19 Playful and Charming Saint Bernard Mix Breeds

By John Martin - May 30, 2021

Playful, charming, and curious, Saint Bernard gets consistently ranked among the “top 50” of America Kennel Club’s (AKC) recognized breeds. Candidly, it’s apparent!

These gentle giants are absolutely adorable and handsome and are prominently known for their coat markings. However, it’s their delicate personality and love for their families that has prompted their evident popularity.

In contemporary times, mixing Saint Bernard with other popular breeds while attempting to make the ideal giant dog has become quite common.

In this article, we have lined up our top 19 Saint Bernard mix breeds that originate from the melding of Saint Bernard with other lovable dog breeds.

Saint Bernard Bernese Mountain Dog Mix (Saint Bernese)

Saint Bernese playing in the mud

Parent breeds are Saint Bernard and Bernese Mountain Dog.

Both canine breeds are large dogs, and the offspring resulting from mixing might weigh around 90-170 pounds. They make good family pets because of their delicate nature and have oversized paws and fluffy fur.

Saint Bernese Appearance

They are strong and tall with thick and dense coats, so they shed a lot. Their body has a well-built stature with a profound chest.

Their solid legs are appropriate to coordinate with their hefty body, and their paws are adjusted and practically the size of a bear paw.

Alongside they have floppy ears on either side of their face making them have a look of anticipation. Their eyes are round, expressive, and dark. Additionally, they have floppy and drooping lips.

Saint Bernese Temperament

This mixed breed is mild and affectionate. In addition, these are patient and tolerant around children.

They are loyal and possess a lot of love for their family.

They can be stubborn at certain times, but if you are looking for a pet you might want to cuddle at all times, Saint Bernese can be the perfect dog.

Saint Bernard Border Collie Mix (Border Collie Bernard)

Parent breeds are Saint Bernard and Border Collie

The parent breeds share some key traits that make them lovable and appealing. These shared traits are a reason why Border Collie Bernard is a preferred choice among Saint Bernard mixes.

Border Collie Bernard Appearance

Border Collie Bernard resembles the Border Collie breed a lot in face shape and facial expressions and has folded ears and a long muzzle.

Like Saint Bernard, it too possesses a dark, dense, and thick coat. However, unlike Border Collie, they are larger because of Bernard’s genes.

They might have a typical St. Bernard mask-like face.

Border Collie Bernard Temperament

Border Bernard Collie inherits the wits of Collie and the work ethic of Bernard. It is usually a calm and friendly dog that gets on with a family and children. However, you should consider supervision and training if you have a child around.

They are a little stubborn but are eager learners. Positive endeavors can make it an excellent addition to your family.

Saint Bernard Boxer Mix (Saint Berxer)

Parent breeds are Saint Bernard and Boxer.

Both the parents are a part of the Molosser dog group. Molosser describes a group of working canines with a related ancestry used verifiably to watch and secure properties and live stocks.

Saint Berxer Appearance

They weigh around 120 pounds and stand up to 26 inches tall.

They often have black markings around the eye. Their coat is short and thick, and their face usually large with large noses. They are slender like a Boxer.

They may also possess the signature Boxer underbite.

They have large paws with a fluffy tail.

Saint Berxer Temperament

They are good around children and remain protective around their families without getting aggressive. They are calm, responsive, and intelligent dogs.

They require early socialization to cope up with other dogs.

As already mentioned, they are gentle and so can be good pets for first-time pet owners. Apart from this, they are good watchdogs and are energetic and alert.

Saint Bernard Cocker Spaniel Mix (Mini St. Bernard)

Parent breeds are Saint Bernard and Cocker Spaniel.

There are two sizes of Mini St. Bernard: Micro St. Bernard and Nehi St. Bernard. The former, smaller one weighs around 25 pounds and stands 12-16 inches tall, while Nehi, the larger one, weighs about 50 pounds and stands 16-20 inches tall.

Mini St. Bernard Appearance

They may have straight and silky fur or wavy and thick, dense fur.

The coat may come in great varieties of colors, mainly black, brown, red, white, or a combination.

They have broad and black noses, a short muzzle, floppy ears resembling St. Bernard, and large deep brown eyes.

Mini St. Bernard Temperament

They make good watchdogs owing to their attentiveness and alertness.

A mini-St. Bernard pup is quite intelligent, and so the effort is required while training.

It is a social breed but might develop social anxiety if not interacted with regularly.

Apart from this, they are playful, adorable, and good around children.

Saint Bernard German Shepherd Mix (Saint Shepherd)

Jeff is that you?

Parent breed Saint Bernard and German Shepherd.

Both the parent breeds make good guard dogs. Since they are large themselves, this offspring is usually large. They weigh about 120 pounds and have a height of 28 inches on average.

St. Shepherd Appearance

St. Shepherd has a large head of a Saint Bernard with the moderation of jowls and lengthening of the muzzle.

A black facial mask is very common among St Bernard German Shepherd offspring. They have a double coat that keeps them warm in winter, but the coat can cause overheating when the temperature is hot. They have floppy ears, dark brown oval-shaped eyes, and a black nose.

They have strong muscles and a straight back, just like a German Shepherd.

St. Shepherd Temperament

This mix is loyal, friendly, and gentle, just like the rest of St. Bernard breeds.

They possess good nature towards kids.

A German Shepherd is not so good at socializing with other dogs and requires good interaction with other dogs. In contrast, St. Bernard gets along with other dogs well. St. Shepherd often inherits the social makeup from its Bernard parent side.

They are diligent, obedient, and well-behaved.

Saint Bernard Great Dane Mix (Saint Dane)

Parent breeds are Saint Bernard and Great Dane

Both Saint Bernard and Great Dane are known to be large and owing to their giant structure, Saint Danes are large. Similar to Dane mixes, they have a short life span of around 7-10 years.

Saint Dane Appearance

They can weigh up to 200 pounds and stand up to 32 inches tall. Their coat is usually short and silky. They are muscular and well-built dogs.

They have floppy ears and a deep chest, and they drool a lot.

Their eyes are light and deep brown.

Saint Dane Temperament

Contrary to their size, Saint Danes are mild and gentle. They are protective towards their families and so make great pets. They are intelligent and outgoing.

They are good around kids, but as they are large, parents need to be careful when they are around children.

They are pretty sensitive but lovable and cute.

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Saint Bernard Great Pyrenees Mix (Saint Pyrenees)

The parent breeds are Saint Bernard and Great Pyrenees.

The Great Pyrenees is a giant breed from Asia, also known as the Great Mountain Dog, while Saint Bernard started out in Switzerland in the 9th century. Saint Pyrenees, as a mix of these two great dogs, are majestic.

Saint Pyrenees Appearance

They have thicker white coats and brown or black markings from Saint Bernard’s parents.

They are regularly somewhere in the range of 25 and 32 inches tall and weigh around 150 pounds. It is double the size of a working dog.

They have a huge head, drooping ears, and almond-shaped eyes, usually brown. They have muscular legs with a long furry tail.

Saint Pyrenees Temperament

It is a stubborn breed and does not respond well when mocked or criticized.

The breed, similar to others in our list, behaves well around children.

They are clumsy and a bit lazy. However, they are consistent and firm and so can be trained accordingly.

Saint Bernard Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Mix (Swissy Saint)

The parent breeds are Saint Bernard and Greater Swiss Mountain Dog.

The Greater Swiss Mountain dog descended from large dogs is a native of Switzerland. The offspring is generally a beautiful dog that serves great as a pet.

Swissy Saint Appearance

They can inherit the appearance of either of their parents, and to be honest; they acquire the best attributes.

They have got colored coats with black, brown, white or red. The coat is generally short and soft.

They have a pair of brown pendulous eyes and markings around the muzzle, making them seem as if they are smiling. Also, they have heavy jaws and large teeth.

Swissy Saint Temperament

They are usually sensitive and a little anxious. Apart from this, they have even temperament.

They require training from a committed owner and are easy to train. They can be bred for search and rescue or companionship.

Swissy Saints are gentle, loving, and obedient.

Saint Bernard Golden Retriever Mix (Golden Saint)

The parent breeds are Saint Bernard and Golden Retriever.

Golden Saint is the gentle giant. Living by their name, they are even-tempered and kind. These adorable sweethearts make excellent pets.

Golden Saint Appearance

Golden Saints have a strong body and long, dense fur.

They usually have a face similar to a Golden Retriever. They have loose ears and almond-shaped eyes. They have a wide muzzle.

Golden Saint Temperament

They are the sweetest. With a calm and gentle disposition, they get along with everyone. They are snuggly and friendly. You might want to cuddle them often.

However, they have separation anxiety and so should not be left alone for long. Once again, this mix is excellent around children.

Saint Bernard Irish Terrier Mix (Irish Saint Terrier)

Irish Saint Terriers are a result of breeding an Irish Terrier with a Saint Bernard. They don’t shed a lot of fur but require regular grooming, such as blowing their coat and brushing their teeth every day.

Irish Saint Terrier Appearance

You can place Irish Saint Terriers under the category of giant dogs because of their size. Their wavy double coat color depends on the dominant parent gene and can vary from red to white and fawn.

They have brown eyes with a black nose that goes exceptionally well with their fur, irrespective of color.

Irish Saint Terrier Temperament

Irish Saint Terriers are excellent watchdogs, just like their parents. They are possessive about their territory and family and would, therefore, go to any extent to prevent them from danger.

Since Irish Terriers are infamous for not getting along with other dogs, and might pass this trait to Irish Saint Terriers. However, ironic to their possessive nature, they can be charming and slightly clumsy.

Saint Bernard Labrador Retriever Mix (Labernard)


The average lifespan of Labernards is 12 years as they are a cross between a Labrador Retriever and a Saint Bernard. As a mixed breed, their weight can fall anywhere between 100 to 150 pounds.

Labernard Appearance

Labernards have a thick, double-coat with short fur with white, yellow, brown, red, or even black. They shed throughout the year and hence, need to be groomed thrice in a week.

You need to pay special attention to their floppy ears to prevent the problems created by excess moisture.

Labernard Temperament

Labernards are known for their patient and lively nature because one of their parents is a Labrador. They like to spend time with family, especially children, as they aren’t stubborn.

However, Labernards are prone to separation anxiety and can indulge in damaging behavior when not given attention or left without any supervision for a long period.

Saint Bernard Mastiff Mix (Saint Bermastiff)

Saint Bermastiffs are a result of cross-breeding Saint Bernard with Mastiff Mix that makes them pretty social. However, they mature after two years, which is slower than other dogs.

Saint Bermastiff Appearance

The broad head of Saint Bermastiffs, along with their short muzzle and large ears, gives them the appropriate look of a powerful dog. They have droopy eyes, a wrinkled forehead, and a black nose.

The soft coat of Saint Bermastiffs constitutes either short or medium-length fur that sheds twice a year. In addition to the fur on their body, they have feathering on their legs.

Saint Bermastiff Temperament

Saint Bermastiffs are very friendly and protective in contrast to their physical features. You should start training Saint Bermastiffs from an early age so that they don’t become stubborn.

Also, don’t leave them alone for long as the separation anxiety might make them behave in a rogue manner.

Saint Bernard Newfoundland Mix (Saint Bernewfie)

Being a mix of Saint Bernard and Newfoundland, Saint Bernewfies can weigh up to 180 pounds. They need regular exercise to stay healthy as they have a short lifespan of 8 to 10 years.

Saint Bernewfie Appearance

Saint Bernewfies are massive dogs that can grow up to 30 inches in height. To complement their size, they have big eyes and huge paws. Some Saint Bernewife’s also have webbed feet similar to a Newfoundland.

They are known to have a fluffy, double coat that sheds throughout the year. Moreover, the color of their fur is primarily black, white, or brown.

Saint Bernewfie Temperament

Saint Bernewfies are known for being slightly aggressive and stubborn, making them an ideal watchdog. Their large size and protective nature make them problematic pets for first-time owners.

With proper training, Saint Bernewfies can socialize with others, especially children, without intimidating them. Since they are also loyal, they would gladly protect all the family members.

Saint Bernard Poodle Mix (Saint Berdoodle)

Sant Berdoodles are highly desirable amongst people because it’s a cross between Poodle and Saint Bernard. They are also known as Saint Berpoo and can be found at Poodle rescuers as well.

Saint Berdoodle Appearance

Being a mix of two popular dog breeds, Saint Berdoodles can inherit the thick coat of a Saint Bernard or the curly coat of a Poodle.

The coat of a Saint Berdoodle is a combination of white, brown, and black. Out of all the varieties, white-brown and white-black are the most common.

Saint Berdoodle Temperament

Among the various Saint Bernard mix breeds, Saint Berdoodles have the sweetest and most friendly temperament. They are energetic, kind, adventurous, and need to exercise daily.

Saint Berdoodles love to be near people, playing with them as they get separation anxiety if neglected for long. Despite their loving nature, they can’t be left alone with kids as they are huge.

Saint Bernard Rottweiler Mix (Saint Weiler)

Sant Wailers are one of the most distinctive mix-breed dogs as it’s a mix between a Saint Bernard and a Rottweiler. They shed a decent amount of fur all year round and tend to gain weight quickly.

Saint Weiler Appearance

The dominant parent gene determines the fur of Saint Weiler. Mostly, they have a straight coat whose color can range from white and black to brown and red.

Saint Wailers have a broad head with almond-shaped eyes and a muscular body with strong paws. Moreover, they have a thick and long tail with floppy ears.

Saint Weiler Temperament

Saint Wailers get praised for their loyalty and excellent temperament. Despite being large, Saint Weilers can get along with children petty well if socialized early.

You can train Saint Weilers efficiently because they aren’t stubborn at all. Instead, they are family-oriented and enjoy the company and consideration of other people.

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Saint Bernard Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix (Rhodesian Bernard)

Rhodesian Bernards are extremely intelligent as they are a cross between two smart dogs: Rhodesian Ridgeback and Saint Bernard. They require minimum grooming and maintenance with regular exercise.

Rhodesian Bernard Appearance

Since they are a cross between two strong dog breeds, they are large and have well-built legs. Their long muzzle goes pretty well with their flat skull and brown or amber eyes.

They stand out from other Saint Bernard Mixes as the hair across their spine grows in the opposite direction from the rest of their coat.

Rhodesian Bernard Temperament

The temperament of a Rhodesian Bernard keeps switching between sweet and gentle to slightly stubborn. With proper training from an early age, you can prevent them from harming others.

Rhodesian Bernards also have a pleasing nature as they show affection to known people and suspect strangers. However, they need to be supervised and not left alone near small children.

Saint Bernard Akita Mix (Saint Bernkita)

Saine Bernkitas are a mix between Saint Bernard and Akita. They weigh over 100 pounds and prefer to live in the company of people or other Saint Bernkitas in a cold climatic condition.

Saint Bernkita Appearance

Saint Bernkita are large dogs with long furry coats. Their coat requires a lot of maintenance and cutting to prevent infections, especially around their eyes and ears.

Saint Bernkita Temperament

Saint Bernkitas are known for their unwavering loyalty and courage that makes them the perfect guard dog. They are intelligent and can make an affectionate and strong bond with their owners.

They can suffer from separation anxiety if left alone for a long period as they like to stay in packs. Therefore, they aren’t the best choice for first-time pet owners.

Saint Bernard Chow Chow Mix (Saint Chownard)

Saint Chownards are infamous for being aggressive as they result from cross-breeding Saint Bernard with Chow Chow. Therefore, they require to be trained by an experienced dog trainer.

Saint Chownard Appearance

The long hair of Saint Chownards would compel you to groom them regularly. Also, since they shed a lot, be prepared to vacuum your house every other day.

Saint Chownard Temperament

Saint Chownards are more responsive towards positive reinforcement if you wish to tackle their aggressive behavior. They’ll get along with other dogs if raised with them from the beginning.

They are used to stay in packs and, therefore, prefer to have people around them. However, they don’t mind spending some time alone in a room.

Saint Bernard Husky Mix (Saint Berhusky)

Saint Berhusky is a mix between Saint Bernard and a Husky. The rarest Husky mix breed requires a lot of grooming and training as they weigh around 90 pounds due to their massive size.

Saint Berhusky Appearance

The double-coat of Saint Bernard Huskies is coarse towards the body and soft near their neck and face. They blow or heavily shed their coat twice a year during fall and just before the summers.

Saint Berhuskies come in three standard colors: white, black, and brown.

Saint Berhusky Temperament

Well-balances temperament is the right word to describe Saint Berhusy’s temperament. They are energetic and can recognize their family and people who visit their house often.

Saint Berhuskies require a lot of training, especially basic obedience training, as they are more of a watchdog than a guard dog.

Final Words

The majority of the Saint Bernard mix breeds are large-sized but don’t let that distract you from their courage and affectionate temperament around children and other people.

They are intelligent, caring, and, most importantly, loyal. Saint Bernard mix breeds would do everything they can to protect their owners and family from any trouble.