Video of Beagle Trying To Track A Deer Will Make You LOL

By Daniel Gibson - November 25, 2022

Beagle in forest

Could there be a bigger dog tracking failure than this? The post from jonny_and-ollie has the title, “The Good News is I Don’t Hunt.” This post will leave you laughing because of the situation the dog and the deer find themselves in. The post is one I can return to many times and find myself laughing along with.

The post begins with a focus on a deer standing beside a tent. The caption across the screen reads, “Bred for generations to be the perfect tracker…” The deer is staring at something off-screen. The camera pans to the right to reveal a beagle looking away from the deer. The hunting beagle fails to see the deer. Its prey is standing behind him and ruining generations of hunting pedigree. The music choice of “Escubidubidu” by Boticario is perfect for making this a funny TikTok post.

@jonny_and_ollie The good news is I dont actually hunt #dogdad #dogmom #petparent #dogtok #beagle #camping ♬ ESCUBIDUBIDU – Boticario

I love the combination of the images and the music of this TikTok post. I can return to this post over and over to enjoy it. The post is funny, but I feel sorry for the beagle and his inability to track the deer. To be honest, the music does make this one of the most impressive dog videos on TikTok. I keep hoping the beagle will turn around and notice the deer every time I watch the video.

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“The Good News is I don’t Actually Hunt” has attracted comments from celebrities, including Kevin Bacon. Meredith agrees with me that the music is a perfect choice, “The audio choice is ✨perfection✨” Kaley_Not_Haley found the fun in the post and commented, “you gotta give him a Scooby snack first, duh! 😅”

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I love this video and keep looking back at the jonny_and_ollie account for updates. If you need to be cheered up or love dogs failing to complete simple tasks this is the post for you.