Dog Dad Shows Us What True Love Is By Running Into Burning House To Save His Pitbull

By Daniel Gibson - December 15, 2022

Pitbull standing in doorway

This is an inspiring TikTok post that shows how a dog can become a member of a family. Jose Guzman’s rescue of his family’s dog is an epic tale of the special bond they share. The two-year-old blue nose pitbull, Gabanna, became trapped by a fire. Jose Guzman deserves plenty of credit for putting his life on the line to rescue his family’s dog.

The post begins with images of Jose Guzman running into the driveway of his home. Firefighters are trying to battle the blaze at his house and shout for Jose to return to safety. The post continues to explain why Jose was so concerned. His family was celebrating a barbecue at his parent’s house nearby. Jose knew his wife and children were safe but knew his pitbull was inside the burning house. The California resident found his family’s dog in a bathroom hiding behind the toilet. Gabanna’s rescue was successful, with both suffering minor burns.

@i_love_doggsss No better way to describe love. #dogs #savedog #ilovedogs @DogsLoveWithoutReason ♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show

I love this story because it shows how much love a family can have for their dog. Jose Guzman wins praise for his actions in saving Gabanna. The pitbull is a cherished member of the family whose loving owner wouldn’t let him die.

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There are plenty of comments praising the actions of Jose Guzman. Catatau700 led the praise and commented, “I would do the same for my dog. They are family. I am glad he and the dog left alive. He is a hero. 🐾❤️😊” Frederick Deyo imagined the scene when the rescue took place, “Can you just imagine that dog thinking no one’s coming? And then dad comes storm in through the door🥺 😭!” Highvibenbeauty related a personal experience, “Actually had to do this before barefoot in the cold right in the crack of the morning. My dog was in a kennel while my apartment burned from the second floor I ran back to save her I couldn’t let her die this brought me to tears.”

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There’s a lot to unpick in this TikTok post. Jose Guzman is a hero who saved the life of his pup. We salute you, Jose!