What Kind of Dog is in the Sandlot Movie?

By John Martin - October 20, 2022

English Mastiff on the floor

The Sandlot is a movie released in 1993, featuring a coming-of-age story that included a group of kids who played baseball in their sandlot. One of the houses in the suburb where they reside has a dog that the kids refer to as The Beast.

What exactly does The Beast look like and what purpose does this dog serve in the movie? Which breed does The Beast belong to and what can you expect?

Let’s find out.

What Kind of Dog Is in The Sandlot Movie?

The dog portrayed as The Beast in The Sandlot is initially portrayed as a scary and aggressive dog who chases after the young boys if they try to disturb him. He also has a legend attached to him that states that he once ate someone.

He tends to keep the collection of balls that the boys frequently lose. He chases after one of them and causes plenty of destruction during this sequence.

However, when he returns to his home after the chase, The Beast (named Hercules) falls down and has a fence toppling over him, but two of the boys rescue him, resulting in friendship between them and the dog.

Hercules here is an English Mastiff and is shown to be a huge dog. The legend associated with him also comes from the fact that he is big and supposedly aggressive, although it is only later when the boys rescue him that the bond of loyalty and affection is formed.

This kind of account, although fictionalized, can actually reveal several traits and features of English Mastiffs in general.

What Are English Mastiffs Like?

English Mastiffs are dogs of large size, usually between 25 and 30 inches in height and measuring anywhere between 160 and 230 pounds in weight. These dogs tend to live for up to ten years, although the legend in the movie suggests that Hercules has lived for way longer.

English Mastiffs are actually quite affectionate with their family as well as with children, although they are equally cautious and vigilant.

These dogs are loyal and protective, so if they view someone as a threat, it is likely that they might act out against them, especially if not properly socialized. They are also a bit cautious of strangers, which might help explain the behavior of Hercules in the movie.

With enough training, kindness, socialization and attention, however, English Mastiffs can become highly friendly and playful with minimal barking.

These dogs need sufficient exercise and mental stimulation as well, not to mention that it is important to take care of their drooling habit.

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The Final Word

The dog in The Sandlot is named Hercules but is often referred to as The Beast by the young boys who regularly play baseball together. This results in a legend surrounding The Beast, who is actually an English Mastiff, a typically large dog.

Initially vigilant and slightly aggressive, the boys later go on to befriend Hercules, portraying English Mastiffs in general as being initially cautious but later highly affectionate.