Video of Dog Waiting By The Fence Gap To Play With Neighbor Will Make You Sad

By Daniel Gibson - January 5, 2023

Dog looking through fence gap

This TikTok post has left me in pieces. We love the friendship between the dog and the kid next door. It’s such a shame that a friendship developed over years has ended. We thought this post was going in another direction and the pair would end up being best friends for life. It’s a shame the neighbors felt they had to fill the gap in the fence where the dog and the kid would meet. The dog seems so sad to not be able to play with is friend anymore.

The post opens with the dog as a puppy sitting at the end of the yard. The pup is looking through a gap in the fence. The caption reads, “We were wondering why he always stays at the same spot everyday.” The pup grows a little and remains beside the gap at the end of the boundary fence.

All is revealed when a child next door pushes into the gap at the end of the fence. The pup grows into an adult dog and the pair remain friends through the fence. The neighbors decide to block the hole in the fence, but the dog remains at the spot where he once played with the boy.

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I cannot lie, this post left me in pieces. This post shows dogs are the most loyal pets and thrive on friendship. I love the way the pair become friends through the small gap at the end of the fence. The way the dog returns to the gap in the fence when it cannot see the child made me bawl.

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This TikTok post has struck a chord with millions of TikTok users. Mommy Farmer imagines what is going through the dog’s mind, “ 🥺 “We were supposed to be friends forever.” Yodie has a plan to reunite the pair, “ Can you invite the kid over to play one day and reunite them? Please.” Kya had a similar reaction to us, “My heart just shattered.”

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This is sad TikTok post that shows the loyalty of dogs. Reading in the comments that the pair still see each other softened the blow a little.