21 Cute Shetland Sheepdog Mix Breeds

By John Martin - October 23, 2021

Do you want to become a pet parent for a bubbly dog who is also very intelligent? Have you heard about the Shetland Sheepdog mix breeds?

Yes, Shetland Sheepdogs mix breeds are an excellent choice! They are sports superstars and hyper-active housemates.

They can be extremely lovable and easy-going even with new friends. When the time comes, they can bark loudly as well!

Shetland Sheepdog Poodle Mix (Sheltidoodle)

The Bobster

Sheltidoodle is an adorable mix of Shetland Sheepdog and Poodle dogs. This breed has become more popular in recent years; they are sometimes referred to as designer breeds.

Another name for Sheltidoodle is Sheltipoo. With Sheltipoo, you can expect a cute and intelligent companion.

Sheltidoodle can grow full to resemble a Shetland sheepdog, or they could look more like a poodle. They can take after either parent, or they can look like a perfect combination of the two.


They may weigh about 15 to 25 pounds and can grow up to 13 to 17 inches. Also, they have a thick double coat that can shed a lot.

Sheltidoodle comes in a wide range of colors. Some of the most common colors are black, apricot, brown, gray, white, and silver.


They are an active breed that likes regular physical activities. Also, they are very sensitive to family and bark a lot at strangers.

They are known for doing well at canine shows; they show obedience and actively take up activities. They can love family members dearly, and they stay very wary of new people.

Shetland Sheepdog Bichon Frise Mix (Shelchon)

Nimbus (Canis lupus familiaris), Alongquin PP, On, Canada

Shetland Sheepdog Bichon Frise Mix or Shelchon is a tiny crossbreed of the two. They are known for their sweet disposition that can cheer anyone up.


They are popular for their cute toy-like look. They have a sort of rounded head, with grape-like dark eyes, a blunt muzzle, and a little black nose.

They grow up to inches and weigh about 15 to 30 pounds. They have a thick and way double-layered soft coat.


Shelcons are known for their cheerful and charming disposition. They can make a very good companion with anyone, and they are especially good with children.

They can be very reserved with strangers, and if they are uncomfortable, they bark excessively. Also, Shelcons run around a lot since they are curious and have a good herding instinct.

Shelcons are very protective of their family members; they can bark loudly to gain your attention when they see trespassers. They are good apartment dwellers as well.

Shetland Sheepdog American Eskimo Mix (Eskland)

Snowy Pup

Shetland Sheepdog American Eskimo Mix or Eskland is an adorable dog that is eager to please you all the time. They are usually very affectionate, and they grow really close to family as they grow up.

They are perfectly suitable for small families and new couples starting out in apartments. With just some regular walks, they can fit their lives into small houses happily.


They have a thick coat and long fur that lets them frolick in the snow all day. They are usually in colors black, cream, brown, dark brown, grey, pepper, and white. 

They can weigh anywhere from 15 pounds to, in some cases, 35 pounds. Also, you can expect your Eskland dog to live up to 10 to 15 years.


These little creatures are pawsome because they are packed with a high level of energy for their size. They can be an amazing companion for you to take with you if you walk or jog around every day.

They can play with anything with a good level of excitement, from chewy dog toys to your shoes. They are also known to jump off or roll around and escape the least out of excitement; this is a concern.

Shetland Sheepdog Australian Shepherd Mix (Shel-Aussie)

Shel-Aussies are extremely beautiful dogs that have slender heads, narrowly rounded muzzles, and they have fantastic thick coats. They have almond-shaped eyes and small erect ears, which will add to their cuteness.

Shel-Aussies are very intelligent, and they respond well to training as long as they can be kept calm. They are naturally happy dogs, so it should not be that difficult to adjust with them.


They are usually found in mixed colors of white, cream, black, brown, grey, white, fawn, and brindle. They have long straight fur that requires at least weekly grooming.


These are smart animals that have a fun and playful personality inherited from both Shetland Sheepdog and Australian Shepherd. They are always excited to please their pet parents; hence they are easy to train.

They can be great watchers during hiking and trekking since they have great herding instincts. They need to be trained and socialized as a puppy to be able to good around everyone.

They require their everyday dose of walking out and some playtime. They can be trained to play fetch and go swim.

Shetland Sheepdog Border Collie Mix (Border Sheepdog)

Border Sheepdog is an adorable mixed breed dog that is a cross between Shetland Sheepdog and Border Coolie. They are also known as Sheltie border and Border Sheltie. 

If you want to bring these beautiful Border Sheepdogs home, here are some things you should know about them. They are lively, cheerful, and intelligent creatures.


Border Sheepdog weighs 27 pounds to 47 pounds and their height range from 16 to 22 inches. The usual colors of Border Sheepdog are black, merle, blue, brown, and sable.


They can grow happily in houses that are medium to large sizes; it would be better if the house has a yard. They have a high level of energy that they are sometimes referred to as “firecracker” dogs.

They very affectionate with family and they are especially good with kids. They are always very eager to please their family. Hence they can be a great addition to your family.

Border Sheepdogs tend to be around people who can play a lot and play gently. They require more brushing and grooming at least once a week.

Shetland Sheepdog Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Mix (Cava-Shell)


Cava-Shell is a lovely medium-sized dog that is a hybrid cross between Shetland Sheepdog and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. They are amazing family pets with tender personalities.


They usually have long, thick, flowy, wavy, and very silky hair on a thick coat. They are typically found in colors white, black, brown colors, and mostly they are found in a mixture of colors.


Cava shell has a mild temperament that makes them get along with anyone in the family. They are very loyal, extremely affectionate, and they are always eager to see their pet parents.

They are usually filled with ample energy to play around with kids, and they love to be involved in playing games and going for walks. You can train them to fetch and play little games.

These furry friends love to snuggle up on your lap or sleep beside you. They will love your attention and will soak up in the love you give them.

Shetland Sheepdog Collie Mix (Cosheltie)

Shetland Sheepdog Collie Mix or Cosheltie is a pretty picture puppy that you should consider taking home. They have gorgeous long, straight, and thick fur.


Cosheltie males, on average, can weigh anywhere from 22 to 30 pounds and grow up to 15 to 22 inches. At the same time, female coshelties can weigh about 18 to 28 pounds and grow up to 13 to 20 inches.

It is a medium-sized dog that usually has brown eyes and a black nose. They are usually found in black, pied, white, brown, blue, and red colors.

They have a dense and rough coat that requires daily maintenance. Also, they have sensitive teeth and ears that require regular maintenance as well.


They are good with anyone in the family and with other animals in the house as well. However, they have inherited their ancestor’s herding instincts, and they may tend to herd other animals and small children.

Cosheltie is highly energetic, and they require at least an hour of high-intensity exercise every day. They are also great at playing frisbee, flyball, and they do very well in discipline competitions.

Shetland Sheepdog Dachshund Mix (Shethund)

Shethund is one of the most adorable dogs that are a mix of two pure breeds, Shetland Sheepdogs and the Dachshund. Both breeds are known for their herding tasks and hunting skills.


The average weight of a grown male Shethund dog is about 10 to 18 pounds, and height is 8 to 6 inches. The average height and weight of female dogs are the same as that of males.

They usually have either brown or blue eyes and a black nose. They have a medium-length coat that comes in colors such as black, blue, white, brown, sable, and green.


Shethund dogs can inherit the personality traits and temperament of any of their parents. They are friendly and affectionate most of the time. However, they can get aggressive at times.

These dogs are an awesome pack of loyalty, love, intelligence, and protection. They are small, and they like to follow wherever their loved ones go. Hence they can fit into any kind of house.

Shetland Sheepdog German Shepherd Mix (Sheltie Shepherd)

Wybo by Scott

Sheltie Shepherd is an adorable mix of Shetland Sheepdog and German Shepherd. This can be an excellent choice for a pet if you have a large fenced yard where they can run around all day.


The average weight of a fully grown male Sheltie Shepherd will be 55 to 65 pounds, and height is 24 to 27 inches. The average height and weight of female dogs are 22 to 25 inches and 50 to 60 pounds, respectively.

Sheltie Shepherd typically has a long muzzle with a brown or a black nose and a furry tail. Their coat colors are usually brindle, sable, silver, pied, cream, fawn, red, black, and brown.


They are very sociable and have a high level of intelligence which makes it very easy to train them. They enjoy playing with children and other pets.

Sheltie Shepherd requires at least an hour of active exercise and brisk walks to stay happy and healthy. Also, they are natural herders, and they can herd livestock, or you can take them to herding competitions.

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Shetland Sheepdog Keeshond Mix (Sheltie-Kee)


Sheltie-Kee is a mix of Shetland Sheepdog and the Keeshond. If you are looking for a beautiful pet that can keep you on your toes, this is the one for you.


The average weight of a fully grown male Sheltie-Kee is 25 to 45 pounds, and height is 14 to 18 inches. The average height and weight of female Sheltie-Kee are 13 to 17 inches and 25 to 45 pounds.

Typically, a Sheltie-Kee will have long hair and a thick coat, with a cute curled tail, straight ears, and brilliant bright eyes. 

They typically have beautifully long and perfectly dense straight hair. The coat colors can be black, grey, cream, white, and brown.


It is a mixed breed of two types of dogs with different personality traits. One is outgoing and friendly, and the other is outgoing and intelligent.

Sheltie-Kees are extremely intelligent dogs with a high level of energy and good social skills. They can be really playful with kids all day.

Shetland Sheepdog Golden Retriever Mix (Golden Sheltie)

The Golden Sheltie is a gorgeous mix of Shetland Sheepdog and Golden Retriever. They are a beautiful combination of loyalty, intelligence, spunky, and lively traits.


They are medium-sized dogs with gold, tan, merle, blue, sable, black, or white color coats. Most often, they are a combination of these colors.

These dogs have a long body with a curving tail ending that is feathered. Their muzzles are long and pointed, with dark eyes and a sparkling expression. 


They are athletic in nature, and they have an agile stance. These dogs usually have a white, black, blue, sable, and fawn coat with highly dense medium-length hair.

They love to be with family, and they are very affectionate. Also, they are very protective, and they may bark a lot at strangers.

Shetland Sheepdog Miniature Pinscher Mix (Sheltie Pin)

Sheltie Pin is a cute little hybrid of Shetland Sheepdog and Miniature Pinscher. These dogs are small in size with big eyes and an earnest expression on their face.


Male Sheltie Pin can grow up to 13 to 16 inches and weigh anywhere from 15 to 25 pounds. They inherit the energetic and cheerful disposition of both their parents.

They are toy-sized breed animals that have a lively spirit that can make your day every time you come back home to them. They typically have brown and amber eyes with brown, red, white, or black coats.


These little furry friends are energetic creatures who love adventure. They are always ready to play, and they make an excellent companion for you if you want to have fun with your pet.

They can make excellent family pets since they are very good at socializing. They are fast learners, and they are very affectionate towards family members.

They love to go on daily walks, and they would really enjoy going to a dog park and socialize with other dogs. They also love to play fetch and run around in the yard all day long.

Shetland Sheepdog Cocker Spaniel Mix (Cocker Sheltie)

A Cocker Sheltie is a cross between Shetland Sheepdog and the Cocker Spaniel. These are medium-sized dogs with drop ears and alert facial expressions.


Cocker Shelties usually weigh about 25 to 35 kgs, and they grow up to 14 to 16 inches. They have a dense and long double coat with color possibilities including sable, white, black, and brown.


They require more care since they have a double coat and they need grooming every day. They are eager to please their pet parents, and they crave a lot of attention.

They are hyperactive and like to chase after other dogs and moving traffic. These furry friends are very intelligent as well. Hence they can be trained easily.

They have strong herding instincts with affectionate and sweet dispositions. A cocker sheltie can be their best if you have a house with a fenced yard.

Shetland Sheepdog Beagle Mix (Beagle Sheltie)

Shetland Sheepdog Beagle Mix or Beagle Sheltie is an adorable crossbreed of Shetland Sheepdog and Beagle. They are small, hardy, and active kid-like companions.


They may weigh anywhere from 18 pounds to 30 pounds. An adult Sheltie Beagle can grow up to 13 to 15 inches tall.

They come in numerous colors and a combination of colors. It can be Sable, Tricolor, bi blue and bi black, and blue merle.


They inherit the herding instincts from Shetland Sheepdog, and they have the characteristics of the scenthound beagles. This makes them fun to live with, and you can play track games with them.

Beagle Shelties can adapt comfortably to living in apartments and small houses. They are extremely loving and affectionate to their pet parents, and they are easy to groom as well.

These are highly intelligent dogs that have a very high energy level. They have a lot of wanderlust potential; hence, it needs to be taken care of.

They are highly intelligent and very sensitive. This can make them frequent barkers. Shethund puppies need to be trained to socialize from a young age to assure that they are friendly with new owners and children.

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Shetland Sheepdog Shih Tzu Mix (Sheltie Tzu)

If you are looking for a small furry dog that has a cheery disposition, Sheltie Tzu is the one for you. This dog is a mixed breed of Shetland Sheepdog and the popular little Shih Tzu.


Male Sheltie Tzu can weigh anywhere from 20 pounds to 25 pounds. They can grow up to 13 inches to 16 inches when they are adults.

Whereas female Sheltie Tzu can weigh about 15 pounds to 20 pounds. They can grow up to 10 inches to 13 inches.

They usually have blue or brown eyes, black noses, floppy ears, and cute expressions. They may have had short or long muzzles and long, dense, straight, and silky soft fur.

These dogs are usually found in black and white, white and chocolate, tan and red, silver and tan, or similar color combinations.


They love playing with kids, cats, and small pets like guinea pigs and rabbits. They are intelligent, alert, and stubborn, and they feel very lonely if left alone.

Sheltie Tzu can be an amazing family pet because they are usually very friendly with everyone in the house. With just a little patience and consistency, they can be trained well.

Shetland Sheepdog Shiba Inu Mix (Sheltie Inu)


Shetland Sheepdog Shiba Inu Mix or Sheltie Inu is a beautiful hybrid of Shiba Inu and the Shetland Sheepdog. Shiba Inu is an old hunting breed from Japan.

These are fairly small canines that may not be comfortable in apartments. However, they can adjust to living in apartments after some training as long as they get the extra exercise and care.


An adult male, Sheltie Inu, can grow up to 15 inches to 17 inches tall. Whereas an adult female, Sheltie Inu, can grow up to 13 inches to 16 inches tall.

A healthy adult male, Sheltie Inu, will weigh anywhere from 17 pounds to 24 pounds. In the case of a female dog, it can weigh from 15 pounds to 22 pounds.

These canines are built sturdily with a well-developed musculature, or they can have a leaner and longer look if they inherit from a Sheltie. They usually have brown eyes. However, blue eyes are also common among this breed.


They were hunting dogs who are now extremely intelligent. However, they require a lot of attention and care to make them socialize and get them adjusted to the house.

They are an excellent companion for adults and families. However, they can have excessive barking issues.

Shetland Sheepdog Pug Mix (Sheltie Pug)

Sheltie pugs are one of the cutest breeds that are a combination of Shetland Sheepdog and Pug. This is a designer breed that is extremely popular these days.


An adult Sheltie Pug can grow anywhere from 14 to 18 inches for males and 12 to 16 inches for females. Male Sheltie Pugs can weigh from 20 to 30 pounds, and female dogs can weigh from 15 to 25 pounds.

They have blue or brown eyes, a short muzzle, and a curiously cute expression. They have a rectangular head with floppy ears and a long tail.

They can come in numerous colors and multiple combinations. It can be black, brown, red, fawn, white, brindle, red, pied, cream, and sable.


They are active enough to play around for a few hours a day, and the rest of the time, they would love to sit on your lap. They love attention, and they like to play little games with pet parents and other dogs.

Shetland Sheepdog Pembroke Welsh Corgi Mix (Pembroke Sheltie)

Pembroke Sheltie is a mix of Shetland Sheepdog and Pembroke Welsh Corgi. This combines the tenderness of the Sheltie breed with the regency of the British Corgi.


The average size for a male Pembroke Sheltie is 10 inches to 16 inches in height and 11 to 30 pounds in weight. Whereas, for females, it is 10 to 16 inches n height and 11 to 30 pounds in weight.

They have a long bushy tail with short and straight legs that makes them look more adorable. They will have beautiful almond-shaped dark eyes, with dark muzzles and sharp teeth.


They are very friendly, they fit well with all members of the family, and they are very loyal. They are also very protective, and they may bark a lot at strangers.

These dogs are also very lively and intelligent creatures that can be good with kids if socialized appropriately. Although they are not the barky type, they do not hesitate to bark at strangers to protect you.

Shetland Sheepdog Papillon Mix (Shelillon)

Shelillon is a beautiful hybrid of Shetland Sheepdog and a popular canine companion from Europe named Papillon. These are small dogs that are pretty tough and can live happily in a large farmhouse or a small apartment.


A Shelillon in their adult fully grown form can weigh anywhere from 10 pounds to 18 pounds. Also, a healthy adult, Shelillon, will be 10 to 14 inches tall.

They typically have almond-shaped brown and blue eyes beautifully placed in a fox-like face that has a thin muzzle. They have a dark nose on their wedge-shaped muzzle.

They have a straight and long coat that comes in different colors. They are fawn, red, sable, brown, blue, white, isabella, and black.


They are known for their friendly, outgoing, and high-spirited attitude. However, they tend to suffer from separation anxiety when left alone for a longer period.

They are pretty good with children and everyone in the family, which makes them amazing family pets. On the other hand, they can become very defensive if treated harshly.

Shetland Sheepdog Australian Cattle Dog Mix (Sheltie Heeler)

Feeling a bit better about it...

Sheltie Heeler is an adorable cross between Shetland Sheepdog and Australian Cattle Dog. Also, the Australian Cattle dog is known as the Australian Treibhund or Australian Heeler.

Hence, it is named Sheltie Heeler. They can make amazing pets if you are looking for a medium-sized dog that can be adjustable to apartments as well as big houses.


They can approximately weigh anywhere from 13 inches to 16 inches in height and 22 to 35 pounds in weight. They have beautiful eyes that are typically brown.

These dogs come in numerous colors and various combinations of those colors. Some of the commonly found colors are brown, black, fawn, creme, and white.


They are usually cheerful, and they are very intelligent as well. They have high energy, and they actively play fetch and frisbee.

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Final Thoughts

All of the above-mentioned Shetland Sheepdogs mix breed dogs are adorable and zestful. They can make a delightful companion to your family.

These furry friends are known to be pawsome with people! So, if you bring them home, don’t forget to spoil them with all the treats and love!

In return, they can make your home more lively and lovely.