See Just How Different A Cat And Dog Respond To Cat’s Tail Catching On Fire

By Daniel Gibson - January 8, 2023

Cat and dog playing in the snow together

This is a scary TikTok post that I hope had a happy ending. This post shows that an open flame and your pets do not mix. The post is scary when the cat’s tail catches on fire while it is playing with a dog. The dog’s reaction is amazing when looks on with concern.

The post opens with a cat standing on a coffee table. The cat is playing with a dog who is standing on the ground. The post highlights a lit candle on the coffee table. The cat’s tail moves quickly around the table. As the post moves forward, the cat rests its tail on the burning candle. The cat’s tail is quickly on fire, prompting the dog to take a step back from the table. The cat and the dog stop playing and watch the burning tail before the flame slowly fades.

@ipuppypaws Watch till the end ‼️(@urmomscheddarsoup)(DO NOT LOOK AT MY BIO)#TastyTreats #dog #dogsoftiktok #ipuppypaws ♬ original sound – Tiktok puppies 🐶

Wow! There is not a lot more to say than wow. I spotted a human walking by the room when the cat’s tail was on fire. I was waiting for a rescue that did not seem to come. The dog seemed to notice there was a problem and stop playing immediately. It’s good to see dogs have a sense of concern when something is wrong.

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There are more than 94,000 comments on this TikTok post. Among the comments is this from REN, “ The dog is like: uhh what?” Brandon the Ender seems confused about the cat’s reaction, “Cat afraid of water cat chill when on fire!” Zed agreed with us about the person passing through the hallway, “ The way the person in the backround didn’t realize the cats tail was on fire.”

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The dog in this TikTok post seems to be a good friend to the cat. The pair instantly stop playing when the cat’s tail sets on fire. We hope the cat is okay and still having fun with its canine friend.