Pitbull’s Reaction To His New 40″ Horse Ball Means Playtime Will Never Be The Same

By Jeanette Mason - December 22, 2022

Pitbull playing in the yard

Dogs love toys. Most get tennis balls and rope toys to play with, but a Pitbull named Radley got a 40-inch horse ball to play with, and she went wild playing with it in the backyard the first time. Who knew that a Pitbull would enjoy playing such a large mega ball? I certainly didn’t.

Radley’s owner uploaded a TikTok video to the TikTok channel @radley_barkley of Radley playing with the mega ball for the first time. The TikTok video begins with a frame of Radley in the backyard sitting on the grass. The text overlay says, “Surprising our dog with a 40” horse ball.” The scene changes, and we can see Radley’s owner inflating the mega ball. The next scene has Radley sitting in front of the horse ball. The text overlay says, “Hoping she likes it….”

Suddenly Radley runs and pushes the ball and then begins to run around the yard. Radley pushes the ball with her head and then runs around a house corner, near the fence, past a tree, and bumps into an object that is in the backyard. The text overlay says, “It’s safe to say that she likes it.” The video ends with Radley standing against the ball and looking over the height of the ball.

@radley_barkley Our yard will never be the same 😂 #dogsoftiktok #megaball ♬ original sound – Our Last Night

Radley sure loves that giant mega ball. She had fun running around the yard with it, but as it knocked into some objects, I had to wonder if the ball might cause some damage to the items Radley’s owner had outside.

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TikTok viewers had conflicting opinions on this video. @unknownblonde18 said, “Then watch as one of your neighbors comes knocking on your door saying, ‘I think the pink ball in my yard belongs to you.”’ @ohheyyworld said, “I need this! Please, give info!” @radley_barkly replied, “This is a 40” @horsemenspride mega ball with a cover.” @ajbabyyyyyy said, “Dribbles better than my teammates in rocket league.” @jenniferelliott6 commented, “Me running to Amazon to buy this as I send a video to my hubby to explain. Two spoiled Pitbulls are going to be very happy.”

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This was a great gift for Radley. I’m sure she’ll continue to play and have fun with that mega ball.