Video of Labrador’s Emotional Support Pumpkin Will Hit You In The Feels

By Jeanette Mason - December 10, 2022

Labrador Retriever happy with pumpkin

Pet parents are aware that their dogs will have a favorite plush toy or chew toy. Some dogs may have a favorite emotional support blanket, but a Labrador Retriever named Ollie prefers a pumpkin as his emotional support object.

Ollie’s owner has documented his journey with his emotional support pumpkin. Ollie’s owner knows that the pumpkin will rot, and Ollie’s time with it is limited. Ollie’s owner uploaded a TikTok video to the channel @good.boy.ollie. The video begins with Ollie walking in the woods carrying a pumpkin by the stem. The text overlay says, “Update on my dog’s emotional support pumpkin.”

The video continues, and we see Ollie lying on a dog bed with the pumpkin. The text overlay says, “It’s been nearly two weeks, and he is still obsessed.” The video continues, and Ollie is snuggling with the pumpkin in bed. The scene changes with Ollie lying outside in the grass, looking at the pumpkin. The text overlay says, “But the stalk eventually came off.” Ollie looks into the camera holding the stem in his mouth. Then we see Ollie pushing the pumpkin with his paw, trying to figure out a way to pick it up. The text overlay says, “Which meant he couldn’t pick it up. So I got him a basket.” Then we see Ollie happily walking outside and carrying the basket which holds the pumpkin in his mouth.

The video continues, and we see Ollie carrying the basket upstairs and then lying on the bed next to the pumpkin. The text overlay explains, “The pumpkin won’t last forever. What am I going to do?” The video ends with Ollie snuggling the pumpkin while lying in his dog bed.

@good.boy.ollie Pumpkin update! The end is near #pumpkin #dogsoftiktok #labrador ♬ Oh Klahoma – Jack Stauber

Ollie’s love for the pumpkin is not only sweet. It is just the most adorable thing I have ever seen. I hope Ollie’s owner finds a substitute for the pumpkin when it rots. Maybe a pumpkin plush toy.

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TikTok viewers had many recommendations for a substitute. @poppypantsandflashman said, “Crochet or knit a pumpkin and fill it with beanbags, so it weighs the same. @musicysx said, “Get him a pumpkin plushie.” @maviwrites wrote, “Buy him a pumpkin toy while it’s in season.” @ketchupisgarbage commented, “The way the basket just amplified cuteness.”

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Ollie’s love and attachment to the pumpkin are so cute. Out of all the suggestions, the viewers left getting Ollie a stuffed pumpkin toy may be the best.