The Reason Why This Pitbull Owner Is Always Late For Work Will Make You LOL

By Ashley Turner - October 28, 2022

Pitbull smiling

There is no doubt that pit bulls — and bully breeds in general — have developed somewhat of a reputation in the United States. Unfortunately, they can often catch a bad rap. Fortunately for us, however, we now have TikTok — and a lot of pit bull owners are showing off their pets’ more goofy sides.

In this video by @thepairedpitz, the owner shows off a very special skill that her dog possesses — using the bathroom facilities just like a human being! As the adorable pit bull relieves himself, his siblings look on in what seems to be amazement. At the end of the hilarious video, the precocious pooch lets out a toot as well. At this point, his canine friends hilariously vacate the room. For pet lovers, it is definitely a laugh-out-loud kind of moment.

@thepairedpitz the reason I’m always late for work… #fyp #foryoupage #dogsoftiktok ♬ original sound – Luna The Pittie

For those who love pitbulls, this may be one of the greatest viral videos of all time. The hilarious expression of the main character, as well as those of his supporting cast, truly makes this video iconic. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that all of the dogs involved in this social media sensation are absolutely adorable. Three of the pitties are a beautiful orange and white color while the fourth member of the troupe is black and white.

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Fans of the TikTok account weighed in on the video with some uproarious comments of their own. Jennifer wrote, “My boys and I watched this over and over, they laughed soooo hard.” Andi Hart commented, “I’ve watched this 10 times” with several laughing crying emojis. Several of the comments were about how people wanted to train their own dogs to do this. Many also chimed in to discuss how cute all of the dogs were.

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Although pitbulls suffer from a tough reputation, TikTok has proven again and again that these lovebugs just want to cuddle and act goofy like the rest of the canine world. Hopefully, as people see the dogs in this context, they will realize that their preconceptions have been wrong. In the meantime, pit bulls will undoubtedly continue to rule social media.