Video of Golden Retriever Trying To Walk On Water Will Make You LOL

By Daniel Gibson - December 12, 2022

Golden Retriever in pond

Puppies often do the unexpected and shock their owners. Walter looks like a small puppy who decides to follow his path. Walter’s owner records a pack of puppies walking beside a lake and taking a walk on a dock. You never know what will happen when you take a walk with a puppy, as Walter’s owner finds out.

The TikTok post opens with an adult dog and three puppies at the edge of a dock. The post has the caption, “Never a dull moment!” One of the puppies heads onto the dock and joins his owner. The puppy does not stop when he reaches his owner. His owner tells Walter to stop as he runs past her. The puppy does not slow down as he dives off the dock into the water. Walter turns and swims toward the shore. After a moment of panic, Walter’s owner encourages him to swim to the shore. Walter makes his way to the shore and plays with his siblings.

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Golden Retrievers are fun-loving dogs I enjoy seeing in person and on TikTok. Walter seems like a fun puppy who likes getting into trouble. Walter learned to swim after deciding to dive into the lake. I have watched this TikTok post many times and still find it funny.

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There are plenty of comments about Walter’s dip in the lake. Dexter the Balancing Dog found the TikTok post funny and commented, “Typical Walter 😂!” Samuel Lucas seems to have enjoyed the post, “I keep watching and laugh harder every time! lmao, He went straight under. omg!” Walter’s decision to go swimming is the subject of NicNurse’s post, “Walter knew he was goin’ swimming!🥰”

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Walter’s swimming lesson is a fun TikTok post that has lots of fans. We can all enjoy the puppy’s decision to go for a swim in the lake.