Chewbacca Sounding Husky Howling At His Favorite Movie

By Jeanette Mason - October 27, 2022

Husky on couch with blanket

Some dogs enjoy watching television and have their favorite shows and movies. One Husky named Zeus loves watching animated movies. His owner was curious to see if Zeus would howl along with the wolves in the movie Zootopia. Zeus loved the movie and howled right along with the animated wolves. His howl sounded a bit like Chewbacca’s famous growl.

Zeus’ dad uploaded a video of Zeus watching his favorite movie to TikTok. The TikTok video begins with Zeus standing in front of a television, watching Zootopia. The wolves on the television screen start to howl. After a few seconds, Zeus joins in with his own howl. The wolves on the screen howl again, and Zeus howls along with them. The video ends with Zeus mid-howl.

@zeusthehuskyy1 His favourite movie 😊 #huskyhowling #huskies #dogsoftiktok #fyp #huskysoftiktok #funny #movie ♬ original sound – Zeus the Husky

I don’t know of many dogs that are entertained by watching television. It’s lucky that Zeus enjoys that form of entertainment. Zeus’ owner must be relieved that Zeus can be occupied by movies and television shows. Zeus won’t suffer from boredom.

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TikTok viewers left many comments on Zeus’ appearance and his enjoyment of animated movies. @d3.lorean said, “So cute.” While @sym_01 said, “Maam, there is a full-sized wolf in your living room.” Yes, Zeus does indeed resemble a wolf. However, @_jay_007 said, “That’s Jacob.” Suggesting that Zeus was the wolf form of Twilight character Jacob Black.” While other TikTok viewers found Zeus’ howl eerily similar to Star Wars character Chewbacca’s growl, commented, “Bro sounds like Chewbacca.” And @gameswith box asked, “Chewie is that you?” All of the Tik Tok viewers enjoyed Zeus howling along with the wolves on Zootopia.

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Zeus has great taste in entertainment. Have fun watching movies Zeus.