgitians are fond of games and always remain energetic almost the whole day. These dogs have an attitude that always seems to please their master.

Corgitians are also great watchdogs. They got these traits from both their parents, who are alert and barky at an intruder’s emergence.

However, they also have a soft nature to them, making them curl up in your lap when they look for attention and love.    

Corgi Beagle Mix (Beagi)

The Beagi is a mixed breed of the purebreds of the Corgi and the mischievous Beagle. Like both their parents, the Beagi is also a big fan of eating.


The Beagi has a smooth coat of fur with calming tones like their parent breeds. The Corgi is known to have large, erect ears, while the Beagle has droopy ears that add to their comical looks.

So, you can imagine how magical the Beagi pups turn out to be, combining the traits from both their parent breeds.


The Beagis are fond of their food and won’t share it with other pets of the house. They are always on the hunt and thirst for their favorite snacks and scraps.

However, besides his gluttony, you need to keep track of their food cycle and not let them get too porky. Nevertheless, Beagis are friendly dogs and are affectionate as well. 

They love being around their family and also the balance out their chilling time amidst everything. 

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Corgi Golden Retriever Mix (Golden Corgi)

The Golden Corgi is a mixed breed obtained by crossbreeding the Golden Retriever with the Corgi. These dogs resemble the Golden Retriever to a great extent, with the stature of the Corgi.


A short version of the Golden Retriever with their sheen and hints of the spots of the Corgi is the Golden Corgi and a compact size. They have soft fur-like both their parent breeds which are medium in length.

They are moderate shedders, and so you need to keep brushing their coats and grooming them regularly. Well, either way, be prepared to have some golden shimmers all over your couch.


Golden Corgis are friendly and probably the gentlest pooches you’ll find out of the mix and the purebreds. They also have a comical side to them that keeps you entertained at home.

These mixed breeds of the Corgi and the Golden Retriever mix is a family dog.

Corgi Greyhound Mix (Corgi-Greyhound)

The Corgi-Greyhound is the crossbreed of the two posh breeds of the Corgi and the Greyhound. They are also nicknamed Greygi by some, while many prefer to call them by their original name.


The Greygi resembles the Greyhound to a great extent but is much shorter than the Greyhound. These dogs look like quirky canines and a face that looks like a bug.

They have a long, pointy face, like that of the parent Corgi, and big, sparkling eyes when they smile. Hey, did you know that even dogs smile? Yes, they sure do!


The Corgi-Greyhounds are super energetic and athletic and love to play around while keeping themselves fit with their daily dose of exercise. These dogs are also incredibly affectionate towards their master and family.

Greygis are also great attention seekers and can win your heart in no time!

Corgi Pitbull Mix (Corgi Pit)

Corgi Pits are crossbreds obtained by mix breeding the Corgi with a Pitbull. Often people are scared by the appearance of a Pitbull, but they are nothing to be scared of, and neither are these Corgi Pits.


Corgi Pits do not appear as intimidating as Pitbulls. They appear to be adorably cute, with a smooth coat you’d love to run your hands through as you caress their body.

However, their fur is more prone to allergies which you can take care of with the correct medication. But they are handsomely easy to groom.


Corgi Pits are blessed with the character traits of both their parent breeds. They are fun-loving and affectionate as well as intuitive and energetic.

They have a sensitive side to them passed on from the Pitbull gene and smartness from the Corgi. They have a longer life span, and they like hanging around their master for longer times!

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Corgi Labrador Retriever Mix (Corgidor)

Domino the Corgidor!

Corgidors are an adorable mix breed of the smart Labrador Retriever and the energetic Corgi. You would be amazed to know that the Corgidor is the most popular Corgi mixes as Labradors are the most wanted purebreds in America.


Corgidors have the most prominent ears that are visible even from a longer range of a distance. These dogs appear handsome mainly because of the mix of the Labrador’s long ears and the Corgi’s erect ears.

Corgidors have bat ears, the biggest you might’ve ever seen. They have a smooth coat and are super-cuddly.


Corgidors are great family pets and are boundlessly loyal to their master while enjoying being around their family. They have acquired the fun and sweet side of the Corgi parent.

These dogs seem to have a caring nature and a great sense of humor. So you can expect to have some entertainment around the house.

Corgi Chow Chow Mix (Chorgi)


The fluffiest of all the Corgi mixes, the fur-ball of the Chorgi is a mixed breed of the Corgi and the Chow Chow breeds. You can literally call these dogs ‘balls of fur’ because all you can see on them are fluffy furs and nothing else.


Chorgis define the Cantonese meaning of the word ‘Chow,’ which means edible. These dogs are so adorably cute, you might as well want to eat them up.

These are small dogs you’d like to carry around and show off since they also add to a posh possession. They resemble their Chow Chow parent breed, mostly with hints of the Corgi.


The Chorgi is one happy-go-lucky kind of dog who has acquired some of the best traits from its parent breeds. These dogs are somewhat mature than the Corgi and a more relaxed version of the Chow Chow breed. 

They are serious to some extent, but mostly, they are affectionate and kind.

Corgi Pug Mix (Corpug)


The Corpug or the Porgi is a mixed breed of the small breeds of the Corgi and the Pug. You can imagine the traits of these dogs given the playful Corgi and the naughty Pug parents.


The Corpugs are small dogs with a short stature from both their parent breeds. They appear stout as well, which makes them look like a ball that moves on four legs.

With goofy eyeballs and big ears, these dogs also have a comical appearance to their quirky looks that invited attention in the park.


Given the fact that the Queen of England approved of the Corgi and the Chinese Emperors’ attachment with the Pug, the Corpugs are sure to win the heart of many easily.

They are brave, little, noisy dogs stuffed with enough energy. However, these dogs are also great sleepers and can be lazy while waking up from their sleep.

Corpugs are attention seekers and affectionate, making you love them and never take it away from them.

Corgi Chihuahua Mix (Cohuahua)

Corgi Chihuahua mix breed

Cohuahua’s are often confused with the Chorgis. Cohuahuas are a mixed breed of the Corgi and the Chihuahua purebreds. 


Cohuahuas are incredibly small dogs, even smaller than the Corgi because of their parent Chihuahua. They have acquired the ears from their parent Corgi, which makes them look like bat-like pooches.

These mix-breeds also smile like their Corgi parent breed, which adds to their cute charm. Cohuahuas take the head from the Chihuahua counterpart.


Cohuahuas are only social with other dogs and their family members well enough to go through early socialization. They may be overwhelmingly barky at times. 

Typically, Cohuahuas tend to be stubborn, taking the trait from their Chihuahua counterpart. Nevertheless, they are still great family pets when they socialize well and are cared for in a loving atmosphere.

Corgi Samoyed Mix (Corgoyed)

The Corgoyed is a mixed breed of the Corgi and the Samoyed breeds, which is quite typical and magical at the same time. But do not get captivated by their handsome appearances, as they can be the reason you will always be ready with your vacuum cleaner.


Corgoyeds have a thick coat of fur that not only adds to their adorable cuteness but also keeps their body warm given their cool place of origin. However, they often shed and can create a mess on your couches, sofas, and carpets.

Samoyed is from the freezing cold lands of Russia. So, you can imagine the type of environment Corgoyed would suit to grow in.


Corgoyed has a mellow temperament that makes him a peace lover and a kind and gentle creature. They love it in a docile family environment.

Nevertheless, they too have an unpredictable side to them that makes them energetic at times, thanks to their Corgi gene.

Corgi Boxer Mix (Corger)

The Corger is a mixed breed of the Corgi and the Boxer purebreds. These mix-breeds are incredibly energetic like both their parent breeds and remain excited most of the time.


The Corger is of medium size, somewhere in between the Corgi and the Boxer. They are much more muscular, like the Boxer, and are sturdier in their build. 

These dogs tend to acquire the color coats from both their parent breeds, beautifully mixing the two. Corgers seem to have acquired the coat of their Corgi counterpart, which makes them fluffy to some extent.


Corgers are energetic and have a humorous nature, so that you can expect a four-legged entertainer in the house. These mix-breeds often get excited in the smallest of things and love to play around with their master.

With a Corger, you can never have a dull moment. They are a package of comedy in the face of a handsome pooch.

Corgi Poodle Mix (Corgipoo)


Corgipoos are the ideal dogs for dog lovers who are unfortunately allergic and cannot afford dogs around. Corgipoos are a mixed breed of the Corgi and the Poodle.


Corgipoos are the cute bundles of joy that resemble teddies that you’d probably gift a dear one. They have soft fur and a double-layered coat and are hypoallergenic dogs which is their best feature.

They barely shed and are also simply easy to groom. They may take the color of the dominant parent gene, and it can be the Corgi or the Poodle; you never know!


These dogs are a package of excitement and fun. These are like small four-legged teddies running around the house. Corgipoos are the perfect family pets who lighten your mood on a rough day with their adorableness.

They are the perfect balance of excitement and relaxation. These mixed breeds can easily adapt to your family and a new life with ease.

Corgi Doberman Pinscher Mix (Dobergi Pinscher)

The Dobergi Pinscher is a mix breed of the Corgi and the Doberman Pinscher. It is a unique hybrid of social and independent dogs.


The Dobergi Pinscher is a Corgi in the body of the Doberman Pinscher. It means that they look like the Corgi but have the coats of the Doberman. 

They have large erect ears, just like their Corgi parent breed, which extend longer and thinner to match that of the Doberman’s. These are smaller in size, easy for you to carry along with you outside.


Dobergi Pinschers are affectionate dogs who have an unusual balance in socializing and being aloof at the same time. If you want a well-socialized dog, make sure you let this mix breed socialize well right from an early age.

However, you’d be surprised to know that they are people-oriented like both their parent breeds and love being around their family.

Corgi Pomeranian Mix (Corgipom)

The Corgipom is a common mix breed of the Corgi and the Pomeranian. These are amazingly cute pups with a pint-size stature from both their parent breeds.


The Corgipom doesn’t look much different from their parent breeds as both of them are short-sized and are fluffy pooches.

They can acquire either of the physical traits of their parents, and it is quite unpredictable. They have erect ears and kind eyes that would melt your heart at the first glimpse.


These dogs are a designer breed with a long lifespan. They are annoyingly barky at times but so cheerful that they are capable of lifting your mood.

These are active dogs who love to play around and love the company of their family mostly. They can fit in tight spaces of your house and not even complain as they are adaptable to all sorts of environments.

Corgi Border Collie Mix (Borgi)

Corgi Border Collie mix

The Borgi is a mixed breed obtained by crossbreeding the Border Collie and the Corgi. Borgis are one of the best herding dogs of a hybrid.


The Borgi resembles the Border Collie mostly but with a stature similar to that of the Corgi. They have short legs and large ears.

The Borgi has black and white markings like that of the Border Collie with a parent breeds coat. They are handsome and charming in their overall appearance.


These mix-breeds are the best hybrid herders. Besides, they have a sweet and gentle nature to them that makes them affectionate towards their human.

They are intelligent and make great companions and family dogs.

Corgi Shetland Sheepdog Mix (Pembroke Sheltie)

The Pembroke Sheltie is a mixed breed of the Corgi and the Shetland Sheepdog breeds. These mix-breeds are medium-sized hybrids nicknamed Sheltie Corgi, Corgi Sheltie Mix, or Pembroke Welsh Corgi.


The hybrid of the Pembroke Sheltie weighs around 14-30 pounds and is medium in size and stature. They have a good combination of the appearance of both their parent breeds.

The coat colors may differ between brown, red, or white with medium to long furs. They have dark, almond-shaped eyes and long straight legs with a bushy tail at the back.


A Pembroke Sheltie is a loyal, friendly, intelligent, smart, lively, and courageous dog. 

Although they protect their family, they are not the barky types who’d alert you when a stranger barges in your house. These dogs are great for first-time pooch owners.

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Corgi Miniature Schnauzer Mix (Schnorgi)

The Schnorgi is a mixed breed of the Corgi and the Miniature Schnauzer. These are adorable yet stubborn dogs who may keep you busy all day.


The appearance of this hybrid is difficult to predict as they are a combination of both parent breeds. The dominant parent gene is what typically reflects in their overall looks.

Typically, they get the Schnauzer’s head and the Corgi’s body with large, floppy ears. Their coat color of the Schnorgi differs between yellow, black, tan, or white and has whisky chins.

They have short and stubby little legs that make them like tiny creatures moving around in your garden.


Schnorgis are stubborn yet fun dogs who like to spend time with their master and family. They have a sweet personality and are fond of older children to play around with.

The hybrid has a playful nature and is intelligent. You’d love to cuddle with them as they are also incredibly affectionate toward their human.

Corgi Shiba Inu Mix (Corgi Inu)

The Corgi Inu is the hybrid offspring of the Corgi and the Shiba Inu. They resemble the fox in their looks and are affable pups with some of the best traits from their parents.


They have a brindle, pied coat in the varied colors of red, black, fawn, blue, white, or sable. These hybrids are heavy shedders and can give you a hard time cleaning around their mess.

You should be regular to keep them groomed to maintain their fur. If you are allergic, getting a Corgi Inu probably won’t be the best choice.


Corgi Inus are incredibly good watchdogs who are alert and protective at all times. They are easily trainable and obedient as well.

They are great companion dogs who are also fond of older children and are easygoing, making them great with other dogs in the area.

Corgi Saint Bernard Mix (Saint Corgnard)

The Corgnard is a mixed breed of the purebreds of the Corgi and Saint Bernard. These offsprings are going to be large dogs you see roaming around the house.


The Corgnard are giant dogs that took the size of their parent Saint Bernard, with the bushy tail of the Corgi. They have erect bat ears that make them alert at all times.

These dogs have long, straight legs that give them that giant height that they have.


Corgnards are powerful, strong dogs with most of their character traits from their parent Saint Bernard. They are smart and intelligent dogs who love being around their master.

However, they find a place to spend a lonesome time when the house is too full or noisy. They can get along with other pets of the house if they are well-socialized from a young age.

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Corgi English Bulldog Mix (Bulldorgi)

The Bulldorgi is a unique hybrid of the Corgi mix breeds. It mates with the English Bulldog to acquire this unusual mix breed.


These are medium size dogs weighing about 22-53 pounds with tiny legs of the Corgi. They look like mini versions of the Bulldog.

However, the height factors depend if they have acquired the dominant dwarfism gene from their parent Corgi. 


Bulldorgis are great companion dogs who prefer to be independent. But they are also affectionate and gentle dogs.’

They can get aggressive around strangers and aren’t quite fond of kids as well. These mix-breeds tend to get stubborn at times.

They are also not that energetic but have strong herding instincts and make great guard dogs.

Corgi Miniature Pinscher Mix (Corpin)

Corpin is a mix between Welsh Corgi and Miniature Pinscher. They are great family pets. Corpin doesn’t have a long history, as their breeding probably started in the early 2000s.

Corpin is suitable for first-time owners. However, they require attention and care when they are puppies.


Corpin has a small and slender body. There are many variations in their coat as they take the traits of either of the parents.

They resemble miniature Pinscher to quite an extent. The legs are short, the ears are pointed and upright, and their tails are bushy.

They weigh about 10 to 35 pounds, and their height is between 10 to 13 inches. Their coat color may be black, brown, or pied.


Corpin makes a good watchdog as they have high alertness; thus, they sense danger very quickly.

Training them is easy; however, it requires adequate and consistent efforts as sometimes they can be stubborn.

The breed may develop behavior problems, such as chewing and excessive barking if not given enough time and attention.

Corgi Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Mix (Cava-Corgi)

A cross between Corgi Cavalier and King Charles Spaniel, Cava Corgi, is a relatively rear bread. They are popularly known to be excellent family dogs.

Both Corgi and King Charles Spaniel are considered to be intelligent breeds. As a result, Cava Corgi is also intelligent.


Cava-Corgi is the perfect amalgamation of both of its parent breeds. They have a medium-length coat, and coat colors vary from brown, white, black-red to yellow markings.

They have a curly or wavy coat. Just like Corgi, Cava-Corgi has short legs.


The temperament of Cava-Corgi is not fixed; they may have either of their parent’s temperament. Cava-Corgi have been observed to be very clingy.

If provided with open space such as a backyard or a garden, they become very playful. Cava-Corgi is very friendly and makes a perfect companion; they fit perfectly in a family.

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Corgi Schipperke Mix (Corgi Schip)

The two small-sized breeds, Welsh Corgi and Schipperke, are crossed to make the hybrid mix, Corgi Schip. They are recognized as a hybrid in the Dog Registry of America, Inc.


The majority of the Corgi Schip has a black coat with white markings on the chest and underparts. The coat length is medium and longer towards ears, ruffs, and legs. They have triangular ears.

The short legs traits appear in Corgi Schip too. They have round feet, and their toenails are black.


Corgi Schip is a companion dog; they are always high on energy. They gel well with their families and do not like to be left alone for a long time.

They are wary of strangers, and as an indication of a stranger’s presence, they usually bark. Some indoor exercises work well to utilize their energy.

Corgi Cairn Terrier Mix (Cairn Corgi)

Cairn Corgi is a mix between the two small-breed dogs, Cairn Terrier and Welsh Corgi. Both the parent breeds are native to United Kingdoms.

They are not hypoallergenic dogs and have been observed to shed moderately.


If the Cairn Corgi takes up Cairn Terrier traits, they have a square-shaped head and muzzle along with medium-sized ears. However, if they resemble Corgi, they have a round head and thinner muzzle.

The body of a Cairn Corgi is long. However, the trait from Corgi is dominant here, and therefore they are short.


Cairn Corgi is very friendly with strangers. They are also very affectionate towards their family. Cairn Corgi is good with children, too; this makes them excellent companion dogs.

The more this breed socializes, the better it will adapt to its environment. As they are highly energetic, regular exercise is required.

Corgi Papillon Mix (Corillon)

Corillon is the mix between the small-sized breed, Welsh Corgi and Papillon. They do not prefer to be alone.


Corillon is a small dog that weighs about 25 pounds, and its height ranges between 8 to 12 inches.

They have a round head and erect years; their muzzle is long and thin. The nose is small and black. Corillon’s coat is always a combination of two or three colors. The tail is curled and has a lot of fur towards the end.


Corillon is a companion dog and needs an adequate amount of its family attention and time. Corillon is a small dog breed and hence, very delicate, they need to be handled with care, and therefore they are not suited for children.

Even though Corillon’s energy levels are high, they should be limited to playing indoors and abstained from excessive jumping; their bone structure is delicate. The cross has allowed Corgi’s stubbornness and Papillon’s traits to even out. Therefore, they can be trained easily.

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Corgi Maltese Mix (Cortese)

The cross between Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Maltese creates the adorable hybrid called the Cortese.

They are very friendly and do not make guard dogs; instead, they make perfect family dogs.


Cortese has a long coat, and the color usually ranges from brown, tan, or red with some white spots. There are possibilities of them inheriting any other color.

They resemble foxes as they have dark eyes and black rims. Cortese is short and has stubby legs with a slender torso.


Cortese is very friendly with people and requires their companionship. That is what makes their family dogs. They are curious and love to learn, and therefore they are easy to train. Some of the traits suggest that they are stubborn.

Cortese loves to cuddle and can make adorable lapdogs.

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Corgi Jack Russell Terrier Mix (Cojack)

Cojack is the mix between Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Jack Russell Terrier. Cojack is a medium-sized breed. Cojack is the hybrid that is an excellent combination of the best traits of the parent breeds.


Even though Cojak is a medium-sized dog breed, it has short legs taken from Corgi. Their legs are also stout. It not only takes Corgi’s legs; it also has its ears. Its ears always remain upright.

Their eyes are shaped like almonds. Cojack’s fur is short and smooth. The coat’s color takes from both of its parent breeds; they can be of several different colors and markings.


Cojack is energetic, playful, and adorable; their genes from the parent’s breed play a considerable role. Training Cojack is very easy as they are curious and very pleasing.

However, enough exposure to the environment must be given to Cojack when they are young so that we can correct their protective tendencies and reckless manners early on.

Cojack does not bark a lot, although they do warn when they sense any danger. They are companion animals.

Corgi Dachshund Mix (Dorgi)

Dorgi is the hybrid mix between Dachshund and Corgi. They have adopted traits from their parent’s breed, such as loyalty, friendliness, and smartness.

Dorgi can always be found in shelters; make sure to adopt and not shop for a Dorgi as they are always found there after being rescued.


Dorgis are dogs that have bodies that are larger in length than in height. Dorgis have a fox-like appearance and have a wide range of availability when it comes to colors.

Dorgis take their parent’s (Corgis) characteristics; they have short legs. Dorgis have a slender body.


Dorgis are very affectionate breeds. This characteristic comes from both of its parent’s breeds. They are intelligent, loving, loyal, and very friendly.

They have a hunting and herding ancestry; therefore, they are very playful. However, as they are so compassionate, they tend to have separation anxiety and cannot be away from their family for too long.

Corgi Shih Tzu Mix (Shorgi)

Shorgi is an adorable cross between Corgi and Shih Tzu. Both of its parents are purebreds; hence their characteristics and behaviors do not need to be traced a long way back.

They are excellent family dogs as they are calm and loving.


Shorgis are medium-sized dogs. Most of the hybrids have short legs. The head resembles Shih Tzu. The ears vary and are dependent on either of the parent’s genes; they are either drooping or are upright.

The fur is medium to long, again depending on the dominant gene of either of the parent. The coat is shiny, silky, and smooth.

The possible nose colors can be blue, black, or brown. The likely coat color could be fawn, brown, and red.


Shorgis crave a lot of attention. They require more time and attention from their families. They cannot be kept alone for too long as they tend to develop separation anxiety.

The dogs are great family pets as they are calm and get along with children. For first-time pet owners, Shorgis is an excellent choice as they are easy to handle.

They are very loyal, which could be disadvantageous, as they are unwelcome to strangers. They can behave aggressively around new people too.

Corgi Black and Tan Coonhound Mix

Corgi Black and Tan Coonhound Mix are amiable breeds. However, the behavior may differ depending on the genes and the training.

This breed is known for being gentle, calm, and trusting. With proper socializing, not just Corgi Black and Tan Coonhound Mix, but any other dog breed learns to adapt and interact with its environment.


Corgi Black and Tan Coonhound Mix have a short fur length. They may have short legs depending on the dominant gene of the parent breeds.

They have droopy or erect and slightly curved ears; this again is dependent on the genes.

They have a shiny and smooth coat.


Corgi Black and Tan Coonhound Mix are very curious and love a little playtime. They do not like to be left alone and would always seek their owner’s attention.

They are calm dogs, and that is what makes them perfect family dogs.

Corgi Cocker Spaniel Mix (Pembroke Cocker Corgi)

The Pembroke Cocker Corgi is a small breed dog mix between American Cocker Spaniel and Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

They are compassionate dogs and love people; they are extremely friendly.


Pembroke Cocker Corgi has triangular ears, which stand out the most out of all of its features. Depending on the dominant gene, some also have drooping ears.

They have long furry tails and short legs. They also have a long torso. This may be reversed too if the genes of Cocker Spaniel are dominant.

Pembroke Cocker Corgi has large, oval-shaped eyes and a black nose. The coat color ranges from black, brown, fawn, blue, white, cream to brindle; there can be a combination of these colors.


Pembroke Cocker Corgi is a small and delicate breed; they are adorable and very lovable. Due to their petite build, they should not be kept alone with children below five. They shouldn’t be left alone either, as they may develop separation anxiety.

They must be trained well to be obedient. Positive reinforcement works well while teaching them.

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Corgi Rottweiler Mix

Corgi and Rottweiler cross, creates this adorable hybrid called Corgi Rottweiler Mix. This hybrid is also known as Rottgi.

Rottgi is a very good guard dog. They love to be around people; however, they also sense danger quickly.


Rottgi is about 10 to 27 inches tall at the shoulder. They weigh around 22 to 135 lbs. Their coat is medium length, and the coat color may be a combination of black, fawn, tan, sable, and red.

They have black or brown eyes and a black nose, while their ears are floppy. Rottgi have short legs supporting their relatively large bodies.


This hybrid has helped ease the otherwise aggressive Rottweiler breed. Rottgi is more affectionate and calmer than the original breed.

Corgi Spitz Mix (Spitzgi)

Spitzgi look like a smaller version of Corgi. Spitzgi is a rare Corgi mix. The cross of Corgi and Spitz create Spitzgi.


Spitzgi is very furry; they resemble Corgi the most. They are like the miniature version of Corgi. The build of a Corgi and the size of a Spitz is the best description for Spitzgi.

The coat color is golden and brown or a combination of the two. The coat color depends on the Spitz parent entirely.


Spitzgi is very vocal; that is, they bark a lot and make their presence felt. They will be good family dogs if given the required attention and care. They also need to be trained to be obedient.

Corgi Basenji Mix (Corsengi)

Corsengi is known to have the best of both worlds, as they are a cross between Corgi and Basenji; they have the herding tendencies of Corgi and the cleanliness of Basenji.


The appearance of Corsengi largely depends on the Welsh Corgi involved in the breeding. Corsengi have a thick and curly tail, they have a long muzzle, and their ears are erect.

The length of the legs would be neither too long nor short like the Corgi; it would rather be a confluence of the two.


Corsengi would not make a good watchdog as they are do not take well unknown people. Their temperaments are like that of a cat rather than a dog. They are constantly grooming and prefer to stay secluded.

Rather than barking, they generally howl and yodel.

Corgi Westie Mix (West Highland Corgi)

One thing fascinating about West Highland Corgi is that they can travel with their owners. How do they cope? It is because of their adaptability.

West Highland Corgi is a mix of Corgi and Westie; they are very social with humans.


The West Highland Corgi has a medium-length coat. The color of the coat is most likely to be white. There would be patches, however, which may be of any color.

The color of the eyes is usually darker, although in some cases, the color is blue. The shape of their body is rectangular, and their legs are short.


West Highland Corgi is very friendly, and for this reason, they make excellent family pets. They are social too; hence they are very adaptable.

They are brilliant watchdogs as they sense danger readily. They indicate the expected trouble almost instantly.

Apart from being very active and playful, Westland Corgi requires a lot of attention. If they are kept alone for a long time, they may develop separation anxiety.

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To Summarize

Corgis are little troublemakers as they are very playful at the same time, very smart. They are fun-loving and make great family pets.

Corgi requires a lot of attention and training, which has been a very consistent trait in all the Corgi mixes. Another consistent trait has been short legs. This trait makes the Corgi mixes look adorable.

While breeding dogs or any species, breeding must do it ethically; otherwise, the hybrids develop medical conditions that are difficult to correct. These are later passed down as hereditary diseases.

To avoid any hindrance in the natural process, breeders must consider this factor while breeding.