Video of Wife Cuddling With Dog On The Hammock Will Make You LOL

By Ashley Turner - December 13, 2022

Dog trying to get into hammock

When it comes to getting some rest and relaxation, swinging in a hammock can be a great way to chill. And, although dogs may like the idea of some R&R as much as we humans do, they may behave a bit awkwardly when presented with the opportunity.

This video is captioned “Please watch my wife try to cuddle on the hammock with our dog.” In the hilarious clip, we see the aforementioned wife sitting down on the purple hammock and inviting the dog to climb up. It is then that the true hilarity ensues, with the perky pooch attempting to get comfy with his mama on the hammock. Struggling to get into a position that will work for him, the sweet doggo experiences a bit of an issue with his footwork. Eventually, he ends up in a position that works for him — although it may present some challenges for his mom!

@annabelle_and_norman I can’t, I just can’t 🤣 #hammock #dogs #dogmomlife ♬ original sound – Little Monsters

This video reminds us that our pets are committed to “making it work” when it comes to hanging out with us. They may not understand exactly how to do it, but they’re willing to experiment. The precious pooch’s self-satisfied tail wag at the end of the clip lets us know that they are satisfied with their endeavor!

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There were lots of fans commenting on this video, with Attira weighing in to remind us, “Dogs don’t know what personal space is” with laughing crying emojis. Mags wrote, “The way he’s just laying on her face” while Stephanie Finnefrock said, “The dogs like no ya this is good, I like this.” Meanwhile, Corinne Schimmel decided to focus on the positive side of the situation, writing, “They didn’t flip! I call that a success!”

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Indeed, as the kids say on TikTok these days, “A win is a win.” The fact that this adorable dog and his owner were able to stay upright was definitely a triumph in its own right.