18 Westie Mix Breeds You Will Love

By John Martin - April 5, 2023

The West Highland White Terrier, commonly referred to as ‘Westies’, is quite popular among dog lovers. A breed that originated from Scotland, the medium-sized terrier has a characteristic white wiry coat and an undercoat that is white and soft. Considered to be hypoallergenic, the Westie is an excellent and lovable pet to have at home.

Today, with designer dog breeds becoming very popular, Westies are being cross bred with many other dog breeds. And, if you love the Westie, then you’re sure to adore the Westie hybrids with various other lovable dog breeds. Read on to know more about some of the popular Westie mixes along with their very cute designer breed names.

Westie Chihuahua Mix (Chestie)


The Chestie also called the Chi-westie or Chiwestie is a toy-sized crossbreed of a Westie (West Highland White Terrier) and a Chihuahua. Typically, a Chestie has a lifespan of around 10-13 years.

Chestie Appearance

The scruffy-faced Chestie is a small-sized dog weighing around 5-10 lb and 8-10 inches. Often, Chesties have erect ears with a folded tip or sometimes, they have floppy ears. They tend to be white like a Westie or have a mixed coloring from the Chihuahua. Also, they may have a short to long coat which can be smooth and silky or wiry. The tail is usually not very thick and may be erect or hanging down.

Chestie Temperament

Chesties are friendly and affectionate dogs and love to cuddle. They are very intelligent dogs and are quite independent. They are energetic and playful and make great companions for people who lead busy lives because they are low maintenance and do not need a lot of exercise. Chesties can be a bit demanding and need your constant attention but can be shy and wary around strangers.

Westie Poodle Mix (Westiepoo)

Westiepoo Westie Poodle Mix

Quite a popular designer dog breed, the Westiepoo, Wee-Poo or Westidoodle is a hybrid between a Westie and a Miniature or Toy Poodle. The cute, fluffy hybrid is a sturdy hybrid with a great personality. The minimal shedding and compact nature make Westiepoos an excellent fit for apartments.

Westiepoo Appearance

Since Westiepoos are a hybrid between a small- and medium-sized dog, their size can vary. Typically, Westiepoo adults weigh around 20-30 lb and can vary between 11-17 inches in height. And, Westiepoos are often described as looking like teddy bears. Typically, they have short to medium-length, lightweight, soft and wavy hair with coloring of variations of white and shades of brown, tan or black. They are a low-shedding breed and easy to maintain.

Westiepoo Temperament

Westiepoos are intelligent, sociable and loving dogs that bond very easily and love human companionship. Although they are not aggressive by nature, they can become short tempered and wary around visitors and strangers, which makes them great watchdogs.

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Westie Cairn Mix (Cairland Terrier)

Cairland Terrier

Cairland Terriers are a mix of the Westie and Cairn Terrier. These are small dogs that are sensitive, yet social and have a lot of spunk.

Cairland Terrier Appearance

The Cairland Terrier is a small-sized dog and has short well-built legs. Weighing around 13-21 lb and 20-35 cms in height, the pooch has a compact body that is strong and muscled. Cairland Terriers may be shaggy and wiry with an undercoat that’s quite dense. Cairland Terriers have widely set eyes with prominent eyebrows and small and pointed ears. Cairland Terriers have a medium-length coat and they can be fawn, tan, cream, brown, black or even white in color. The tail of the Cairland Terrier is short and upright.

Cairland Terrier Temperament

Cairland Terriers are feisty dogs with a strong personality and high self-esteem. They can be somewhat stubborn but eager to please. They have a tendency to bark and love to dig, explore and play.

Westie Miniature Schnauzer Mix (Wauzer)

Wauzer puppies in the grass

The Westie Schnauzer mix, also called a Wauzer, is a small-sized shaggy dog, which is a hybrid between a Westie and a Schnauzer. The pooch is considered hypoallergenic because it doesn’t shed a lot and usually has a lifespan of around 10-12 years.

Wauzer Appearance

Wauzers have a long body and short legs and a stocky build. They are around 7-12 inches in height, weigh around 7-18 lb and can have silver, black, white, red or brindle. They have a long and wiry overcoat and a dense undercoat. They can have floppy or erect ears, a long tail and brown eyes.

Wauzer Temperament

Wauzers are generally happy, active, outgoing and extroverted dogs. They are very intelligent, affectionate and loves to cuddle. They love plenty of attention, being fussed over and played with They are great family dogs and wonderful companions. Wauzers love running around, jumping, digging, chewing things and swimming.

Westie Shih Tzu Mix (Weshi)

The Weshi also called Westie Tzu or West Highland Tzu is a crossbreed of a Westie and Shih Tzu. A small-sized dog, Weshis generally have a lifespan of around 10-15 years.

Weshi Appearance

Weshis are small pooches weighing around 16-20 lb and are 9-12 inches tall. They have a medium or long coat that can be soft or coarse, wavy to curly. Commonly, Weshis come in colors such as brown, tan, white or black and they have floppy ears.

Weshi Temperament

Weshis are friendly, happy dogs that are high on energy. They are loyal and affectionate and enjoy getting plenty of attention. They are intelligent but can be wary of children and with some socialization, they can be excellent reliable family dogs.

Westie Beagle Mix (West of Argyll Terrier)

Westie playing with beagles

The West of Argyll Terrier is a mix between a West Highland White Terrier and a Beagle. West of Argyll Terriers are playful and gentle dogs and are great for apartment living.

West of Argyll Terrier Appearance

West of Argyll Terriers are small-sized dogs with compact sturdy bodies, weighing around 16-25 lb and are around 11-15 inches in height. They have slightly rounded and heavy skulls with a flat, wide furry muzzle, which makes it look like they have a mustache. West of Argyll Terriers have folded ears, big brown eyes and a black nose that is wide and round. They have a shaggy appearance and have a double coat of fur. The overcoat is rough and the undercoat is soft and dense. The fur is a short-to-medium length and can be black, white, cream, brown, fawn, brindle or multi-colored.

West of Argyll Terrier Temperament

West of Argyll Terriers are self-confident and independent dogs and can be trained to be good watchdogs. They bark a lot. Moderately intelligent, these pooches can be quite stubborn and they need patience and consistent handling. They are playful and lively dogs and need exercise and walks daily.

Westie Bichon Frise Mix (Wee-Chon)

Happy Dog

Also called the Westie Bichon, the Westion and the Highland Frise, the Wee-Chon is a real cute pooch that you will surely want to pick up and cuddle. The Wee-Chon is a hybrid of a Westie and Bichon Frise.

Wee-Chon Appearance

Wee-Chons weigh around 15 lb and are around 9-12 inches in height. Usually, white in color, they may sometimes be black and white. Wee-Chons have a triangular head, a flat and short muzzle and a very cute face. They have double-coated fur that is long, straight and silky or wavy and wiry. They have dark and round eyes, a black nose and folded or straight ears.

Wee-Chon Temperament

Wee-Chons are very playful, energetic and loving dogs who are very gentle with kids and elders. They are very loyal, will keep you company, cuddle and snuggle up with you. They are very easy to train and are fantastic pets. While generally, Wee-Chons have a cheerful temperament, they can become aggressive around bigger dogs. However, they get along quite well with other pets, cats, etc.

Westie Boston Terrier Mix (Bostie)

Bostie Westie Boston Terrier Mix

Bosties are a mix of Boston Terrier and Westie. They are very curious, determined and energetic dogs. They have a lifespan of around 10-14 years and are fantastic family dogs.

Bostie Appearance

Bosties have the facial features of a Westie and a body of a Boston Terrier. They have a compact and small body and muzzle. They are usually around 14-20 lb and grow to a height of around 10-15 inches. They have a dense, long and wiry coat and can typically be found in colors such as black and white, brindle and brown. They have dark eyes, triangular erect ears and a sharp jaw. They have fairly thin legs with cat-like rounded paws.

Bostie Temperament

Generally, Bosties are social and happy dogs. They are extroverts, are friendly to kids and develop a great attachment to their owners but they may be shy around strangers. The pleasant disposition of Bosties makes them great family pets and companions. Bosties are quite independent, which may make it difficult to train them and when they become restless, they start barking and digging. Bosties are quite sensitive and can become shy or timid if they are mistreated.

Westie Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Mix (Cavestie)

Maxie 5 1/2 Months

A cross between a Westie and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, the Cavestie are friendly, affectionate and smart dogs that get along with people of all ages and other pets too.

Cavestie Appearance

These are small and sturdy dogs with a slightly rounded head and a short, blunt and tapered muzzle. They have a black nose and wide nostrils, large, round and expressive eyes and shaggy eyebrows. They have short and sturdy legs and a long and fluffy tail. The fur may be slightly wavy or straight but has a silky feel. Cavesties come in different colors depending on the parents’ genes like pure white, brown, black and white and they may or may not have patches of color.

Cavestie Temperament

Cavesties are very intelligent and friendly. They love people and can play with other dogs for very long. They are extremely active and love attention and to snuggle up. They are always eager to please and are loyal and devoted. They are not destructive by nature and make great pets and are ideal for apartments. If you ignore them for long, they bark for attention, which can become a habit that’s hard to break. With their enticing eyes and gentle affection, Cavesties are sure to be an excellent family pet.

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Westie Yorkie Mix (Fourche Terrier)

Sticking Your Tongue Out Over the Water

The Fourche Terrier is also known as the Yorkie West and West Highland Yorkie and is a hybrid between a Westie and a Yorkshire Terrier. They are highly energetic dogs and are always willing to please. Alert and cheerful, Fourche Terriers can be stubborn sometimes, but they make great pets.

Fourche Terrier Appearance

Since both Westies as well as Yorkies are small-sized dogs, the Fourche Terrier is also quite small. Usually around 9 inches tall, they are around 12-15 lb in weight. Fourche Terriers have rough and thick, medium to long fur and can be of any color such as black, white, chocolate, dark brown, light brown, gold, cream and white, brindle, spotted, merle, etc. They have large, drooping ears, that stand up erect when they are listening to something. The furry pooch has a black nose, big, dark eyes and a small rounded head.

Fourche Terrier Temperament

Fourche Terriers are friendly and happy dogs. They learn quickly and love playing, although they can be quite stubborn at times. They get along quite well with other pets and older kids but may have to be trained to accept smaller kids.

Westie Pomeranian Mix (Weeranian)


The Weeranian is a mix between a Pomeranian and Westie. With a cheerful and pleasant disposition, the Weeranian is a great addition to the family. Weeranians are happy in a home with or without a yard to run around and do equally well in an apartment.

Weeranian Appearance

A small-statured dog, the Weeranian is around 1 foot, fully grown and around 15 lb in weight and usually, the female Weeranian is smaller than the male. Weeranians usually have long hair, which may be straight or curly and needs moderate grooming. Weeranians come in different colors like tan, black, red, white or brown. They have long facial hair and may sometimes have a ruff like the Pomeranian. They have erect ears and a medium, straight tail with long hair. They have short legs with small and delicate feet.

Weeranian Temperament

Weeranians are energetic and lively dogs with a loving and sweet disposition. They are extroverts and love meeting people. Weeranians are quite easy to train and are generally eager to please. They are most happy when they get a lot of attention and sometimes you may find your Weeranian following you from one room to another. Weeranians generally don’t like being left alone for long. They get along with kids, other dogs and pets.

Westie Maltese Mix (Highland Maltie)

A hybrid between a Westie and Maltese, the Highland Maltie has a blend of fearless and bold characteristics along with being very fun loving. The feisty little pooch is an excellent family dog who loves children and pets. The highly intelligent dog has a very sweet temperament and is a great companion dog who’s good with kids and other pets.

Highland Maltie Appearance

With a pure white coat and erect carriage, the Highland Maltie is rightly described as elegant and noble. They have a compact body and short legs. Highland Malties have a black nose, erect ears that fold at the top, dark and expressive eyes and fluffy eyebrows with feathering around their muzzle. They have a silky long coat and a curled up fluffy tail. They have small, fluffy paws with black rounded pads.

Highland Maltie Temperament

The Highland Maltie has a lot of character. They are bold, fearless and have a sense of self-importance, but at the same time, they are extremely lovable. While generally peaceful, Highland Malties will get into a fight when provoked. They tend to chase smaller animals and can get nippy if irritated. So, they need socialization and if you have small kids, their play must be supervised. Highland Malties are quite feisty and can be quite stubborn. They learn tricks very quickly and love being the center of all attention. Highland Malties tend to bark a lot and when they get bored, they dig and so they need to be kept entertained.

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Westie Havanese Mix (Havanestie)


A mix between a Westie and Havanese, Havanesties are confident and energetic dogs with a very sweet and gentle temperament making them excellent companion dogs.

Havanestie Appearance

Havanesties are small, well-built dogs with a white-haired double coat like the Westie; although you can see them in other colors and combinations too. Havanesties have short and muscular legs with compact feet. They have a high-set tail that stands upright. They have round heads with triangular ears and if they have ears like the Havanese, they are low-set and folded and have a lot of feathering. Havanesties have a big black nose and a blunt muzzle which tapers to the end with a scissor bite.

Havanestie Temperament

Havanesties are very cheerful, active and affectionate dogs. They love kids; however, may be suited for older kids because of their small size. These dogs are very intelligent and easy to train. They are highly energetic dogs and need regular exercise.

Westie Pug Mix (Pugland)

Pugland terrier

Puglands are a cross between a Westie and a pug. Since both parents are quite small, Puglands also tend to be small built. They never grow over a foot and usually weigh around 15 lb. These pooches are excellent family dogs and get along quite well with other pets.

Pugland Appearance

Puglands are small-sized dogs with a short torso and legs. Their coat is usually medium to long and straight with a fluffy and soft undercoat. These dogs usually come in colors such as black, white or brown and may have a chest patch and light-colored beard. Puglands have a small round head with triangular, furry and floppy ears. They have a small black nose and large dark brown round eyes with an inquisitive expression.

Pugland Temperament

Although Puglands are small in size, they have the confidence of a much larger dog and will not back off from protecting their family from any perceived threat. They like playing with other animals, but cannot be trusted with smaller animals like rabbits, guinea pigs and kittens. They are quite easy to train, but may be stubborn and need patience and consistent efforts.

Westie Scottish Terrier Mix (Scoland Terrier)


Scoland Terriers are a mix of a Westie and a Scottish Terrier, both originally from Scotland. Scoland Terriers have the best combination of characteristics and are intelligent, playful, loyal, energetic, loving and slightly aggressive. This bright and happy pooch is sure to become the darling of your home.

Scoland Terrier Appearance

Scoland Terriers tend to have the head of the Westie and body of the Scottish Terrier. Usually, they are black with white markings, although some may be wheatish colored. They have a black nose, round, dark and bright eyes, triangular, upright ears and a medium-length, fluffy tail. They have a hard or wiry coat with a soft and dense undercoat.

Scoland Terrier Temperament

Scoland Terriers are usually intelligent, lovable, playful, affectionate and fun dogs and are sensitive to their family and surroundings. They must be socialized to get along with your kids, other pets and strangers. Scoland Terriers have strong hunting instincts, a trait inherited from both parents and they tend to dig. They have high energy levels and left alone for long periods of time, they can get bored and indulge in destructive behavior.

Westie Silky Terrier Mix (Silkland Terrier)

Westie X Silky

A cross between a Westie and Silky Terrier, the Silkland Terrier is an adorable ball of energy and liveliness that you can’t help but cuddle. They love sitting on laps and make wonderful additions to families.

Silkland Terrier Appearance

Silkland Terriers weigh around 15-20 lb and grow to 9-11 inches height. They have a silky, dense coat and come in colors like white, black, cream or brown. They have a black nose, dark brown, almond-shaped eyes and small, high set V-shaped ears that are usually erect and scissor bite. They have a short tail shaped like a carrot.

Silkland Terrier Temperament

Silkland Terriers are sweet, friendly, affectionate and intelligent dogs that are very energetic, active, lively and playful. They get along quite well with kids and other household pets. They bark occasionally but are very vocal when approached by a stranger, which makes them excellent watchdogs. Silkland Terriers have a high hunting instinct and have a tendency to wander and so it is ideal to keep them in a fenced yard or on a leash when they’re outside.

Westie Lhasa Apso Mix (Westie-Laso)

This is Shadow, a westie x lhasa apso. We had a great session in a wooded area yesterday and I am super chuffed with how the photos came out.

Westie-Lasos are a mix of the Lhasa Apso and Westie and are intelligent, good-tempered dogs. They are quite playful but somewhat independent and sometimes even stubborn. Nevertheless, they are excellent family pets and their size and exercise needs make them suitable for smaller spaces.

Westie-Laso Appearance

Westie-Lasos are small sized-dogs, which weigh around 20 lb and are less than 1-foot in height. They have a long, straight coat and come in varied colors. They have dark, round inquisitive eyes with exaggerated eyebrows. They have a short nose and a mustache. Although they are small sized, they are strongly built and have a muscular chest and legs. They have upright, folded or cocked ears and short or medium tails that may have extra fluff.

Westie-Laso Temperament

Westie-Lasos generally have a pleasant disposition; however, their mood can change quickly. They are playful, affectionate and funny in familiar surroundings, but they can get possessive about their owners, food and toys and are wary of strangers. They can also be quite stubborn. They can get along with other pets; however, their moody and possessive behavior can be a problem if not addressed early. Generally, Westie-Lasos don’t need a lot of exercise, but they need mental stimulation and they can become destructive if they don’t get enough.

Westie Jack Russell Mix (Jack Highland Terrier)

Bonny Lad
The Westie Jack Russell mix, also known as the Jack Highland Terrier or Jack Westie, is a charming and lively hybrid dog breed that combines the best of both the West Highland White Terrier (Westie) and Jack Russell Terrier. This small-sized breed is an excellent companion dog, known for its intelligence, affection, and energetic nature.

Appearance of the Jack Highland Terrier

The Westie Jack Russell mix typically has a compact and sturdy build, with an average weight ranging from 12 to 18 pounds and a height of 10 to 15 inches at the shoulder. Their coat is usually a mix of the Westie’s soft and dense double coat and the Jack Russell’s short and smooth or rough coat. The coat colors may vary, including combinations of white, black, tan, or brindle, though a predominantly white coat with some markings is common. Their ears can be erect, like the Westie, or slightly folded, like the Jack Russell Terrier.

Jack Westie Temperament

The Westie Jack Russell mix is known for its lively, energetic, and friendly personality. These dogs are intelligent, curious, and eager to please, making them relatively easy to train with consistency and positive reinforcement. However, they may exhibit stubbornness or a strong prey drive inherited from their terrier lineage, so early socialization and training are essential.

So, here we come to the end of our list of Westie mix breeds. These lovable pooches are lively, affectionate and lovable. They’re sure to steal your hearts when you lay your eyes on them and become the apple of your eye in a jiffy.