Video of 2 Abandoned, Scared Dogs Getting A Home At 2am Will Melt Your Heart

By Jeanette Mason - January 6, 2023

Sad dogs in fence

What could have been a tragic event turned out into something great when two stray dogs were found by the right person and found a new home. Kayla, the woman who found Sparky and Jacob, uploaded a video to her TikTok channel @stormandsummit. The channel bears the new names for the dog’s Storm and Summit.

The video begins with Kayla reading a note found at the dog park. The text overlay says, “On 3/17/2021 around 2 a.m., my friend and I came across two dogs abandoned in a dog park.” The camera moves, and we see a dog, then Kayla, and then another dog. The camera moves, and we see a bowl of food. The text overlay says, “Since I realized they had been there for hours, we went to investigate.”

When the camera moves, we see a partial image of a dog. The text overlay says, “We saw that they were abandoned with a note and two bowls of food. They were so scared and cold. It broke my heart.” The scene shifts, and we see Kayla and her friend carrying the leashes. The text overlay says, “It took us almost an hour to get them to trust us enough to get them into my car. Since it was so late, I took them to my house for the night.”

The video continues, and we see both dogs in a kitchen. The text overlay says, “I let both dogs sleep in my bedroom. I set up blankets on the ground for them.” The scene changes, and we see Kayla lying in bed. The text overlay says, “However, as soon as I got into bed, they jumped in and joined me.” One of the dogs licks Kayla’s face. The text overlay says, “Summit started licking my face, and I knew he was thanking me for saving them.”

We next see both dogs inside the house. Then both dogs are outside in the yard meeting a new dog. The text overlay says, “The next day, I introduced them to my parent’s dog, Daisy, and they got along great!” All three dogs are playful. The scene changes, and we see both dogs lying on a couch, playing. The text overlay says, “After a few days, I started to see their true personalities and knew that they chose me to be their owner.”

The video continues, and we see both dogs running to Kayla. The text overlay says, “Reunited after five minutes apart. They became attached to me so quickly.” In the next scene, we see both dogs lying next to each other. The text overlay says, “I still can’t imagine how someone could have abandoned them. I am just so happy that I was there that night.” The video ends with both dogs lying near each other, playing.

@stormandsummit The full story of how I found my soul dogs Storm and Summit ❤️ #dog #candycrush10 #dogsoftiktok #greenscreenvideo #greenscreen ♬ Get You The Moon – Kina

Storm and Summit were so lucky that Kayla found them. She seems to be a great dog mom and will take care of both dogs. I’m so glad they both got a happy, forever home.

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TikTok viewers had much to say. @dniiice said, “Not only did you save them, but you kept them together and became family.” @cynthia.v.g said, “I can imagine the people who left them crying with happiness to see that someone took them and gave them a home. May god bless you always.” @rosecooley06 said, “Wow, I can’t stop crying. Such a sad story turned into a beautiful thing. Thank You for saving these handsome fellas,”

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Summit and Storm lucked out that Kayla happened to see them that day at the dog park. Kayla has given them a great home, and they are well taken care of.