Sister Moving Out Means Labrador Gets To Remodel The Room Into His Own

By Ashley Turner - January 7, 2023

Labrador sleeping on couch

When Ollie the Labrador is your little brother, don’t count on keeping your room if you decide to move out of the country! All bets are of when this precious pooch is in the picture.

In this hilarious video, we see the big sis packing up her car for a trip to another country. Meanwhile, Ollie stays at the ready, preparing to call dibs on her room as soon as she hits the open road. Immediately, he takes control of his new environment, moving a pillow off of a chair and replacing it with one that is emblazoned with his own name.

It’s not long before new pics go up on the wall — and they all feature the fantastic four-legged little brother. Next, Ollie decides to do away with his sister’s old laundry basket, making room for a more useful toy basket. We also see that Ollie appears to have dedicated drawer space for his bandanas and leashes — it’s definitely not a ruff life for this pampered pooch!

@good.boy.ollie every dog deserves their own room 🤎 #goodboy #dogsoftiktok #labrador ♬ Buttercup – Jack Stauber

Getting to see Ollie renovate his room is truly a treat for every human who has ever refurbished their own space.

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With over four million likes on the clip, it would appear that Ollie’s room renovation resonated with a lot of people. In the comments, there was a lot of controversy regarding whether or not Ollie had the right to take over his big sister’s room — so much so that his human posted a comment in response to those who had a bone to pick about the fact that the girl’s room was being commandeered so quickly.

Ollie’s person wrote, “To all of the Karens, calm down it’s not that deep. My sister thinks it’s hilarious. Obviously she knows she can move back in if she needs to” with laughing crying emojis at the end. Meanwhile, many followers were interested in potential updates to the saga. Anushka Milind said, “Show us your sister’s reaction when she comes back.”

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In the end, it would appear that Ollie’s takeover made quite a hilarious impression on all of his TikTok followers.