German Shepherds Going Potty In The Rain Quickly Doesn’t Go Very Well

By Daniel Gibson - December 10, 2022

German Shepherds taking their time sitting in the grass

The title of this TikTok post, “Dog owners know the feeling” is very true. As a dog owner, I can share the pain of doglifewithbrett when he tries to rush his dogs through their outdoor time during a thunderstorm. The German Shepherds are having the time of their lives playing in the rain. Brett is not as happy spending time outside in the rain.

The post starts with two German Shepherds waiting at the back door. Brett starts to give the pups a pre-potty time pep talk. Brett explains the dogs need to head outdoors to pee and poop as fast as possible. Brett explains a thunderstorm is hitting the area. Once outside, the dogs do not go potty as fast as possible. Instead, they begin to play and have fun in the rain. Brett follows the dogs around the yard and encourages them to potty. The German Shepherds go potty and they all head back to the house. Brett is wet and asks the dogs how they think potty time went.

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As a dog owner, I can sympathize with Brett having to head outside in a storm to let his pup go potty. We have all had similar pep talks with our dogs before heading outside in the rain. Brett’s attempts to negotiate and give his dogs a pep talk are funny. I love his approach to spending time with his dogs.

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In the comments, Shari can sympathize with Brett’s plight, “Kids, they never listen!😂😂😂” Sara K found the post funny but has other problems, “😂 I have the opposite problem. Two wimps that won’t go out if there is the slightest sprinkle.” Dominika 3991 enjoyed the post and commented, “Mine instantly lifts his leg and runs back in!”

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This post is funny and shows Brett’s strong bond with his dogs. Despite his complaints about the thunderstorm, Brett looks like he’d do anything for his pups.