Video of Corgi Sharing Tennis Balls With Baby Will Make You Say Awww

By Ashley Turner - December 13, 2022

Corgi playing with tennis ball

One of the first lessons that humans learn is to share. As children, we are taught that life is more fun when you have a buddy to pool your resources with. However, it would appear that other members of the animal kingdom have also received the memo on sharing.

In this adorable video, we see a Corgi who can’t seem to get enough of handing off tennis balls to their younger human sibling. To the Corgi’s surprise, however, the infant does not seem to be capable of tossing the ball like an adult human would. As Taylor Swift’s song “Anti-Hero” plays, the lyrics correspond hilariously to what the dog is doing. “It’s me! Hi. I’m the problem, it’s me,” she sings as the corgi continues to gift the tiny human with tennis balls. The caption reads, “I think this one is broken. I’ll keep trying.”

@aircorg 🐶: I think this one is broken… I’ll keep trying #doglife #petlife #baby #love #corgi #trend #taylorswift ♬ Anti-Hero – Taylor Swift

When it comes to cuteness, it would be difficult to envision a sweeter scene. The beautiful baby and the devoted dog are both absolutely adorable in their own right.

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With over two million likes on this video, it would appear that the corgi’s attempts to play with his small sibling are wildly popular. Cirquedusoleil wrote, “The most one sided yet wholesome game of fetch.” Missrich24 was looking forward the future, saying, “Need a video update when baby can throw the ball back for the first time.” Leilani23233 wrote, “This is actually a really sweet way of your corgi saying he likes the baby to bring him his toys he loves.” Anotherriley said, “I like the corgi’s optimism, that if he keeps giving baby ball, baby will miraculously gain the ability to throw ball.” Many noticed how respectful the dog was when communicating with his small friend. Amputeemae wrote, “The way he boops the ball closer with his nose.”

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In a world that is so often cynical, this lovely video is a riveting reminder of how much more entertaining life can be when we share.