Cute Corgi Chooses Violence When Mom’s Working At The Computer

By Jeanette Mason - December 20, 2022

Corgi smiling on a park bench

A Corgi named Dash does not like it when his mom doesn’t pay attention to him. Understandably Dash tries to get his mom’s attention when she is trying to work at the computer by throwing his toy at her head.

Dash’s mom uploaded a TikTok video to the TikTok channel @dash_and_furrious, showing Dash repeatedly throwing his toy at his mom. The video begins with the camera filming the back of Dash’s mom while she sits at the computer and tries to work. Dash throws his toy at his mom, hitting a coffee cup on the desk.

Dash’s mom reaches out a hand to prevent the coffee cup from falling. As the video continues, we see Dash throwing his toy repeatedly at his mom. One time the toy landed on the desk. Another time the toy landed near the windowsill. Once the toy hit Dash’s mom’s body. Dash’s dog bed is right behind his mom, making it easy for him to throw the toy at his mom. The video ends with Dash looking at his mom’s back, throwing the toy at her.

@dash_and_furrious 10 points for the light trick #fyp #dogsoftiktok #corgisoftiktok #ReTokforNature ♬ original sound – Dash The Corgi

It must be very annoying for Dash’s mom to keep getting with the toy. Dash’s behavior to get his mom’s attention made me laugh.

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TikTok viewers had differing opinions. @barkbox said, “We didn’t know that our toys could be used for such violence.” @dash_and_furrious replied, “Soft toys, please. I can’t keep getting a concussion.” @cyncity323 commented, “Keeps getting a concussion. The story of my life.” @jjmccoomb said, “My Corgi intentionally throws toys under the furniture. Then he complains about it till I get out of my desk and get it for him.”

@dash_and_furrious said, ‘“Am I the drama? I don’t think I’m the drama.’ says every dog.” @mykomushroom said, “It must be so hard not to stop and play.” @brainydogs333 said, “Learning how to get mom’s attention. One ball at a time.” @carjoreis commented. “I told my Corgi when he was a puppy ‘that mommy will always help’ when he can’t reach a toy. He throws it in my face daily.” @santajclaus said, “Adorable.”

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Thank goodness the toy Dash throws is soft, or Dash’s mom would have bruises. Just too funny. Dash just wants his mom to play with him.