Dog Mom Rescues Tiny Kitten And The Dog Just Doesn’t Know What To Do

By Daniel Gibson - November 26, 2022

Worried black labrador

Who would have thought a tiny kitten could make a large dog so stressed? Rescuing a kitten that walks onto your patio seems like a good idea. That is until it comes to introducing your black lab to a new feline friend. Penny’s owner says she is being dramatic but you can’t blame her for fearing the arrival of a new friend. For Penny, the black lab, meeting the kitten is a new experience she does not like.

The TikTok post from daniellestephens234 opens with a still image of a small gray kitten. The caption over the image reads, “I rescued this tiny kitten that wandered onto my patio.” The post continues with a video of the gray kitten snuggled on Stephanie’s lap. In the background, Penny, the black lab, is sitting and staring into the distance. Penny is wearing a yellow bow around her neck and seems to be uncomfortable around the gray kitten. The caption over the video explains, “My dog had never seen a kitten before. This was her reaction.” The video goes on to explain the new arrival has caused stress and Penny refused to look at the kitten. A still image at the end of the post shows Penny with wide eyes staring into the distance.

@daniellestephens234 Penny is always so dramatic 💖🤷🏼‍♀️ #dogtok #blacklab #dogsofttiktok ♬ original sound – Danielle Stephens

I do love a cute kitten but feel sorry for Penny. The black lab looks so cute in her yellow bow but she’s unhappy with the new arrival. The final picture is quite funny and I hope Penny has come to terms with the new arrival.

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Janni tried to explain Penny’s actions as a positive for the family. “Fun fact: Dogs actually do this to show they are not interested in eating the other animal 😅 Give Penny pets from me & my rescue cat!” Lala found the post funny and commented, “I’m dying 😂 The oversized orange bow tie makes it even funnier.”

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Penny looks like a well-loved family member who will come to terms with the new addition to her home. Here’s hoping Penny and the kitten have become close friends since the post was made.