35 Most Popular Papillon Mix Breeds

By John Martin - January 27, 2022

Papillon mixes are all the rage right now, mostly because of their adorable faces and lovely personalities. They are very loving towards the family and love spending time with you. Ask any person who owns a Papillon, and they’ll tell you exactly this.

And when they are crossbred with other types of dogs, they can give us some really interesting varieties of pups.

If you’re thinking about adopting a Papillon hybrid pup, you’ve come to the right place! Pawesome offers some of the best insights on the cutest Papillion mix breeds.

Originating in the 16th century, the Papillon dog has drastically developed over the years. You can identify a Papillon pup by their characteristic furry ears that are shiny and give an adorable appearance.

In fact, their appearance is so aesthetically pleasing that artists have made portraits and paintings of them!

So, let’s take a look at these adorable Papillon breed mixes that we all love!

Papillon Boxer Mix (Boxillon)

The Boxillon, as the name suggests, is the crossbreed between the strong boxer dogs to the Papillon breed.


When the muscular agile breed of the boxer gets mixed with the small Papillon, it results in a hybrid Boxillon. These pups have an average height of 12 to 15 inches.

Not much is known about this breed crossing, but these pups are both muscular and dainty. Their coat hairs are silky and smooth in texture and are very long.

The species usually have fawn, black or white fur.


The Boxillon is a beautiful mix if you are looking for a super cute, friendly, strong pet.

The breed makes for a tremendous guard dog as their boxer parent. This breed is loving and kind as well as protective.

The combination of super cute and friendly traits got from the Papillon side when combined with the alert watchdog tendencies of the boxer mix.

Papillon Husky Mix (Papillsky)

When bred with the sincere Husky dog, the Papillon breed gives a peculiar mix called Papillsky.


The Husky-Papillon mix gives a rare and unique pup. This cute pup’s height is around 24 inches.

This husky is medium in size, whereas the Papillon is smaller in size. The appearance of the species is similar to that of their parents.

Their lifespan is generally around 12 to 15 years.


The husky is a dog for hunting, whereas the papillon species is an alert, cheerful breed that originated from the spaniels.

The result of both of the breeds mix gives a highly energetic and stimulated Papllisky. The pups love playing and are of the cheerful kind.

Keep these breeds active, and they will shower love upon you!

Papillon Corgi Mix (Papillongi)

The Papillongi mix is a widely popular mix recognized by many clubs and organizations like the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC) and Dog Registry of America, Inc (DRA), and more.

This intelligent mix is the combination of the Welsh Corgi breed mixed with the Papillon. This breed is also known as Corillon.


Both the Papillon and the Welsh Corgi are breeds that are small in size. Their height is 8 to 12 inches with an average weight of 15 to 25 pounds.

According to WagWalking.com, the breeds are prone to diseases like Legg-Calve Perthes disease and Hip Dysplasia.

These species have ears that are straight like the Welsh Corgi and retain the long silky hair of the Papillon. They have a round black nose and are generally multicolored in appearance.


The combination of the two breeds results in a sensitive, intelligent species. The Papillongi is affectionate and can get trained quickly.

This hybrid variety likes to be fed regularly and is quite playful.

Papillon Poodle Mix (Papi-Poo)


The Papi-Poo is a cute mix breed of the poodle and the Papillon. These breeds are super adorable and are also known as Papidoodle or Poopapillon.


The combination of the Papillon and the poodle mix gives an adorable pup. They are a fluffy breed with wide bright eyes. Their weight is 6 to 14 pounds with a height of 11 to inches.

They have the poodle’s curls which are hypoallergic, and hence, they make the best cuddle buddies.

The Papi-Poo dog is highly liked for its aesthetic appearance and is a widely popular designer dog.


These widely loved species are highly energetic and show a lot of affection. The Papi-Poo’s are a gentle, intelligent breed variety with usually a good temperament.

Although they super mischievous and quickly learn new tricks, they are not aggressive. This breed variety is adorable and is easy to handle.

Papillon German Shepherd Mix (German Papillon)

When mixed with the small Papillon, the widely popular German Shepherds leads to the unique breed known as German Papillon.


The giant German Shephard mixed with the small Papillon breed gives a medium-sized breed. They contain the characteristics features of the classic German Shepherd with the butterfly ears of the Papillon.


The temperament is outstanding as both the parent breeds are very friendly and easy to train.

The German Shepherd breed is a fearless working dog that is warm and confident. The Papillon is usually alert and energetic.

The two breeds combination results in the German Papillon being a loyal, intelligent, and very caring breed. This breed also makes excellent watchdogs as they are super alert and devoted to you.

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Papillon Beagle Mix (Papeagle)

The Papillon with the sweet Beagle results in the hybrid breed often called Beagllon or Papeagle.


The Beagllon’s are adorably tiny and have very expressive hazel or dark brown eyes.

They have large black noses that are usually around 8 to 15 inches tall. They weigh from 4 to 30 pounds. They are slightly muscular in appearance.

The hair or coat of the Beagllon’s are smooth and soft and are of medium length. They come in different colors like white, black, light brown, or even beige spots.


The Beagle is adorable and shy compared to the enthusiastic Papillon. The mixed-breed results in enhancing the alert and well-behaved side as it is common in both their parents.

This adorable mix results in an intelligent, low-maintenance, and caring breed. The Beagllon’s are needed to be protected and provided proper hygiene. They are selective eaters and hence require appropriate care.

The Beagllon’s are not overly active but like to play and joy with you. These adorable puppies would mesmerize you with their love and affection.

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Papillon Labrador Mix (Papilldor)

The Papilldor is an odd mix of the loyal Labrador with the cute Papillon.


The Papilldor is an unusual breed whose appearance is a mix between the long Labrador and small Papillon.

The large-sized Labrador mixed with cute small papillon results in a large-sized hybrid. The weight can range from 26 to 65 pounds. The color can be black, white, or beige.


The temperament of this peculiar Papilldor is amicable. These crossbreeds are usually very affectionate and loving.

The active traits of both the Labrador and the Papillon are dominant. Hence, this intelligent variety needs stimulation and contains high energy.

We recommend regular exercise and training for this loyal and lovely breed.

Papillon Chihuahua Mix (Papillahua)

New Year's Eve

One of the popular combinations is the Papillon and Chihuahua mix breed Papillahua. These pretty looking adorable breeds are quite a demand as chihuahuas are designer or toy dogs.

The Papillahuai is also known as Papihuahua, Papi-Chi, Pap-Wa, Chi-A-Pap, and Chion.


The small cute papillons mixed with the chihuahua lead to a tiny, delicate breed. They weigh about 7 pounds. The Papillahua are usually only about 8 inches in height. Their sparkly eyes are typically brown or amber in the shade.

They come with long or medium-sized hair, which can be straight, wiry, or wavy. The coat can also range in a variety of colors.


The Papillahua’s are a brilliant, clever mix that is usually friendly and highly active. This breed’s hair needs to be washed and brushed regularly with utmost care. It needs to exercise and stimulation.

These dogs are a bit difficult to maintain as they can be stubborn and become highly anxious. For this reason, it is hard to train them.

These pets love children and must learn to socialize early. Papihuahuais, however, are not advisable to be left with small kids under six years.

The Papillahua, however, can be obedient if you are consistent. These breeds are super adorable and love playing. They are very enthusiastic and love attention.

Papillon Border Collie Mix (Collpapillon)

Collapillon is the quirky mixture of Papillon with Border Collie breed.


This Papillon Border Collie mix gives a high-quality small hybrid in the form of Collpapillon. They might get the thick long hair of the Collie. They have a beautiful coat which can range from black, white or rarely lilac color.

The breeds are prone to many health conditions and genetic diseases. Hence, they need to be taken care of properly. The hybrid breed also sheds a lot like Collie’s and needs grooming.


The Collpapillon has the best, most well-behaved temperament. The intelligence and agility of the Collie and Papillon breeds make them a wonderful breed. This hybrid likes to play and loves outdoor activities.

The breeds are also having both heat and cold tolerance. They are very friendly and hence, get along with everyone quickly.

Papillon Dachshund Mix (Papshund)

The Papshund hybrid breed is the Dachshund mix in the Papillon mix breed variety. Papshundis toy-like and makes excellent lap dogs.


The Papshund is very small which contains the beautiful butterfly-sized ears of the Papillon. Moreover, the crossbreed has the elongated body of the Dachshund.

The dog’s height is 9 to 11 inches, and they usually are lightweight around 10 to 18 pounds. These breeds have less resistance to cold climatic conditions.

Their nose and head are small. They are comprehensive, dark and round, and mostly in brown color.

The pup’s tails have a curve and look like Papillon’s tail. The Papshund’s have short legs with a deep chest and gives a sturdy appearance.


The Papshund’s are designer dogs that are super friendly and energetic. These crossbreeds are even comfortable with strangers and get along well with everyone.

They are a very lovable and caring species and are an overall healthy breed. The Dachshund combo with the Papillon traits of the parents makes them alert watchdogs.

However, the usually well-behaved dogs can get aggressive and have less tolerance due to Dachshund’s prey mentality. It can make the breed challenging to train.

However, these sensitive breeds provide lovely company.

Papillon Pug Mix (Pugpapillon)

The crossbreeds between the pugs and the Papillon give the Pugpapillon breed. The Pugpapillon or Pugillon breeds are some of the famous dogs and make great pets.


Since both the parent breeds are small, these hybrids are tiny, ranging from 7 to 10 inches. The Pugillon weighs about 7 to 17 pounds. The coat might include a range of colors from black, white, silver, red, etc.

The hybrid mix has smooth, silky hair with eyes that are prominent in shape. They tend to be bulging, and the face shows some wrinkles like the pugs.

Their bone structure is good; the pup has long hair, like that of the Papillon. The long coat of the Pugpapillon variety might need proper maintenance and grooming.


The hybrid is alert, playful, loyal, lovely, and contains all the best qualities you might seek in a pet.

The hybrid is easy to train, well-mannered and is friendly with everyone, including strangers.

Papillon Cocker Spaniel Mix (Cocker Spaniellon)

The Cocker Spaniellon breed is the mix of the cute Papillons with Cocker Spaniel dogs.


Both the Cocker Spaniel and the Papillon breeds are small-sized in appearance. They are somewhat athletically built.


They are joyful, playful and make excellent Campanians. They have the sporty and brisk side of the Cocker spaniel parent combined with the friendly enthusiasm of the papillons.

The Spaniellon hybrid thus loves playing, brisk walking, and is pretty sporty. The cocker Spaniellon’s are small and hence, can quickly adapt to live in apartment complexes.

Papillon Akita Mix (Papkita)

Mah boys

This adorable cross is between the Japanese Akita and the Papillon, which results in the beautiful Papkita.


The Small Papillon, when mixed with majestic Akita, results in the smaller crossbreed variety. Since the Akita is muscular in appearance, the hybrid might look agile.

Papkita has the butterfly-like ears of the Papillon and the dignified appearance of the Akita. The coat is smooth, silky, and commonly comes in white or brown color.


The rare combo of the Akita’s hunting protecting tendencies with the fun-loving Papillon results in an extraordinary combination.

The Papkita would have loyal, protective abilities and would be very loving.

Papillon French Bulldog Mix (French Bullpap)

The French Bullpap (or the French Bullion) is an adorable mix between a Papillon and a French Bull Dog. Individually, these dogs are very loving and can make friends with anyone.


This dog will share a lot of similarities with a Papillon and a French Bull Dog. The body of this dog is petite and box-shaped.

They have brown shaded eyes, and their nose looks like that of a Pug’s nose. The ears are shaped like a bat and have some muzzle over them.

Both the skin and the fur of this dog are soft and straight, and the coat is medium length. The density of the coat is not too thick or dense but is just right.

Overall, this hybrid breed is a vigilant and intelligent dog.


This hybrid dog has a very loving personality and quickly gets along with people. French bulldogs, in general, are known to be very friendly.

They are easy to care for; however, they require a lot of attention. If they do not receive the attention they need, they might start to experience separation anxiety.

They can also be challenging to train because they are stubborn animals, and the repetition might bore them.

You can use some tasty treats to help you overcome this problem. Once they get fully trained, they can prove to be brilliant dogs continuously on the lookout.

Papillon Shih Tzu Mix (Shih Tzuillon)


Another adorable hybrid dog is the Shih Tzuillon (or the Papastzu). They are a mix between a Papillon and a Shih Tzu dog.

This cute mix has given us a very adorable and friendly companion. They are a very spirited, enthusiast breed that does not let their small size stop them.


This breed takes on appearance from both the parent dogs. They are relatively small in size, and are only 8 to 11 inches tall, and weigh a lightweight of 9 to 15 pounds.

They have beautiful black eyes. Their ears are butterfly-shaped, and their tails tend to be curled, thanks to the Papillon parent.

The Shih Tzu parent usually contributes to the body of this breed. Their fur is long and smooth and can come in black, brown, or white colors.


This hybrid dog might take on the personalities of both the parents or just one of them. They are very loving, calm animals with a very loyal nature.

They do not bark that often and are more obedient than the parent breeds. It means you can train them efficiently.

Their personality is a mix between a calm and composed nature and a certain level of spiritedness and enthusiasm.

When the dog senses a threat nearby, they are immediately aware of it. They are vigilant dogs and have very high levels of intelligence.

Papillon Yorkie Mix (Keipapillon)

The Yorkillon (or Keipapillon) is a cute canine mix between a Papillon dog and a Yorkie dog. When it comes to this breed, we’re not sure what’s bigger! Their heart or their ears?


Most of the Yorkillons have ears like the Papillon. They get their silky, shiny coat from the Yorkie, and they come in bi-colors.

They are very tiny dogs that stand just 8 to 10 inches tall and weigh 6 to 8lbs.

They have captivating black eyes and a very tiny snout. They may be tiny, but this is what makes these hybrid dogs so cute.


Yorkillons are known for their sweet yet sassy personality. They love attention – the more, the better! They also don’t like sharing the attention they get with any other dogs that you might have.

If they don’t receive the attention they want, they can get aggressive and start nibbling on your couch or shoes.

But otherwise, they are knowledgeable and attentive creatures. They love being challenged and love playing with you or any specialized toys.

Papillon Sheltie Mix (Sheltiellon)

It is a prevalent type of breed between the Papillon (originating from Europe) and the Shetland Sheepdog (originating from the Shetland Islands).


The Sheltiellon (or Shelilion) is an adorable canine with a face similar to a fox. They have a round face with a narrow muzzle. Their eyes can be either round-shaped or almond-shaped and can come in brown or blue colors.

The ears of this dog stand erect and are medium-sized. They also have a sufficient amount of fur on their ears.

These hybrid dogs can come in colorful fur shades like black, brown, white, red, and fawn. They also have very long fur. Although it may not be dense, it is still very soft and straight, and you will need to brush their fur every day.


Both the parent breeds in this mix are known to be very spirited, lively animals. There is a good chance that your little Sheltiellon will also acquire these features.

These animals also require plenty of attention and a lot of activities that stimulate their brain. A lack of any of these could result in them showing signs of separation anxiety and become aggressive.

Training in socialization and behavior is very important for this tiny animal. If they are not adequately trained, they can become very timid and bark excessively.

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Papillon Jack Russell Mix (Jackrussillon)

The adorable Papillon and the naughty Jack Russell are the parent breeds of the Jackrussillon (also known as Papijack).

If you are someone who lives in an apartment or a condominium with a lot of people, this might not be the ideal choice for your home.

Although they may be small, they still feel the need to protect their owners and bark at very low volumes.


The Papijack is a tiny dog that gets 50/50 features from both the parent breeds. They have a small face and butterfly-like ears, which they get from the Papillon.

Their eyes are a beautiful black color with a rounded eye shape. The muzzle is not too long or not too short and has a good length to it. It also tapers to the end, and the snout is either brown or black in color.

They have a shiny coat that is easy to maintain. The fur is straight and also very soft to touch. They can come in a range of colors like black, brown, red, white and so on.


This hybrid dog has a charming personality. They are very fun to play with and can be very friendly.

They do not usually bark that often, and even if they do, they don’t make a lot of noise. They can be easily trained to obey commands. If they are appropriately trained, they can make a great companion for your home.

Don’t be fooled by the size of this dog! They can be very naughty while playing. They are also highly intelligent animals; they can be the perfect family pet.

Papillon Australian Shepherd Mix (Austi-Pap)

Blue eyes again

Austi-Pap is a comparatively new hybrid that has been developed recently. It is a mix between the Papillon dog and the Australian Shepherd dog.

There is very little information on this new hybrid, but here’s what we know. They are a very confident group of dogs. They are very intelligent, alert, and playful, and they are always on their senses.


The size of these hybrid pups largely depends on their parents. On average, they weigh somewhere between 5 pounds to 10 pounds.

Their fur is typically white or other light shades, which depends mainly on the superior genes of the parent breeds. Their coat has a very wavy texture, and the thickness varies from one dog to another dog.


The Austi-pup gets its behavior and personality from both the parent breeds. This breed gets its confident personality from the Australian Shepherd. It is very alert at all times and is a very loyal companion to have in your home.

The social nature of this pup is from the Papillon parent. They have a very bold, confident personality; they can also be very loving and affectionate.

They are extremely playful around kids and love the attention they get.

Papillon Boston Terrier Mix (Bostillon)

A Bostillon (a Papillon Boston Terrier Mix) is a very cheerful, energetic family dog. Unlike other dogs, this pup does not require a lot of exercise.

However, it would help if you definitely gave them a lot of your time as they thrive on attention.


The Bostillion is a breed that gets features from both parent breeds. It has a petite body and torso and gets it from the Papillon parent. It gets its longer legs from the Boston Terrier.

It also has a very long muzzle, big black eyes, and the standard butterfly-like ears from the Papillon.

They weigh somewhere around 10 pounds to 17 pounds and height 11 inches to 16 inches.

The fur is of medium length and is very soft and smooth. The Boston Terrier usually has a unique pattern on their fur that resembles a tuxedo. However, the Bostillon comes with the usual colors of the Papillon as well.

They have very soft paws, unlike other pups, and their tail is very long.


Both the Boston Terrier and the Papillon have some distinct features and personalities. Therefore, you can expect your Bostillon to have a unique character as well.

They enjoy spending their time playing outside. It also gives them the physical exercise that they need.

This cute canine is also known to be very gentle and affectionate with children and people. They are also highly social animals and tend to get along easily with everyone.

Keep in mind that this pup tends to bark a lot. If you live in a detached house, this might not be a problem. But they’re not an ideal choice if you live in an apartment complex.

Other than that, they are very playful pups that are very affectionate and protective of you.

Papillon Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Mix (Cava-Lon)

IMG_6233 - Version 2

This hybrid pup is a mix between the Papillon and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. They are very playful, active dogs that love socializing with kids and people.

They are also reasonably easy to train as they love to please their owner.


The hybrid cuties come with brown eyes that are always sharp and a black nose. Depending on the dominant gene of the parent breeds, they might have elongated ears or have butterfly-like ears.

They have coats that are long and soft to touch. Which means they need to be brushed regularly to keep away any knots and tangles.


The Cava-Lon is a clever, happy breed of dog that loves to spend time with humans. If you have never owned a pet before, this breed might be best suited for you.

They are easy to train as they love impressing their owner, and you can reward their behavior using treats. Regular walking sessions are the only exercise they’ll need to keep them fit.

They are the perfect mix of a loving and happy dog.

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Papillon Pembroke Welsh Corgi Mix (Corillon)

Both the parent dogs in this crossbreed are small in size, and the Papillon is smaller. The Corgi, however, has a more muscular build to it but more challenging to manage.

That being said, they are both very loving family pups and can be well behaved if they are trained the right way.


An average Corillon pup has a height of 8 inches to 12 inches and weighs around 25 pounds.

Their face is very rounded and often covered with long fur. They have an elongated muzzle with a tiny black nose.

This hybrid dog looks a little long, but they tend to be a little frail. Corillon pups always have two or more distinctive white spots on their fur.


The hybrid pups are family pups, and they love spending their time with them. They are also very passionate and loyal to their family.

Not only do they love socializing with people, but they also love making friends with other dogs! They are very sociable and playful dogs by nature.

When they come across a familiar face, they are usually a little fearful, but that only lasts for a short time. They are very friendly and can get along with anyone in just a few minutes!

They are also fairly easy to train, and any progress in training can be rewarded with their favorite treats.

Papillon Havenese Mix (Havallon)

Jack- Havallon

This cute canine breed is a mix between the Papillon and the Havanese pups. They are both small pups in general, but when compared, the Papillon is the smaller dog among the two.


An average Havallon pup can grow to 8.5 inches or 11.5 inches and weigh around 11 pounds. Like the Papillon parent, they have a round-shaped head with triangle-shaped ears covered with many furs.

They have a very lean muzzle that narrows out and has a black nose at the end.

These pups grow long, but they are a little fragile to handle. They can come with colorful shades, and they often come in combinations.


The Havallon pup is a breed that is extremely sensitive and requires the constant affection of its owners. They are especially friendly and playful with children.

They also easily get along with other dogs or any other pets that you may have. These dogs also have a protective side towards them and tend to bark at unfamiliar faces.

Regular exercise is required to keep the dog’s body and mind in an active state. Training is also relatively easy as this pup loves to awe its owners.

Papillon Italian Greyhound Mix (Italian Papihound)

The hybrid parents of this adorable pup are the Papillon and the Italian Greyhound.

The alert nature of the Greyhound combined with the loving character of the Papillon will make them a great family pet for your home.


The adorable pups come with round brown eyes. The muzzles of these pups are more or less similar to the Greyhound parent pup, and they have a small black nose.

They come in a variety of vibrant colors like black, brown, red, white, etc. They have characteristic white spots on them that can be seen on their legs and chest.


These hybrid dogs are very cheerful yet vigilant in nature. They are usually very calm and composed but perks up when it senses danger nearby.

Training might be somewhat tricky as these dogs often think they get away with whatever they want. They also do not follow any commands when you use a loud tone with them.

When you use a firm tone, they tend to listen better, and you can reward their progress by giving them little treats.

Papillon Japanese Chin Mix (Japillon)

The Japillon is an interesting hybrid between a Papillon and a Japanese Chin Mix. It is interesting to note here that both these pups share a lot of features, the only main difference being geographical.


The hybrid parents of the Japillon pup share a lot of similar features. This pup has an average height of 11 inches and weighs just 9 pounds.

The shape of their head is round, and their muzzle depends on the dominant gene of the parent hybrids. They are fragile pups with a small body and lean legs.

Their fur and coat are soft to touch, and their tails have a long, beautiful plume.


As mentioned earlier, these are very affectionate and loving towards their family. They can also come off as clingy to some as they do not handle isolation that well.

The Japillon can make an excellent guard dog in any family home. They do not pounce on people, but they can bark at them long enough to alert the people.

Training them can be a tad bit challenging as they might be a little headstrong sometimes. But they also love to awe their owners so they can be prepared with minimal difficulty.

Papillon Miniature Fox Terrier Mix (Mini Foxillon)

This adorable little hybrid pup is a result of crossbreeding a Papillon and a Miniature Fox Terrier. They are known as the Mini Foxillon/Toy Papiox/Foxillon/Toy Foxillon.


The Foxillon is a small hybrid dog with an average height of 11 inches and weighs 10 pounds.

The size of their head is well balanced with the length of their body. They have round brown eyes and a slender snout that narrows out.

They have large, furry ears that stand upright. They do not have a long coat and need brushing out every once a week.


The Foxillon hybrid is a super hyper, playful pup that loves to spend its time around its family. They don’t like being left by themselves as they love being in the spotlight.

They get along well with children of all ages without any problems. They may seem a little stubborn when they come across unfamiliar faces, but they make friends with them just as easily as well.

Since these pups have high levels of energy, they are constantly pacing around, which makes up for any physical exercise they need.

Papillon Pomeranian Mix (Paperanian)

This adorable hybrid pup is a mix of a Papillon and a Pomeranian. Other than Paperanian, they are also known as Pappom and Pomillon.


Even though it is small, the Paperanian has a sturdy build to it. They have rounded brown eyes, furry ears that stand upright, and a curled tail in style.

They have a long, fine coat because both the parent hybrids have a good amount of fur on them. This needs to be brushed out regularly to prevent the fur from matting.

They also come in different shades like brown, black, white, yellow, etc.


This cute hybrid will make a great new companion to the family as they have loving, affectionate personalities.

They love receiving the attention of the children and get along with them very well. When you train them to socialize, they also make friends with other pups and animals.

They have high levels of curiosity and energy. They are also fairly easy to train when you use a positive tone and constantly reward them for good behavior.

Papillon Bichon Frise Mix (Papichon)

The Papichon is a hybrid dog that is created by crossbreeding a Papillon and a Bichon Frise. They are very energetic pups and love to play with the family.


This hybrid pup has a very beautiful appearance. They have a round face, and they can have either dark/light brown eyes.

They can either very droopy ears like the Bichon Frise or have ears that stand upright like the Papillon. Their snout is lean and very pointed.

They have a very smooth, elegant-looking coat that adds to the beauty of this hybrid.


These are small hybrid pups that are huge in personality. They are extremely loving and affectionate towards their family and love being the center of attraction.

They do not handle isolation well and often start to destroy the home furniture as another means of letting out their energy. This can be very easily corrected when trained properly with positive reinforcements.

They love the idea of being challenged and love to learn new things every day.

Papillon Brussels Griffon Mix (Papigriffon)

The Papigriffon is an extremely adorable hybrid pup created by crossbreeding a Papillon and a Brussels Griffon.

These pups are a suitable choice for you if you live in an apartment. But keep in mind that they bark a lot. This can be managed by proper training.


This hybrid cutie has a solid build. They have very tiny legs but never underestimate them as they can move around very quickly.

Depending on the dominant parental genes, they can have a lean or pointed face. The ears are often similar to the Papillon as they stand up straight.

They have round black eyes and a tiny nose. They do not have a very long coat, and this makes them easier to care for.


These tiny hybrids are loving and affectionate towards their family. They thrive on attention and do not handle isolation well.

On the other hand, they can get very stubborn and dominant. You need always to have the upper hand in this situation and train them well.

Once they are adequately trained, they make an excellent house pup that is loving and protective about their family.

Papillon American Eskimo Mix (Papimo)

This adorable pup is a hybrid that is created by crossbreeding a Papillon and an American Eskimo pup.

They are very loving and friendly little pups.


This hybrid dog is petite in size and has petite features. They have small legs and paws but can run very quickly.

They have round brown eyes and fuzzy ears with round-shaped heads and muzzles. Their tails curl up behind their back, and their fur is usually white in color.


These pups are highly energetic in nature and love to spend their time with their family.

They might be a little stubborn sometimes that makes them challenging to train. But once you build a connection with your little pup, it can be easy for you to train them.

They are also very alert animals that are very protective of their family. They also do not require much exercise. Their everyday 30-minute walk will give them all the exercise they need to keep them fit.

Overall, they are very affectionate and sociable pets when trained properly.

Papillon Maltese Mix (Papitese)

The Papitese is an adorable hybrid pup resulting from a crossbreed between the Papillon and the Maltese dogs.


The Papitese comes in one primary color: white. They have a coat of medium length, and their fur has tiny wave patterns on it.

This pup has big, round, brown eyes and can have the ears of either the Maltese or the Papillon pup. They have a medium-sized snout and a similar-sized black nose.


The Maltillon pups are highly playful little hybrids but can be easily scared by harsh vocal sounds. It requires a lot of attention from its family and they especially caring towards children.

They are very loyal and have a protective nature towards their family, and they are always on the lookout.

Although they are relatively easy to train, their Maltese genes make it a little problematic. Training using a crate is the best method for this pup but do not keep them isolated for too long!

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Papillon Pekingese Mix (Peke-A-Pap)

The parent breeds of this hybrid pup are the Papillon and the Pekingese dogs. They are very energetic dogs that love spending time with people.

They are also known as the Papanese.


These hybrid pups have very fuzzy ears and have round, flat faces. Their fur is very long, straight, and soft, and this requires you to brush them every day if you don’t want to deal with knots.

They only weigh an average of 11 pounds and grow to a height of 11 inches.


The Papanese pup makes excellent family pets for those who have older kids. They do not quickly get along with small children, and you need to monitor their behavior around them.

They are very high-spirited animals and have a very protective nature towards their family.

Training can be a little tricky since they can get bossy at times, but this can be easily tackled using tasty treats as rewards for good behavior.

Papillon Westie Mix (Westillon)

This cute canine is a hybrid mix between a Papillon and a Westie. These pups are very courageous and playful.

They love getting along with people and are very easy to train.


The standout feature of this pup is its coat. It is very long and can be either entirely white or have colorful patches on them.

They have beautiful brown eyes and a tiny black nose with triangular-shaped ears.

They have a very compact body, and the tail is curled up over its back.


These are spirited, lively pups that loving spending time with people. They love the attention they get and do not handle isolation well.

They also get along with other pups without any issues. They can also often be seen chasing any small birds or squirrels.

They tend to get a little agitated sometimes and cause trouble for the owners, but this can easily be fixed with proper training.

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Papillon Blue Heeler Mix (Blue Papillon)

It is an adorable breed between the Papillon and the Blue Heeler pups.


The Blue Papillon is a toy-sized pup and has a lifespan of 13 to 15 years. They have round brown eyes and a snout that tapers to the nose.

They have either short or medium-sized coats and colors of white, black, red, orange, etc. Their fur is also soft to touch, and you can brush this once a week.


These hybrids are courageous pups that are very energetic and loving towards people. They love spending time with children, but it can take a while to get used to them.

Training is also effortless as they like impressing their owners. They also learn things very quickly and are very adaptable pups.

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Papillon Pitbull Mix (Papbull)

This little canine is a hybrid mix between Papillon and Pitbull dogs. The Pitbull is slightly bigger than the Papillon, but the hybrid of these is small in size.

These are affectionate, intelligent dogs that get along with everyone making them perfect house pets.


The coat of the Papbull is soft to touch and comes in a wide range of colors. They have a medium-sized face with round, brown eyes and a long muzzle.

They have a sturdy build and can run fast.


The Papbull is a brilliant dog that is capable of sensing danger nearby. They are very protective about their people, and this keeps them very alert.

They love spending time with humans and are incredibly affectionate towards them.

They are also straightforward to train as they love to please their owners.

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Final Thoughts

All the pups mentioned above are adorable breeds and can liven up the spirit of your house.

These canine companions are an excellent addition to your home. If you decide to take one of these homes, don’t forget to shower them with all your love and affection!

In return, they will cherish your love and look over your family.