Video of Border Collies Running In The Open Countryside Is So Majestic

By Jeanette Mason - January 10, 2023

Border Collies relaxing after run

There are many videos online of dogs doing cute, funny, or athletic activities. Recently a video uploaded to TikTok of Border Collies running in the countryside has captured viewers’ attention due to the cinematic and majestic video of these Border Collies displaying their athleticism.

TikTok creator @seanthesheepman uploads videos about his life on a farm in Scotland. Sean features farming and working dogs in many of his TikTok videos. A recent TikTok video showcases three Border Collies in the countryside. The video begins with a view of two Border Collies running. Then another Border Collie comes within view as one of the others falls back. The Border Collies continue running until all three are running together. The camera captures their run along the countryside with majestic views of the sky and wide open spaces. The three Border Collies enjoy their run until one of the Border Collies pulls ahead of the others. The text overlay says, “Bike hits 37mph just to keep up.” Apparently, Sean’s bike has to hit 37 mph to keep up with the Border Collie that is ahead of the other two. The video ends with one Border Collie running as fast as it can.

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This video was amazing to watch. Seeing the dogs have the freedom to run in such a long stretch of the countryside with that amazing view of the sky overhead with awe-inspiring.

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TikTok views left a lot of comments on this video. @imagoose83 said, “There is something about this that is just so majestic and powerful.” @imtheredpill replied, “It’s the strong sense of freedom, and it must be spiritual.” @franciscoleitao6 said, “And this is what people don’t understand. This breed needs tons of space to run and enrichment to keep their brains working.” @murmanor agreed, “True, I did live 10yrs on a boat with my Border Collie, but he swam all day, and he worked as geese police on the docks. He was working 24/7.” @junghee_x commented, “Ohh, getting chills. So amazing and beautiful to watch.”

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These three Border Collies have the ability to run in such wide open spaces. This is how all dogs wish they could run. Enjoy the run.