Pitbulls’ Reaction To Hearing Their Favorite Word Is Too Funny

By Daniel Gibson - January 6, 2023

Pitbull looking outside window

Dogs have the ability to recognize words that are often spoken around them. All dogs have favorite words that may include walk, walkies, cookie, and a dog biscuit. But two Pitbulls’ favorite word is the word park. TikTok creator Brendon from the TikTok channel @getdamilk has two Pitbulls’ named Cece and Rocco.

Brendan tried a recent trend of whispering his dog’s favorite word to see their reaction and uploaded a video to his TikTok channel. The video begins with Cece and Rocco lying on a rug in the living room. Brendon whispers, “Park.” Cece and Rocco become very still, and then suddenly, both lift their head toward Brendan and stare at him. The video ends with one of the dogs looking down.

@getdamilk These two dogs…. #dogsoftiktok #pitbull ♬ original sound – vegan_flavored_sticker

Cece and Rocco clearly knew what their dad was saying. They stared at him, waiting to see if he was going to say anything more. They wanted to go to the park.

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TikTok viewers loved Cece and Rocco’s reaction. @crowkinnie said, “You got to do it now. Those are the rules.” @hearts.forlilly said, “The way they went ‘Stop! Wait a minute!”’ @xx.golden_devil.xx said, “This made me laugh.” @i.n.k09 said, “The way they both stood still at the same time.” @ivy_f0rd commented, “Bruh, their eyebrows looked so funny.” @paddythestaffytok said, “ok, but the timing.” @that_weird_pan_kid2.0 agrees, “They got timing.” @me_andmygang32 said, “It was like they were playing along to the video.” TikTok viewers thought both Pitbulls had great timing with the music chosen for the video.

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It’s obvious from Cece and Rocco’s favorite word that they spend a lot of time at the park. Hopefully, there was a trip to the park after the filming of this video. Have fun at the Park, Cece, and Rocco.