21 of the Most Popular Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Mix Breeds

By John Martin - January 27, 2022

Are you a big fan of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel? Well, here’s a piece of good news for all you Cavalier lovers. They are available in several mixed breeds as well.

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel traces its roots to British history. This breed combines the smooth alertness of a toy breed and the active athletics of a sporty spaniel. Let’s take a look at 21 of the most popular Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Mix Breeds.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel American Eskimo Mix (Cav-A-Mo)

The Cav-A-Mo is obtained by mix breeding a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and an American Eskimo breed. They are known by several other names, other than Cavamo and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel American Eskimo mix breed.


Cav-A-Mo can vary between a number of colors. It is a mix between the white coat of the American Eskimo dog and the different possible coat colors of the Cavalier. An American Eskimo can, therefore, bred with a Tricolor, Blenheim, Ruby, and Black and Tan. The resultant Cav-A-Mo appears accordingly.

It gets the long and fluffy hair coat from its American Eskimo parent dog. With curls on the tail and the back, it is one solid, handsome-looking dog.


The temperament of this mixed breed is almost impossible to predict. From its parent American Eskimo dog and the Cavalier, generally, Cav-A-Mos are smart, easy-to-train dogs. They are mature and calm companion dogs who love to be around their family.

Cavamos are highly energetic and are joyful around kids. They are also good at following your commands. Overall, they are lovely affectionate family dogs.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Jack Russell Terrier Mix (Cav-A-Jack)


The Cav-A-Jack is obtained by cross-breeding a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Jack Russell Terrier dogs. These breeds are popular for their energetic and friendly nature that they inherited from their parent breeds.


There is no guarantee as to which physical trait Cav-A-Jacks may pick up from which of their parents. Usually, Cav-A-Jacks have a silky medium coat of wavy hair. Sometimes, some Cav-A-Jacks may also develop short, coarse hair inherited from their parent Jack Russel Terrier.

This designer dog breed varies in its color coat. They may be black, brown, or red, or even tri-colored as a mix of both the parent breeds.


Cav-A-Jacks are lively, fun-loving little doggos. Inherited from their parent Jack Russell Terrier, these little dogs tend to grow up to be intelligent dogs. Moreover, they get their calmness from the parent Cavalier.

The hybrid Cav-A-Jack, thus, grows up to be an extremely calm family dog. Although they are calm dogs, they still have their mischievous fun side to them. Never leave them outside unattended, for they will spring over your fence and run about. Nevertheless, you won’t regret owning these cute hybrids as your new family member.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Chihuahua Mix (Chilier)

The Chilier is obtained by breeding a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Chihuahua dog breed. The Chilier mix-breeds are known to be extremely social, fun-loving, friendly dogs who get their affectionate traits from both their parents.


The parent breeds of the Cavalier and the Chihuahua both differ in their size and appearances. While the Chihuahua differ among themselves in the length of their coat, Blenheim, Chestnut, and white coats are common among Cavaliers.

The resultant Chilier of these breeds is most probably going to have a long and soft coat of hair. They tend to grow up with beautiful, round, big eyes, bulged out just like their parent breeds.


The Chiliers are generally friend;y, social dogs who are loyal to their owner. Their outgoing temperament makes them fun to be around. Chiliers are companion dogs and bond easily with the family. However, they may sometimes show signs of stubbornness or aggression towards other animals.

They tend to easily socialize with strangers, which makes them not that good as watchdogs. But if you want a family companion, they won’t disappoint you.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Australian Shepherd Mix (Aussalier)

An Aussalier is obtained by cross-breeding a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and an Australian Shepherd dog. Aussaliers started in the year 2013 and have since been a popular hybrid dog.


Both the parent breeds of the Australian Shepherd and the Cavalier are small dogs of 13-16 inches in height. Their mix-bred hybrid Aussalier come out to be typically the same in appearance as their parents. Big eyes with their ears on their round and flat head describe their basic looks.

Overall, Aussaliers are cute little hybrids with no fixed variations of the appearance of their parent traits in them.


Typically, Aussaliers are fun, playful dogs with traits inherited from their Aussie and Cavalier parent dogs. Aussaliers are extremely smart and are loyal to their owner. These little social doggos are tremendously affectionate and loving towards you.

Aussaliers are, overall, family dogs and always enjoy your company. They are not that vocal except for the time when they get too bored or too excited. If you are someone who loves to have company most parts of the day, Aussaliers will make a great fit for you.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Golden Retriever Mix (Golden Cavalier)

Golden Cavaliers are obtained by crossbreeding Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Golden Retriever dog breeds. They are immensely growing popular among dog lovers. Both these breeds are known to be friends and family dogs.


The golden Cavaliers look like the mini version of the Golden Retriever and thus resemble them a lot in their appearance. Hence, Golden cavaliers are also called mini or petite Golden Retriever. They differ in the variants of their coat color. You’ll find them in fawn, white, or yellow coats of fur.


As both the parent breed dogs are people lovers, the Golden cavaliers grow to be the same. They are affectionate, moderately energetic companion dogs. Golden Cavaliers are naturally patient dogs who socialize well with the kid when the breeders take proper care of their socialization skills.

However, only after early socialization, these hybrids can mix up with other family pets in the house.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Welsh Corgi Mix (Cava-Corgi)

The Cava Corgi is obtained by cross breeding the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Cava Corgis portray the best traits of the combo of their parent breeds. They are extremely energetic, sweet, and social hybrid dogs.


The Cava Corgis are generally small in their size and weigh around 14 pounds. They tend to obtain the best traits of both their parent counterparts. Cava Corgis take up the short height of their Corgi parent and the long hair of their Cavalier parent breed. Overall, Cava Corgis grow up to have a long body with short legs.


Corgis are intelligent breeds with a happy personality. They are cheerful and fun around children and other pets in the family. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are loving and affectionate doggos.

Cava Corgis, thus, come out to be great loyal family dogs, who are fun, loving, affectionate, as well as make good watchdogs. They love being around their family and sometimes may go through separation anxiety like their parent Cavalier breed dog.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Schnauzer Mix (King Schnauzer)

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The King Schnauzer is obtained by cross breeding a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a toy Schnauzer. This combo comes out to be companion dogs who are loving, friendly, social, and playful in nature. There is no guarantee of the mixed traits of this designer dog.


The King Schnauzer reflects the character traits of both its parent breed dogs. King Schnauzers have flappy ears that fall onto the sides of their face. Typically, these designer dog breeds take up the texture of their Schnauzer parent while they develop a combination of both the parents’ color coats and patterns.


The highly energetic King Schnauzers are known to be extremely playful who like to be around their family. They love children and are affectionate towards them. These designer dogs have a tendency to be curious about new things and people, which makes them great watchdogs.

They also portray great intelligence from their parent Cavalier. Their active athletics maintain their daily physical exercises. But these dogs tend to get stubborn at times which might be challenging for the owner. Nevertheless, with the correct socialization from the beginning, they grow up to be well-mannered dogs.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Yorkshire Terrier Mix (King Charles Yorkie)

The King Charles Yorkies have obtained cross breeding a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Yorkshire Terrier. These parent dogs are both companion lovers, and with varying character traits, their mix bred dogs turn out to be unique combinations of companion dogs.


The King Charles Yorkie is a small dog with soft, long, and furry, and silky hair that comes in different colors. They vary in color among blue, tan, or white patches like either of their parent breeds. The King Charles Yorkie may differ from every mixed breed among themselves.

These designer dogs have loose ears with hair feathering on them. Their big button eyes give them a curious and cute look. Their small, black nose seems to complement the dainty muzzle. But do not let their angelic appearance fool you too soon.


The King Charles Yorkie has a patient demeanor by nature inherited from their parent breeds. Extremely loyal and affectionate as they are, King Charles Yorkie loves children and being around their family. However, these little munchkins are attention seekers as well.

You would love these brave protective dogs as a new addition to your family.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Scottish Terrier Mix (Cavottish)

The Cavottish is a cross-bred dog of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Scottish terrier. These two breeds are quite different from each other, and so their combination makes an interesting one. The Cavottish are known to be calm and quiet, with a tinge of playfulness within them.


The Cavottish breed dogs are barrel-shaped in their appearance who stand on tiny legs. These dogs come in both black and white patch variants of color coats with brown spots on their feet. The hairy coat of these dogs starts with a soft layer that grows to curl up on the top. Some of them may even have some hints of facial hair.


The temperaments of the Cavottish take both from the Cavalier counterpart as well as the Scottish Terrier. As such, the Cavottish turn out to be brave, loyal, smart, and cheerful dogs who are also great watchdogs.

 The Cavottish breed may be somewhat difficult to train. However, they tend to be quite well-mannered around their family and especially around kids. These are friendly dogs, and you’ll certainly love being around them.

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Papillon Mix (Cava-Lon)

A Cava-Lon is obtained by cross-breeding a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Papillon. Usually, these breeds come in the colors of brown, black, silver, black and tan, white, or red. These are long and silky hairy-coated lovely doggos.


Cava-Lons are small-sized dogs with coats of different colors. They have long, silky hairy coats that need regular grooming to avoid matting of fur at home. These designer dogs have dark brown, medium-sized eyes with a curious look on their face all the time.

The Cava-Lons may have longer ears depending on the dominant of their parents or fringed ears. That is upright on top of their head.


Cheerful as they are, Cava-Lons are playful dogs. They are loyal to their owner and love being with the family. These dogs love children and are also social with other family pets. They are fairly alert most of the time and make great watchdogs as well.

However, they might need some extra care for their daily dose of exercise. They love chasing around you or playing with you and little attention seekers.

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Bichon Frise Mix (Cavachon)


The Cavachon is obtained by mix breeding the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Bichon Frise dog breeds. The Cavachon pups portray some of the best character traits of their parent breeds. These dogs are small, spunky, and fun-loving little munchkins.


You can’t be really sure of the physical traits that a Cavachon will develop from their parent counterparts. However, you can expect similarities in their looks. They may take the coat color and the fur texture from the cavalier breed while the ears and the eyes from the Bichon Frise breed.

There are no specific certainty levels to learn their traits here.


The Cavachon resembles their parents in terms of their character traits to a great extent. These dogs are a fantastic combo of their parent dogs. These dogs are attention seekers and absolute happy dogs who’d lift your mood on a bad day easily. They are intelligent social dogs who are good around other pets and kids.

Moreover, these dogs are adaptable to any living conditions. You can bring them to join your family in the village, city, or town. They will adjust themselves in an apartment, a house, or anywhere else.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Japanese Chin Mix (Cavachin)

Languid Luna

Cavachins are obtained by cross breeding the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Japanese Chin. These two breeds are charming dogs who are smart, spirited, playful, with an enchanting demeanor. The Cavachin designer dogs are adorable and charming creatures.


Cavachin’s physical traits depend on the dominant parent breed of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel or the Japanese Chin. Accordingly, their appearance shall reveal their parental physical features. Chava-chins come in white, red, brown, black, or fawn markings.

These dogs have medium or long hair coats that may be curly or wavy. Following their Japanese Chin parent, these dogs may come up with big, wide eyes and feathered ears.


Cavachins are sweet temperamental doggos. With a fun sense of humor, these companion dogs have an impish personality. These are obedient dogs with a good memory. They’ll remember it well if someone has been mean to them. So, you must stay clear of that impression, you see.

Cavachins are companion dogs and loved being around their family, and hence, sometimes may face separation anxiety. Nevertheless, they are highly energetic dogs who love playing with the kids at home.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Pomeranian Mix (Cavapom)


Cavapoms are obtained by cross breeding the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with Pomeranians. These mixed breeds turn out to be cute, social, playful, and friendly dogs.


It is almost impossible to predict the appearance of these designer dogs. However, there are some specific physical characteristics that are quite typical. Cavapoms develop almond-shaped eyes that are brown in color and have upright ears like those of Spitz.

Like their parents, the Cavapoms grow up to have medium-length hair of a silky coat. They have hairy tails that flop on their back.


Cavapoms are typically friendly dogs with affectionate, outgoing, and happy temperaments. These dogs are easy to train and are extremely people pleasers. They are confident and intelligent and are natural leaders who are loyal to their owners. God training makes them great family dogs.

They are not meant for kennels and appreciate their life around people. They have a problem being great watchdogs as well. Just bark at strangers out of curiosity would be enough to notify you of intruders. They are attention seekers and mix well with other pets and small children.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Pekingese Mix (Pekalier)

A Pekalier is obtained by cross breeding a Cavalier King Chares Spaniel and a Pekingese. These breeds are small in size, and both are known to be companion dogs. Pekaliers have moderate needs for physical exercises and are quite easy like their parents.


The appearance of Pekaliers depends on the dominant characteristics of the one parent among the Cavalier and the Pekingese. You can’t be sure of the characteristics of this designer breed. They usually have a companion-sturdy build with cream, black, red, and brown coat colors.

Their coat is typical of medium length, and their hair is wavy with feathered ears like the parent Cavalier breed.


Typically, Pekaliers are not very fond of kids. So, if you have any children at home, Pekaliers aren’t the ones you want to take home. They are, however, affectionate and smart dogs overall. Pekaliers do not like hugged too much, and kids tend to do that playfully, which is why it’s best to keep them both away from each other.

Pekaliers are easy-to-train dogs who are well around other dogs and respond positively to small rewards of good behavior.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Cocker Spaniel Mix (Cockalier)

The Cockalier is obtained by mix breeding a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Cocker Spaniel. These dogs, known to be friendly, loyal, smart, and gentle, take the best character traits from their parents.


Cocker Cavaliers are designer breeds, and hence, there are no specific physical traits but some which depend on their parent breeds. These dogs have a thick coat of hair. The hair might be either curly, wavy, or both. Cocker Spaniels are beautiful doggos with their long hanging ears.

They have very sensitive eyes and a docked tail. Overall, these dogs are adorable in their appearance.


Cockaliers are people pleasers, or rather you can call them attention seekers. You’ll be right both ways. Their easygoing nature makes them extremely social and playful. These dogs love to be around kids, but owing to their size, they might get easily hurt while snooping around.

This designed breed is known to be non-aggressive, and they aren’t quite the barkers. However, they are also not fond of strangers. These dogs are quick learners and make great companion dogs, even for life in an apartment.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Poodle Mix (Cavapoo)

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The Cavapoo is a mixed breed formed by cross breeding a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle. These designer breed dogs are playful and smart with the best of the characteristics from their parent breeds.


Cavapoo puppies may take up the physical traits of either parent, and you can’t really be sure of how they might come out to be. Inherited from their parents, the Cavapoos are small and sturdy little animals with sweet expressions. They have long hair coats that may be wavy or curly.

The Cavapoos come in different color coats depending on the color of their parent breeds. They may be silver, blue, gray, brown, apricot, cream, or any such mute colors.


Cavapoos are loving and loyal creatures who are extremely social and are also known to be lap dogs. They are good watchdogs as well, and taking the best of the traits from both the parent breeds, these dogs do not show any signs of aggression. They are intelligent and trusting dogs who sometimes may behave dependently.

These dogs just love kids and if you have one at home, take a Cavapoo home right away. It may be one of your best decisions!

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Labrador Retriever Mix (Cavador)

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The Cavador can be obtained by crossbreeding the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Labrador Retriever. These designer breed dogs are popular in their yellow or golden shades or black coat colors with white markings on their chest area, toes, face, or tail tip. They are also available in red or cream coat colors.


Cavador breed dogs are often yellow or golden in their color appearance but can also be black, red, or cream in their coat colors. They have water-resistant medium-length hair coats that are soft and smooth to touch and dense to feel. Almond-shaped, brown eyes give them the look of sparkly eyes.

Their ears have feathers around them. The mixed-breed collects many such traits from their parent breeds.


The Cavadors are people lovers and prefer being in the presence of their family. They are extremely gentle-natured and love it around children. Even kids regard these dogs as their ideal playmates and teach them childish tricks to play with. The Cavadors respond to their tactics equally. This is why they make such great family pets.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Pug Mix (Pugalier)

The Pugalier is a crossbreed of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Pug. These small breeds are known to be smart and intelligent, as well as adorable and loyal designer breed dogs.


Typically, Pugaliers tend to develop round heads like their Cavalier parent breed with muzzles short lie the Pug. These dogs have floppy ears and soft feathers kind of feel to the fur. These dogs usually have short coats of hair.


The Pugalier loves being around their family and is, therefore, a companion dog. They behave well around kids, other dogs, and pets of the house as well. These dogs have a playful nature as well. Since these designer breed dogs love being around family, they may sometimes go through separation anxiety.

One family member with them at all times keeps them all boosted all day.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Shiba Inu Mix (Cava Inu)

The Cava Inu is obtained by cross breeding a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with a Shiba Inu. First-time dog owners would just appreciate the ownership of such child-friendly dogs. These cross-breeds are loyal and mischievous at the same time.


The parent breeds of this cross-breed rarely have things in common. As such, the traits of the Cava Inu will be unique too. The Cava Inus have shorter hair coats with a soft undercoat of hair. They would grow up with a strong and sturdy build. Moreover, these dogs have long ears and a perky nose inherited from their parents.


Cava Inus are friendly temperamental loving dogs who love being around their family. Early training would encourage these pups to become firm leaders. While they are social, they mix well with other dogs, pets, and children as well. These dogs seldom bark yet are extremely playful.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Maltese Mix (Cav-A-Malt)

The Cav-A-Malt is a combination of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Maltese. These two handsome breeds cook up to make the best possible combination of their impeccable traits. These dogs are also known as Cavamalt, Maltalier, or Malt-A-Lier, other than Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Maltese mix.


The Cavamalt is a gorgeous mix of different color coats with silky soft fur. They have tempered muzzles and a spunky attitude. These dogs have large deep expressive eyes that appear to be bulging, floppy ears, and upturned, dark noses.


Cavamalts have different temperaments, just like they have different physical features. Nevertheless, they make loyal and affectionate house pets and companion dogs as well. These dogs are not so energetic and, thus, do not require you to take them outside for their regular walk. They are social dogs who love being around people.

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Shih Tzu Mix (Cava-Tzu)

The Cava-Tzu is obtained by cross-breeding a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Shih Tzu. These are sweet and headstrong dogs who are small in their size. Their easygoing personality makes them mix up with the family very easily.


Cava-Tzus take up the curly and fluffed ears from their Cavalier parent breed while their coat color differs among black, white, brown, ruby, and tan. These dogs, however, take up more of their physical traits from their Shih Tzu parent counterpart. These dogs have thick, curly, and silky coats.


Cava-Tzus are companion dogs who love being around their family. The Cavaliers and the Shih Tzus share certain characteristics, such as friendliness, loyalty, inquisitiveness, and playfulness. As such, their cross-breed produces these beautiful character traits.

Wrapping Up

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dogs are British-origin dogs that, over the years, have cross-bred with many other breeds. This results in unique and designer breeds, creating more and more varieties.

You may find in your dog the characteristics you are looking for when you bring home company!