Video of Dog Doing A Baby Gender Reveal Is The Cutest Thing On The Internet

By Daniel Gibson - December 20, 2022

Golden Retriever posing with family

Is there anything cuter on the internet than this dog helping to reveal the gender of a baby? We love the way these pet parents want to include the dog in their pregnancy. Dogs can feel left out of human pregnancies. Allowing the dog to be part of the gender reveal is an excellent way of making them feel part of the family. The family is going through changes and Beau the Golden Retriever feels at the heart of these.

This TikTok post from Beaunosebones is fun and heartwarming. The post begins with a video of Beau sitting at a table in front of a cake. The caption reads, “We let our dog reveal the gender of our baby to us!” Beau looks like a happy dog as Frankie Valli’s “Can’t take my Eyes off You” plays. The post switches to still images of Beau eating the cake to reveal the gender of the baby. Beau has pink frosting covering his nose as the caption reads, “It’s a girl!” Beau looks happy to lick and eat the cake used for the gender reveal.

@beaunosebones Boy or girl!? 💗💙 #fyp #foryoupage #dogsoftiktok #genderreveal ♬ Can’t Take My Eyes off You – Frankie Valli

I love this idea. Dogs are important parts of our families that can struggle during pregnancies. Making sure Beau remains a significant part of the family is important to family life. Letting Beau reveal the baby’s gender was an excellent idea.

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Julie Marie Marellu was full of praise and commented, “probably the best gender reveal I’ve ever seen :)” Gender reveals are polarizing for most people and Vallerieee commented, “The only gender reveal I’ve liked tbh!” Daisythegoldiee was looking to the future with the comment, “Love this reveal!!! Beau is going to be the best big brother 🥰!”’s life was changed by this post, “Omg I am childfree but may have just changed my mind to have this exact experience.”

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This TikTok post shows how much of a valued part of a family a dog can be. Letting Beau be a part of the gender reveal shows how important Beau is to this growing family.