Cute Australian Shepherd Puppy Is Telling His Mom All About It

By Daniel Gibson - November 3, 2022

Australian Shepherd puppy

Australian Shepherd puppies are too cute. We all know how cute puppies are, but a howling puppy is amazing to see. The Aussies Doing Things 2 TikTok account uploaded a funny video of an Australian Shepherd puppy. The pup seems to be enjoying returning to the wild with its human mom keeping the conversation going. This is why we love Australian Shepherd puppies.

Aussies Doing Things 2 titled the video, “When mom takes your Xbox away!” The video starts with the young Australian Shepherd walking across some rocks and howling at the sky. The pup stops at regular intervals to howl in response to its mom. The Aussie’s mom seems to be filming the pup and holding a conversation. Mom asks, “What’s your problem?” in a loving way before the puppy continues howling into the wild. The puppy seems to be enjoying its walk in the wild as it climbs over the rocks and continues its regular howling.

@aussiesdoingthings When mom takes your Xbox away (IG changalaaussies) #dogsoftiktok #foryoupage ♬ original sound – Aussies Doing Things

I love this video of a young Aussie Shepherd enjoying its time out in the open air. The puppy’s enthusiastic howling and mom’s loving voice make this a heartwarming video. The tiny pup and its attempts at howling are cute and funny in equal measure. The movement of the puppy along the rocks shows how young they are. Age doesn’t seem to matter as they try to make their presence felt in the great outdoors.

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Viewers of the video agreed the puppy was one of the cutest things they had seen in a long time. “This is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen,” commented Eric Struk. Ruby Blast commented, “Awww that howl so cote.” Hola responded, “Awwwww the cutest thing ever😍😍😍😍😍😍”

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“When Mom takes away your Xbox” is a cute video that shows how much we all love puppies. The TikTok post shows how even the cutest family pet still likes to take a walk on the wild side.