Video of Guy Guiding A Dog To Safety From Freezing River Will Warm Your Heart

By Daniel Gibson - January 7, 2023

Dog in river

If you are feeling there is a lack of humanity in the world you need to watch this TikTok post. Seeing a dog in a freezing river is a shocking part of the post. The man, Russell Makes, who saves the dog’s life is a hero. All those who helped rescue the dog deserve our respect for their kind actions.

The post opens with the sound of a dog barking in the river. The caption shows the temperature is at 32F. The dog is paddling in the freezing water and looks confused. Russell shouts for the dog and beckons for him to swim along the river wall to a spot where it can be rescued. Russell shows the dog safely on dry land. He explains the dog is warming up in the sun as they await the arrival of the police. Passers by help Russell to care for the dog using coats and blankets to warm it up. Eventually, the police arrive and the rescue is complete.

@russellmakes I saved a dog’s life! #newyears #beahero #dogsoftiktok #fyp #sharethelove ♬ original sound – russellmakes

I love the way this post turns out. I’ll admit I feared the dog wasn’t going to find a way out of the river. I’m happy it did and was safely rescued. This post shows how to properly rescue a dog from freezing waters. The passers by who stopped to help show the best of humankind.

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There are more than 25,000 comments for this post from Russell Makes. Avery Masson is pleased the rescue went well, “ PSA please do not jump in after the dog. there have been so many cases where people do and drown and the dog gets out fine. He did the right thing.” Katyna can see the funny side and asks, “ Why’d they arrest the dog tho?” Scott Hubbard comments, “ We need more people like you ❤️.”

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The post is tagged with New Years. This was a happy new year for the dog that could have ended tragically. Our faith in humankind is fully restored by this post from Russell Makes.