Corgi Cocker Spaniel Mix Breed Facts, Info and Pictures

By John Martin - November 15, 2021

Corgi Cocker Spaniel side by side

Has a mixed breed melted your heart? If that is the case, you might be looking for a Corgi Cocker Spaniel mix, but are you still confused? If your answer is yes, then this is a whole guide to tell you about the designer breed produced by Pembroke Welsh Corgi and American Cocker Spaniel Mix.

This mix breed is a small designer hybrid dog that is very intelligent and can learn everything fast. However, this breed can be stubborn when training, so you must be patient and not aggressive. There are many things like this that you can find in this complete guide and easily decide whether you want to own a corgi cocker spaniel mix or not. Well, let’s start!

Corgi Cocker Spaniel Mix at a Glance

  • Height: 19 inches to 25 inches.
  • Weight: 15 pounds to 30 pounds (depending on the prominent genes).
  • Lifespan: Anywhere between 10 years to 13 years on average.
  • Group: Mix Breed (Pembroke Welsh Corgi and American Cocker Spaniel Mix).
  • Temperament: Gentle towards owners. Stubborn, Loyal, and Wary of strangers.
  • Most Suitable For: Households are new pet owners, have a family, or live in apartments.

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Corgi Cocker Spaniel mix is a hybrid between two really lovely dogs. These dogs are Cocker Spaniel dog and Pembroke Welsh Corgi. This hybrid designer pup is also known as Pembroke Cocker Corgi. This dog is stubborn, loves its family, is loyal, a great companion, affectionate, and loves to play.

The Cocker Spaniels originated from Spain in the 14th century, and they were separated into two groups: companions and hunting dogs. Then due to their hunting of the woodcock, this breed was registered and recognized officially in England in 1892. Since then, these pups are being bred in England.

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi breed comes from Pembrokeshire in Wales. This breed is the preferred breed of Queen Elizabeth II as she has owned above thirty royal corgi dogs in her ruling era. The lineage of this breed goes back to 1107 AD, and they became popular in the United States in 2012 and then registered in AKC in 2015.

Though, you can never be sure of the genes in Corgi Cocker Spaniel mix as this breed is a mixture of two amazing dogs. Some offspring of the Corgi Cocker Spaniel mix will have more genes, behavior, and appearance of Pembroke Welsh Corgi, and some will have these traits and appearance of a Cocker Spaniel. But characteristics like being stubborn, loving, intelligent, affectionate, and more are generally present in all corgi cocker spaniel hybrids as both parent dogs have these in them.

Corgi Cocker Spaniel Mix Pedigree

Pedigree is something that tracks down the history, origin, and ancestors of a dog. This lineage record is present for the pure breeds only. The American Kennel Club registers all the pure breed dogs as per the standards and provides them with their lineage records.

But, the corgi cocker spaniel mix is not a pure breed and is a mixed breed of the famous pure-breed dogs, American Cocker Spaniel and Pembroke Welsh Corgi. This type of puppy lies in the designer dog category and not in the pure breed. This first-generation dog is healthy compared to the second of third generation dogs.

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Many say that the hybrid breed has exact half and half ratios of both their parents but just like humans, there is no sure whether your puppy will have more genes than an American Cocker Spaniel or a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. The genes are distributed randomly, and there is a high chance that one offspring will have more genes of one parent than the other.

The characteristics, behaviors, and appearance of a corgi cocker spaniel mix depend on their dominant genes. For example, suppose a pup has dominant genes for the appearance of an American Cocker Spaniel and the dominant behavioral genes of a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. In that case, they will have physique and appearance such as eyes, coat color, and style of a Cocker Spaniel, and their temperament will be of a Corgi.

Corgi Cocker Spaniel Mix Characteristics

We have already discussed the corgi cocker spaniel mix’s basics, including their pedigree, origin, and various details. But it is important to know some traits of your dog like their training routines, grooming requirements, diet, behavior, and more.

Knowing these details is very important because you will know how you can take care of your dog as a healthy dog is a fun and loving dog. So here we have discussed a few basic characteristics of our favorite corgi cocker spaniel mix.


Behavior plays an important role in deciding a breed as it tells whether you can keep your puppy in your house with ease or not. The corgi cocker spaniel mix breed is a great family dog and is extremely lovable and friendly with people they are close to.

They are a bit wary around strangers but are very energetic and intelligent. They are very outgoing and love playing and chasing with toys. This breed needs an hour of exercise and is great with children.

They are not great with families that have children, as they can accidentally hurt them. In addition, this breed can be stubborn and difficult when training if you are not patient with them and do not handle them with care.

Be dedicated to them, give them love and care, and also provide them with treats. This is the only way to train them to be at their best behavior.


Like other dogs, the Corgi Cocker Spaniel mix needs a balanced diet. A diet with appropriate amounts of minerals, plenty of water, fats, protein, and carbohydrates is great.

Diet is important as it decides the immune system and health of your dog. This mixed breed is known to get obese if given too much fat or protein without exercising accordingly.

A balanced diet is best for this breed, and giving them food is also easy as they are not picky eaters. Whatever you teach them and give them, they will have it. Remember to give them nutrients-filled food and make them exercise, and they will stay perfect for life without any serious concerns.


When it comes to training, it is one of the important tasks to perform as it will decide how your dog will behave with other pets and people. Training also teaches your dog all the commands and other basic skills like how to walk properly, pee, and more such things.

Both the parents of corgi cocker spaniel mix are vulnerable when it comes to enjoying outdoor activities. This situation can make this hybrid breed a bit stubborn sometimes, which results in difficulty in training.

To provide them with the perfect training, you need to be kind and have a soft personality. Give them treats, provide them with positive feedback, and show them that you can reward their good behavior, and the difficult training will transform into an easy task.


Grooming is essential for every dog as it is important for their wellbeing and decent appearance. For example, to keep the hair in the coat of a corgi cocker spaniel mix from tangling, you have to brush the coat of this mix-breed every other day or at least three times a week.

The coat of corgi cocker spaniel mix can easily get matted if proper care and grooming are not done, so it is something that you should keep in mind. However, the tendency of this dog breed depends on the dominant genes and can be easily taken care of.

You can take care of their shedding by using de-shedding tools every other week or just by removing the loose hair or extra dead skin from their body. Unfortunately, this breed produces an average amount of ear wax which requires regular cleaning.

So, clean the ear wax every five to seven days, on average. The ears of a corgi cocker spaniel mix are very sensitive to humidity, so carefully clean them because if you do not clean them carefully, it can cause otitis and various secondary health conditions.

Healthy Life

To give your dog a perfect and healthy lifestyle, you should know how various common factors work in their life. These factors include their lifespan, exercise, health issues, and more that you should look out for.

This way, you can understand them better and know what to observe if there are any changes in your pup. So let’s see what these factors are that can help you take care of your dog and give them a perfect and healthy life.

Life Expectancy

Life expectancy is the average time or period that a person might be expected to live. In our case, it is the average period that your dog might live. Whether it is a pure breed dog or a mixed breed, each has some certain average period that they are expected to live.

Since dogs are a part of our life, it is important to know their average period. The reason is simple, knowing the lifespan is important as it can prepare you for their departure. So, the corgi cocker spaniel mix has an average life span of somewhere between 10 years and 13 years on average.


Weight is something that indicates the health problems of a dog. The same is the case with corgi cocker spaniel mix as their weight gives away whether they are healthy or not.

The weight of the corgi cocker spaniel mix should lie somewhere between 15 pounds to 30 pounds. You have to maintain their weight as this small breed tends to get obese quite easily, which leads to unlimited health problems with them, so keep an eye on their weight according to their diet and age.

Exercise Requirements

Exercise is important for a puppy to keep them healthy and occupied. Being occupied is something important for your dog as it keeps them busy and away from getting bored.

The corgi cocker spaniel mix does not need too much exercise, but they need at least forty-five minutes or an hour of activity daily to stay fit. They love going out, so plan some fun activities like brisk walking, frisbee, or hiking and enjoy some quality time with them.

Health Issues

A designer dog is usually known to avoid various health issues, but there are chances that they can get some diseases inherited by either or both of their parents. The corgi cocker spaniel mix is no different as this pup also can get some diseases occasionally if their proper care is not taken.

This breed usually inherits patellar luxation from their parents that causes knee pop-outs when the dog is much older and is painful, affecting their overall health. Then this breed suffers from retinal dysplasia and can also get other diseases if not given proper nutrients and care.


Here we end our details of the corgi cocker spaniel mix. This pup is really intelligent, a bit stubborn to train, but that is something that you can easily handle and affectionate.

So, if you wanted to own this amazing combination of an American Cocker Spaniel and Pembroke Welsh Corgi and wanted to know some details beforehand, then you were at the right place. Now the decision is yours whether you want to take this cute little puppy home with you or not.