Video of Dog Nailing Her Nanny Job Will Leave You Speechless

By Jeanette Mason - November 25, 2022

Pitbull on lap

A sweet Pitbull Mix named Wrigley has aced her training to help nanny her human sibling. Wrigley’s owner has trained her to help care for her human sibling. Wrigley’s mom has trained her to fetch diapers. Though it took some time, Wrigley is now thoroughly trained and helps fetch diapers for her human brother Fred.

Wrigley’s mom uploaded a video to her TikTok channel @wrigleyandlulu of the result of her training Wrigley to fetch diapers. The video begins with Wrigley lying on the floor, watching her mom sit in a chair. The text overlay reads, “She has trained so hard for this moment.” Wrigley’s mom reaches out with her hand, and Wrigley gets up to fetch a diaper for her. Wrigley then hands her mom the diaper. The video continues, and a baby is lying on the living room floor. The camera moves to the door. Wrigley walks in with a diaper in her mouth. The TikTok video ends with Wrigley handing the diaper to her mom. The last text overlay says, “And she crushed it!” Wrigley is such a big help to her mom.

@wrigleyandlulu Nanny dog status officially achieved! #dogtraining #dogtricks #dogsofttiktok #dogsvideo #dogtok #rescuedog #doglove #goodgirl @hellobello ♬ The Good Part – AJR

It’s so amazing that Wrigley’s mom could train her to fetch diapers. Wrigley is so smart to catch up so quickly to the training. I’m sure Wrigley’s mom appreciates the help.

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The TikTok viewers loved Wrigley’s hard work to help her mom. @thewitchboo said, “When she rips around the corner, all I hear is Mrs. Doubtfire’s ‘Help is on the way, dear.’” @jennyisntfunny said, “A single pup who works two jobs, loves her humans, never barks, with gentle paws and the tail of a fighter.” @heytymarti said, “My girl was my baby monitor while my newborn slept and would come to get me when the baby would wake up…she did so many things we never taught her. I miss her.” @lang2399 commented, “My dog just eats the dirty ones. Can I get a refund?” @greeneyed_angell1 said, “I love this, but the comments are cracking me up.” And @wrigleyandlulu replied, “Same.”

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Wrigley is going to be the best big sister. She helps her mom, and she will look out for her baby brother.